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Feb. 25, 2006 - The schedule doesn't say if it will be on TV, but Sulphur Springs' own Kyle King will be competing Saturday in the 3,000 meter-run at the AT&T U.S. Track and Field Indoor Championships in Boston. King, who has the ninth-fastest time in the nation in the 3K, will run at 4:40 p.m. Saturday. The meet will be televised on Sunday, from 2:30-4:30 p.m. on ESPN, and some highlights of the previous day will be shown.

MAVS' GAME HAS SS FLAIR - The Dallas Maverick game on Thursday had a definite Sulphur Springs flair to it. To start the game, Denisio Mala, famous locally for his exquisite menu at San Remo's Italiano Restaurante, sang the national anthem. Then at halftime, sisters Brandi Boles and Alyssa Burney were chosen as two of the competitors during a women's free throw shooting contest. The Mavs, by the way, won the game, and afterward coach Avery Johnson credited the crowd with helping them in their come-from-behind victory.

WHAT COLOR ARE THE OLYMPIC RINGS? - I'm still chuckling over Bryant Gumbel's assertion that the Olympics aren't worth watching because there aren't enough African-American athletes in them. The reason for the laughter? The only person whiter than Gumbel in America is Michael Jackson. ... Speaking on the Olympics, I still can't get my mind around the notion that snowboarding is a sport. Guys wearing I-pods with their underwear hanging out the top of their snow suits - sorry, but that just doesn't seem like the Olympic ideal.

PAYROLL PROBLEMS - If you're looking for the highest-paid Texas Ranger, don't think it's Teixiera, Young, Blalock or Millwood. No, the distinction belongs to role player Phil Nevin, who will make $11 million this season. That was the price it took last year to trade Chan Ho Park, the posterboy for John Hart's disastrous reign as general manager. Don't forget that every time you purchase a Ranger ticket this season, you are helping pay the salary for Hart, who owner Tom Hicks kept on the payroll as a consultant. ... After making a huge splash in free agency last year, will the Cowboys try it again this time around? Three or four offensive linemen sure wouldn't hurt, because Rob Pettiti was the worst tackle the Cowboys have started since Phil "The Claw" Pozderik, who never met a defender he couldn't hold.

UGGH, KOBE - After watching Kobe Bryant in person the last time the Los Angeles Lakers played the Mavericks, I can say unequivocally that he is the most selfish player I've ever seen. It was his ego that broke up the Lakers' dynasty two years ago, remember. ... The Dallas Mavericks can win the NBA championship this year for one reason - no Shawn Bradley. I have long contended that no team could win it all with the Invisible Man on its roster.

OUT TO PASTURE - A note to Brett Favre and Barry Bonds - retire already! ... The World Baseball Classic, coming up shortly, is one of the most hair-brained ideas ever. Taking players away from their major league teams in the middle of spring training - especially pitchers whose arms aren't ready for competition - for some sort of exhibition tournament is a disaster in the making. Another Bud Selig stroke of brilliance. ... The only good thing about the World Classic is that it will have Olympic-quality steroid testing - probably the reason that Bonds opted not to play.

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