Mike Gilliland and Mark Smith close 2005 with 700s
Larry Mason

Jan. 4, 2006 - The last week of 2005 saw Mike Gilliland shoot his third 700 series of the season, a 767, while Mark Smith collected his first 700 series of the year, a 710. In the process, the duo kept Classic Lanes’ new uninterrupted string of 700s in tact for yet another year. The center can now boast the fact that, with the exception of a single week two years ago, there has been at least one 700 series registered by some league player every week for the past six years. 

David Vansickle, Doug Brann and Mike Fletcher came close to joining Gilliland and Smith, Vansickle shooting a 693, Brann a 689, and Fletcher a 686. Another 12 men shot series ranging between 660 and 680. All of these series were rolled on Thursday night, the final league night before the New Year. 

Mike Gilliland is the first to admit that he has been a little off of his game so far this season, but he seems to be regaining his old form. Last week Mike actually shot two 700 series, the one at Classic Lanes, and another over in Shangri La. Gilliland is averaging 212 on Tuesdays, and 209 on Thursdays. He ranks eighth on the high average chart. Mike’s series moved him into sixth place on the high series list, where Dewayne Roach joins him.  Mike rolled games of 288, 232 and 247 on Thursday night. His first game 288 is his highest of the year. It moved him to the No. 6 position on the high game list, where he is tied with Stephen Spence and David Gholson.  

Mark Smith, one of our Greenville bowlers, should be shooting 700s regularly, but it took him nearly 18 weeks to collect his first one for this season, and he waited until Thursday to get it, just four days before the New Year. This week’s 700 may be the precursor of better things yet to come. To get his first 700 of the season, Mark tossed games of 206, 248 and 256. Mark averages 208 and 205 on Sunday. He ranks 11th on the high average chart, where he joins Brad Stone and Ray Howser. Smith’s best game of the season thus far is a 278, putting him in 10th place on the high game list, where Steven Edwards and Richard Thompson join him. 

David Vansickle fired games of 225, 244 and 224 on Thursday, to finish the evening with a 693 series, falling seven pins short of what would have been his third 700 series of the season. Vansickle averages 202 on Sunday, 201 on Tuesday and 198 on Thursday. He holds claim to 16th place on the high average chart, a position he must share with Russ Nuss and Wayne Womack. His highest series is a 708, which ranks 23rd on the high series list, and his highest game is a 256, which puts him in the No. 24 position, along with three others, on the high game list. 

Rodney Miller came into Thursday’s action boasting a 174 average.  When the play ended on Thursday, Rodney had registered a 615 series, shooting games of 181, 200 and 235. Miller averaged 205 Thursday, and was 94 pins over his series average. The night’s performance produced his highest series of the season, as well as game.    

� � � Jesse Haggerty has managed to consistently lower his average this year, coming into Thursday�s play with a 188. Someone mentioned to him that he might need to concentrate a little more on the position of his elbow when he releases his ball, and low and behold, he shot a 664 series. He fashioned games of 207, 245 and 212. Haggerty has a high series of 711 this season, which ranks 21st on the high series list, and his highest game is a 279, which places him ninth on the high game list. Thursday�s performance may have been tied to the fact that his wife, Sabrina, shot pretty well on Tuesday.�

Mrs. Haggerty is a first year teacher who instructs subjects like Chemistry and Physics, and she just happens to be a girl’s sports coach as well. She manages to bowl on occasion, and she did on Tuesday. Sabrina averages 143 on Tuesday, but this last week, she finished the night averaging 173, shooting games of 192, 188 and 150 to finish with a 530 series. Sabrina’s 530 series was 101 pins over her average series of 429.

Others who bowled well this week include: Doug Brann (689), Mike Fletcher (686), Nevil Solomon (680), Nick Painter (675 Thursday/637 Tuesday), Brad Stone (674), Chad Dailey (676), Vincent Smith (671), Harold McClure (670), Keith Ethridge (666), Koy Cline (663), Jason Keller (661 Thursday/647 Tuesday), Richard Thompson (660), David Soeder (653), David Strain (649), Scott Tubb (647), Joe Kirkpatrick (639), Wes Campbell (635) and D.J. Kast (630). 

All of us at Classic Lanes wish you and yours a very  Happy New Year.  


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes.

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