Campbell shoots 298; joins Womack, Fletcher and Keller at 700
Larry Mason

Jan. 10, 2006 - On Sunday night, Wes Campbell shot his first honor score of the season, a 298 game, grabbed his 12th 700 series in the process, and just missed his 13th on Tuesday, shooting a 699. Wayne Womack, Mike Fletcher and Jason Keller joined Wes with 700 series of their own, Womack shooting his second, Fletcher his fourth, and Keller his sixth. Mike Gilliland missed what would have been his fourth 700 series of the season, falling six pins short of the mark on Tuesday. 

Wes Campbell apparently doesn’t understand that as one ages, one should slow down a little, and let the younger folks take the lead. Maybe he doesn’t have any calendars in his house because he just keeps on adding to his already impressive list of accomplishments on the lanes. Sunday night, Wes added another honor score, a 298 game, to his awards list, and booked another 700 series for this season. He is the only bowler, currently, who has accumulated 700 series in the double digits this season, having bagged 12. 

To get his 12th, Wes shot a 224 in Game 1, his 298 honor score in Game 2, and a 195 in Game 3, finishing with a 717. Of his dozen 700s, his highest is a 755, which puts him in eighth place on the high series list. His 298 game from Sunday is his season’s best, and it moved him into a tie with Ace Wiginton and Joe Kirkpatrick for third place on the high game list. Campbell is averaging 221 on Tuesdays, 220 on Sundays and 204 on Thursdays. He ranks third on the high average chart, one pin behind second place occupier, Stephen Spence, and three pins behind average leader, Mike Fletcher. Tuesday night, Campbell missed shooting his 13th 700, having to settle for a 699 series made up of games of 235, 131 and 233. How’s that for consistency?

Mike Fletcher and Wayne Womack shot the week’s highest 700 series, both recording 733s on Thursday night. Mike shot games of 257, 234 and 242 to book his fourth 700 of the season, while Wayne fired games of 265, 242 and 226 to register his second 700 series of the season. Fletcher’s effort raised his average to a 224, which keeps him atop the high average chart, while Wayne’s series raised his average to a 205, good enough to take sole possession of 13th place on the chart. Fletcher’s best series to date is a 748, 10th on the high series list, while Womack’s highest series is this week’s 733, 14th on the list. On the high game list, Wayne has a 290 honor score to his credit, tying him with D.J. Kast for fourth place on the high game list.  Fletcher’s best game of the season, thus far, is a 267, which tied him with four others for 16th place on the high game list.

Jason Keller shot his sixth 700 series of the season, this one a 700 on the button. Jason rolled games of 236, 259 and 205 in the process. He averages 217 on Tuesdays, 216 on Thursdays and 214 on Sundays. His Tuesday average places him in the N4. 4 position on the high average chart, tying him with David Strain. Keller holds the center’s highest series of the current season, a 791, two pins ahead of second place holder, D.J. Kast. Keller also held first place on the high game list for some time, but after Larry Stovall shot the center’s first perfect game of the season on Dec. 15, Keller’s 299 honor game was relegated to second place. 

Mike Gilliland’s game has been on the rise of late. He has rolled 700s in each of the last two weeks. He now claims three, his best a 767. Mike didn’t get to 700 this week, but he did fire a 694 on Tuesday, shooting games of 220, 218 and 256. Gilliland is averaging 212 on Tuesdays, and 209 on Thursdays.  He ranks seventh on the high average chart, tied with D.J. Kast. Mike’s 767 holds sixth position on the high series chart, tying him with Dewayne Roach, and Gilliland’s best game is a 288, putting him in sixth place on the high game list. He is tied with David Gholson and Stephen Spence in the latter category. 

James Galloway averages 165 on Tuesdays. He fares a little better on Thursdays, shooting at a 171 clip. This week, Mr. Galloway shot the lights out, on both league nights. Jim was 151 pins over his series average on Tuesday, and 74 pins over his series average on Thursday. Tuesday night, he rolled games of 214, 233 and 199 to finish the night with a 646 series and a 215 average. If our information is correct, Jim should receive an award for this performance. On Thursday, Jim rolled games of 203, 189 and 195 to finish with a 587 series and a 195 average. 

While Galloway was clobbering the pins on Tuesday, wife Sybil was doing some clobbering of her own, shooting games of 175, 194 and 142 to finish the night with a 511 series and a single night’s average of 170. She was 82 pins over her series average. 

Archie Sutton usually averages around 168 on Thursdays. This past Thursday, however, he averaged 200, shooting a 601 series comprised of games of 212, 212, and 177. For the night, Archie was 97 pins over his series average. Ironically, Archie’s highest game this season, at least, currently, is 212, a feat he has matched three times. This 600 series was Archie’s first of the season. 

Being the father of a new baby girl must agree with David Strain. On Sunday night, the new dad rolled a 675 series made up of games of 255, 200 and 220. He finished the night 93 pins over his series average with a 225. 

Danny Burns averages 189 on Thursday, normally. This week, he averaged 219, shooting a 658 series consisting of games of 213, 221 and 224.  It is his highest series of the season. Danny finished the evening 91 pins over his series average.

Mary Crabb bowls with us on Mondays. She will shoot around 145 most of the time, and will give her teammates a 435 series on most occasions.  Last Monday, however, Ms. Crabb shot games of 180, 176 and 179, producing a 525 series and a 175 single game average. Mary was 90 pins over her series average. 

Patty Morgan is Turk Morgan’s boss. She is the secretary of the Monday night ladies’ league, and has been, forever. She has made it to every U.S. Ladies Nationals Tournament for more than 30 consecutive years now. To maintain her record of attendance and participation, Ms. Morgan bowled one year with a cast on her left leg, her slide leg. It ran from her hip to her foot. She had to throw one frame, and that she did. On Monday of this week, Patty rolled a 496 series, 85 pins over her series average. Patty shot games of 157, 178 and 161. 

Debbie Miller carries a 150 average on Monday night. She has been appearing in our column frequently of late, because of performances like the one she produced this past week. Debbie shot games of 151, 194 and 186, to finish the evening 81 pins over her series average, shooting a 531 series, and a single night average of 177. 

Pat Chaddick normally averages 151 on Mondays. This past Monday, she averaged 176, shooting 75 pins over her series average of 453, finishing Monday’s play with a 528 series. Pat shot games of 192, 199 and 137. 

Others who bowled well this week include: Tarry Davison (675 Sunday/665 Thursday), Jeff Haley (668), David Soeder (661), Keith Ethridge (655), D.J. Kast (649), Ray Howser 647 Tuesday/642 Thursday), Dewayne Roach (647), Cliff Whitney (645 Tuesday/634 Sunday/621 Thursday), Nathan Crist and Brad Stone (644), Joe Kirkpatrick (641), and Doug Brann (640).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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