Kirkpatrick, Womack and Gilliland raise 700 total to 102

Feb. 21, 2006 - At Classic Lanes, the rush to 700 slowed just a bit this past week with just three 700s registered. Joe Kirkpatrick, Wayne Womack and Mike Gilliland recorded 700s number seven (711), three (704), and five (700), respectively, while Mark Smith and David Gholson fell just shy of the mark, with Smith collecting a 694 and Gholson a 692. Two ladies broke through the 600 series barrier, with Becky Bowden tossing a 682 and Amy Sharp booking a 605. 

Joe Kirkpatrick shot Classic Lanes’ 100th 700 series of the season on Tuesday night, rolling games of 240, 270 and 201 to finish with his seventh 700 series of the season, a 711. The series raised Joe’s Tuesday average to a 211, and moved him into a six-way tie for eighth place on the high average chart. Joe’s best series of the season, thus far, is a 772, which places him in sixth place on the high series board. Kirkpatrick is one of three individuals who has rolled a 298 honor game during the fall/winter schedule, to date, to rank third on the high game list. Joe rolled a 628 series on Thursday and a 614 series on Sunday. 

Wayne Womack came through with his third 700 series of the season, shooting games of 26, 243 and 245, to complete Thursday’s play with a 704.  Wayne must like those numbers, because of his three 700s, two are 704s.   Womack is currently averaging 206, which ranks 12th on the high average list, where he finds himself tied with four others. His best series of the current season is a 733, which ranks 15th on the high series board, where he is tied with David Vansickle. Wayne’s highest game is a 290 honor score, which ranks fourth on the high game list. Here, he is tied with D.J. Kast.

The center’s 102nd 700 series of the season came as the result of Mike Gilliland’s tossing an even 700 series on Thursday night. Mike tossed games of 231, 246 and 243 to record his fifth 700 series this season. His best series is a 767, which ranks eighth on the high series chart, and ties him with Dewayne Roach. Mike is averaging 222 on Tuesdays, and 212 on Thursdays.  His Tuesday average holds the No. 3 position on the high average chart.  Mike’s best game, a 288, holds sixth place on the high game list; it ties him with David Gholson and the center’s high average holder, Stephen Spence.

Speaking of David Gholson, he delivers product for The Welding Store, when he isn’t bowling, that is. He’s the guy who gives us lots of gas here at Classic Lanes. That’s gas in the form of helium for birthday balloons and carbon dioxide for sodas, and the like. At any rate, Dave shot a 692 series on Thursday, missing his third 700 series by a paltry eight pins. He shot games of 253, 224 and 215. Gholson is averaging 206 on Thursday, 202 on Sunday and 201 on Tuesday. He ranks 12th on the high average chart, ranks 18th on the high series board with a 726, and has recorded a 288 high game, sixth best on the high game list. David shot a 627 series on Tuesday evening. 

Mark Smith had to settle for a 694 on Sunday night, missing what would have been his second 700 series of the season by six sticks. He rolled games of 231, 258 and 205. This is a young man who is capable of shooting 700s routinely, but let’s his temper get in the way of his talent. Still, he is averaging 207 on Thursday and 206 on Sunday, which would suggest that he is a steady performer. His 207 average ranks 11th on the high average chart, tying him with two other bowlers.  Mark’s best series is a 710, 27th on the high series board, and his highest game is a 278, which places him 11th on the high game list,. 

Becky Bowden blew through the 600 barrier on Sunday night, shooting a 682 series consisting of games of 257, 221 and 204. Two weeks ago she shot a 698 that reinforced her hold on the top spot of the ladies’ high series board. She was already there by virtue of a 688 series rolled earlier in the season. In fact, she’s shot 688 twice. Becky ranks first in average among the ladies with a 203, and claims the ladies’ highest game, a 270. It appears that Becky is rapidly returning to the form that allowed her to shoot 700s 14 times at Classic Lanes. 

Amy Sharp produced our second ladies’ 600 series this week, shooting a 605 on Sunday evening. Amy rolled games of 204, 169 and 232. Ms. Sharp is averaging 178, sixth on the ladies’ high average chart, has a 610 high series, eighth on the ladies’ high series board, and has a 253 high game, good enough to claim fourth place on the ladies’ high game list.  

Jeff Wright hadn’t competitively bowled in over 10 years when he was coerced into joining our men’s summer league last year. Since his return to the sport, he has been steadily improving. Jeff was averaging 184 when he began play on Thursday night, but when the night’s play was over, he had averaged 226 for evening. Jeff rolled a 678 series, his best since August.  Wright rolled games of 221, 213 and 244. Jeff’s highest game at this point in the season is a 256, a distinction he shares with Red Skelton, James Allen and one of our favorite lady bowlers, Donna Soeder. Jeff was 126 pins over his series average for the night.

Richard Thompson carried a 184 average into last Tuesday night’s play. But when the night was over, he had raised that average to a 190. He raised his average by tossing 673 series, his season’s best, shooting games of 195, 221 and 257 in the process. His highest average, a 191, comes out of the Thursday men’s league. Thompson’s highest game is a 278, which ranks 11th on the high game list.  

It was just two weeks ago that Lynn Mills, our “used to be” fireman, shot a 652 series that put him 106 pins over his series average. This week, on Thursday, Lynn shot a 641 series, made up of games of 217, 216 and 208, which put him 95 pins over his series average. His highest series thus far this season is a 675. I don’t know how well he golfs, but his bowling skills are most certainly coming back around.

Brady Jacobsen bowls in our Tuesday league. He will normally average around 163, for a 489 series average. This past Tuesday, Brady shot games of 181, 192 and 214, all above his average, and finished the night with a 587 series, 98 pins over series average.       

On Tuesday night, Rhonda Stevens will normally give her teammates 507 pins, and average around a 169. This past Tuesday, Rhonda shot games of 204, 196 and 198, giving her team 598 pins, 91 pins over her norm. She averaged 199 on the night.

Others who bowled well this week include: Tarry Davison (683 Thursday/637 Sunday), Harold McClure (679 Thursday/668 Sunday), Ray Howser and Tommy Fletcher (678), David Strain (677), David Soeder (672), Michael Carter (668), Vincent Smith (667), Cliff Whitney (659 Tuesday/650 Sunday/628 Thursday), Neldon Smith (654), Turk Morgan (651), Wes Campbell (646), Darreyl Dixon (645), Bruce Michaelson (641 Thursday/639 Tuesday), Chad Dailey (641), Bo Duncan (640), Russ Nuss (638) and Dewayne Roach (637).

Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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