Michaelson is perfect at 300; joins three others with 700
Larry Mason

Jan. 17, 2006 - Bruce Michaelson rolled a perfect game Thursday night, the eighth honor score shot at Classic Lanes this season. Stephen Spence, Chad Dailey, and David Pellichino joined Michaelson in shooting a 700 series, as well.

In addition to his 700 on Thursday, Bruce tossed a 692 series on Tuesday night.  Duane Anspon, Mike Gilliland, and Nathan Crist were within one mark of reaching 700s, themselves. 

Bruce Michaelson is a retired Air Force sergeant, currently working at L3, Inc. in Greenville. He bowls at Classic Lanes twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. Bruce didn’t shoot the highest 700 series of the week, but he did shoot the highest game, a perfect 300, for his first honor score of the season. Bruce’s 300 came in Game 3 of Thursday’s action, and when combined with Game 1, a 226, and Game 2, 206, Bruce finished with a 732 series, the second-highest series of the week and his second 700 of the year. In action Tuesday night, Michaelson rolled a 692 series, shooting games of 222, 214 and 256.

Michaelson is currently averaging 210 on Thursday and 209 on Tuesday.  He ranks eighth on the high average chart. Bruce’s 732 is his season’s best; it moved him into 14th place on the high series list.  His perfect game jumped him into a first place tie with Larry Stovall on the high game list. As best we can tell, it is his second perfect game at Classic Lanes.   

The week’s highest series was the property of Stephen Spence, another of our Greenville-based bowlers. Stephen tossed games of 270, 245 and 234 on Thursday to finish the night’s play with a 749 series, Spence’s second 700 of the season. His first 700 series was a whopping 779, which still ranks fourth on the high series list. Stephen’s best game of the current season is a 288, which lays claim to sixth place on the high game list, a slot he shares with David Gholson and Mike Gilliland. Spence’s Thursday performance increased his average to a 225, moving him into first place on the high average chart once again, one pin ahead of last week’s leader, Mike Fletcher.

David Pellichino is a manager at Arby’s in Sulphur Springs. He has bowled with us for about two seasons now. To the best of our knowledge, David had never bowled a 700 series at this center before Sunday night. Mr. P. shot games of 228, 203 and 276 to end the night with a 707 series, which moved him to the 25th position on the high series listing, where he joins Ray Howser. Sunday’s series raised his average to a 190, and his 276 game raised him to the 13th position on the high game list, where, once again, Ray Howser joins him. These two must be joined at the hip. 

Our final 700 series of the week came from the hand of Chad Dailey, yet another of our Greenville cadre of bowlers. Chad finished Thursday’s play with a 704 series, made up of games of 232, 227 and 245. For Dailey, Sunday’s 700 series was his fourth of the season. His best of the year is a 735, which places him in the No. 12 position on the high series list. Dailey is averaging 217, which puts him in a three-way tie with Jason Keller and David Strain for fifth place on the high average chart. Chad’s best game of the season is a 286, which holds seventh place on the high game list, an honor he shares with yet another Greenville bowler, Dewayne Roach. 

Duane Anspon has been bowling with us at Classic Lanes for years. He has a lot of fun bowling, and is a lot of fun to bowl with or against. But, every now and then, Anspon decides to take the game seriously, as he did this past Tuesday, putting it all together to wind up with a very impressive 697 series, 142 pins over his series average. Mr. A. shot games of 280, 182 and 235. He ranks 30th on the high series list with his 697, tied with Brad Stone, and ranks ninth on the high game list by virtue of his 280 on Tuesday. Anspon averages 185 in both the Tuesday and Thursday leagues.  

Mike Gilliland continued his winning ways this week, firing a 694 on Thursday night with games of 255, 212 and 227. Mike is averaging 222 on Tuesdays and 210 on Thursdays. He ranks third on the high average chart. Mike’s highest series is a 767, which ranks sixth on the high series chart, where he finds himself tied with Dewayne Roach. Gilliland’s highest game, currently a 288, lands him in a three-way tie with Stephen Spence and David Gholson for sixth place on the high game listing. 

Nathan Crist came within 10 pins Sunday night of recording his second 700 series of the season, but had to settle for a 690, made up of games of 229, 213 and 248. Nathan is averaging 205, 13th on the high average chart, where Darreyl Dixon joins him. His best series thus far this season is a 705, which places him 26th on the high series list. Nathan’s highest game is a 279, good enough to tie him for 10th place on the high game list.

Darrell and Amanda Green have been bowling with us for several years, now. This past week the duo shot some very impressive series - Darrell 109 pins over his series average, and Amanda 93 pins over hers. Darrell rolled a 679 series on Tuesday with games of 211, 267 and 201. Amanda rolled a 594 on Tuesday, tossing games of 199, 192 and 203. Darrell averaged 226, and Amanda 198. 

Mary Horton bowls on Monday nights. She averages 119, giving her a 357 series average. Last Monday, Mary bowled a 468 series, rolling games of 132, 170 and 166. She averaged 156 for the night, and was 111 pins over her series average. 

Lisa Rodriquez is one of our Sunday night bowlers. She is averaging 166, which means her series average is a 498. Last Sunday, Lisa came through with a 579 series, 81 pins over average. Lisa shot games of 166, 211 and 202.  She averaged 193. 

Rhonda Stephens bowls in our Tuesday mixed league. She averages 167.  Last Tuesday, however, she averaged 196, shooting games of 206, 180 and 202 to finish the night with a 588 series. Her series was 87 pins over her average. 

When a team is looking for a new member, they seek someone who can deliver the same level of performance, week after week, shooting at or around his or her average consistently. Jason Keller would be one of the individuals they would want to find. Jason bowled three times this week, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. He rolled a 664 series Sunday with games of 158, 267 and 239, a 665 series on Tuesday with games of 247, 192 and 226, and a 666 series on Thursday, shooting games of 220, 237 and 209.

�Keller averages 214 on Sundays, 217 on Tuesdays and 216 on Thursdays.� His Tuesday average places him in fifth place on the high average chart.� Jason owns the center�s highest series for the current season, a 791, and ranks second on the high game list with a 299 honor game. That�s consistency.�

Others who bowled well this week include: Tarry Davison (681), Joe Kirkpatrick (679 Thursday/646 Tuesday), Vincent Smith (678), Steve Edwards (674), Billy Painter (673), Mark Smith (666 Thursday/656 Sunday), David Vansickle (662), Wayne Womack (660), Ray Howser (659), Wes Campbell (655), Koy Cline (648 Tuesday/634 Thursday), Joe Freeman (646), Russ Nuss (640), and Justin Parmer and David Gholson (637).  


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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