Classic Bowlers add seven 700s; total grows to 91
Larry Mason

Feb. 7, 2006 - Six bowlers shot seven 700s this week, bringing Classic Lanes’ total for the current season to 91. This week’s leader, Jason Keller, shot two 700s, while Billy Painter, Chad Dailey, Michael Carter, Tarry Davison and Justin Parmer each shot one. 

Stephen Spence tried to add to the total, but fell five pins short, having to settle for a 695 series on Thursday. On the ladies’ side of the ledger, Becky Spelman came about as close as one can without hitting 700, shooting a 698 series on Sunday, while Deana Hale collected a 657 series on Monday night.

Early last week, Jason Keller informed the center management that he had set a goal of shooting 10 consecutive 700 series sometime before the current bowling season ends. Based on this week’s performance, he may just do it. On Tuesday, Jason rolled the week’s highest 700 series, a 771, and followed that by firing a 707 series on Thursday night. Tuesday’s games were 258, 246 and 267; Thursday’s were 247, 257 and 203. Jason has now accounted for nine of the center’s 700 series, one less than Wes Campbell has produced. Jason started the week by shooting a 660 series on Sunday.    

Keller is averaging 218 in both the Tuesday and Thursday leagues, and has a 216 on Sundays. He ranks sixth on the high average chart, is first on the high series list with a 791, and has a 299 honor game. 

The week’s second-best 700 series came off of the arm of Billy Painter.  Mr. P. shot his highest series of the year, a 755, on Thursday night. The series moved Billy from 43rd place to 10th place on the high series list, and increased his Thursday average to a 197. Billy averages 206 on Tuesdays, good enough to claim 13th place on the high average chart. Thursday’s series consisted of games of 245, 277 and 233. The 277 is his season’s best, which moved him to 12th place on the high game list this week, up from 23rd a week ago.

Chad Dailey, a resident of Mineola, shot the week’s third-highest series, a 736, tossing games of 258, 248 and 230. Chad ranks fourth on the high average chart with a 220 average. His best series of the current season is a 736, which places him 13th on the high series list. He has rolled six 700 series thus far this season and ranks seventh on the high game list with a 286. 

Michael Carter, one of our several L3 employees in Greenville, came through with the week’s fourth-best 700 series, shooting a 732 on Tuesday.  Michael rolled games of 208, 247 and 277 in collecting his third 700 series of the season. His best series, a 782, ranks third on the high series board.  Mike’s best game to date is a 289, which ranks fifth on the high game list.  Michael, the son of center owners Debbie and Paul Carter, is averaging 209 on Tuesdays and 202 on Thursdays. His Tuesday’s average holds 10th place on the high average chart. 

Tarry Davison has been in the hunt for most of the season, producing one good series after another. Thursday was no exception. Tarry rolled games of 255, 215 and 236 to complete the night’s play with a 706 series. It was Tarry’s fifth 700 of the season. He is currently averaging 211 on Sunday and 209 on Thursday. He ranks eighth on the high average chart. Davison’s best series of the season is a 760, which ranks ninth on the high series board, and his highest game is a 268, which ranks him 17th on the high game list. 

Justin Parmer came through with his second 700 series of the season, this one a 700, exactly. He shot his first, a 717, just a couple of weeks back. This week, Justin rolled games of 229, 225 and 246 to get 700 series number two. Justin averages 194 on Thursdays and 193 on Tuesdays. He ranks 24th on the high average chart. His 717 series places him 22nd on the high series board, and his best game, a 268, puts him in 17th place on the high game list. 

Stephen Spence, another of our Greenville crowd, came within five pins of recording his third 700s series of the season on Thursday evening, hitting the pins for a 695. Spence rolled games of 230, 257 and 208. Stephen is averaging 223, tying him with Greenville resident Mike Fletcher for second place on the high average chart, four pins behind new board leader, Neldon Smith. Spence ranks fourth on the high series list with a 779 series, 12 pins behind high series leader, Jason Keller. Stephen ranks sixth on the high game list with a 288, a position he shares with David Gholson and Mike Gilliland. Ironically, Stephen shot a 695 series last week. 

Becky Spelman went into limbo for about two weeks, missing her average by a few pins each of those weeks. This week, however, Ms. Spelman came back with a vengeance, shooting the highest series by a lady all year long, a 698. Prior to Sunday night, Becky already held the ladies' highest series, a 688, something she had done twice this season. Becky shot games of 199, 244 and 255 this time around. Becky holds the ladies’ highest game at 270, and the highest average at 202. Spelman holds the record for the most 700 series produced by a woman at Classic Lanes, in the double digits, and it would appear that she might be on the verge of adding to that list. 

Deana Hale produced an impressive 657 series on Monday night, with games of 194, 269 and 194. The series places her second on the ladies’ high series list, and her 180 average ranks fourth on the ladies’ high average chart. Deana’s highest game this season is a 269, a game she shot early in the season, which ranks second on the ladies’ high game board. 

Rodney Miller normally shoots around 172 on Thursdays, which means he will give his team 500 pins each time he bowls. His team was more than happy with his performance this past Thursday, however, because Miller tossed a 645 series, 129 pins over his series average. Rodney tossed games of 198, 223 and 224, in the process of registering his best series of the season.

Mike Miller, like Rodney, usually averages 172, and shoots around the 500 mark on any given night. Thursday, Mike shot a 634 series, comprised of games of 202, 199 and 233. Mike was 118 pins over his series average. This was Mike’s best series of the season. His best game, to date, is a 258.

Lynn Mills is a retired city fireman.  On Thursday, he lit up the lanes with a 652 series, 106 pins over his series average. Lynn fired games of 179, 254 and 219. This wasn’t his best series of the season, however. That is a 675 produced earlier in the season, but he did toss his best game this past Thursday, the 254. 

Others who bowled well this week include: Nevil Solomon (686), Neldon Smith (683), Bruce Michaelson (676 Thursday/650 Tuesday), Jesse Haggerty (673), Harold McClure (672), Turk Morgan (669), Steve Edwards (666), Mike Gilliland (664), Joe Kirkpatrick (659 Sunday/659 Thursday), Mark Smith (656 Thursday/641 Sunday), Ace Wiginton (656), David Strain (655), Larry Stovall (640), Nick Painter (639), David Gholson (638 Sunday/625 Thursday), Mike Fletcher and Joe Freeman (633), Cliff Whitney (632) and Wes Campbell (628).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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