Davison and Bowden lead Classic Lanes' bowlers at mid-season
Larry Mason

Dec. 26, 2006 - Tarry Davison shot his 13th 700 series of the season Thursday, and registered a 662 series on Sunday, while Becky Bowden booked two 600s this week, one a 691 on Monday, and the other a 676 on Sunday. The twosome finished the week in a tie for first place on the center's high average board, where both are carrying 232 averages.

Three more men joined Davison in shooting 700s this week, Greg Pullen shooting 718 on Sunday, Michael Carter shooting 709 on Tuesday, and Bruce Michaelson shooting 703 on Thursday. Debbie Miller was the only other woman who found the 600 series range, tossing a 600 even on Monday night.

At the mid-point of the current season, Classic Lanes' bowlers have booked 89 700 series, 602 600 series, and 2,184 games of 200 or more. There have been nine honor scores thrown; four perfect games, one 299 game, two 298 games, one 296 game, and one 290 game.

Tarry Davison and Becky Bowden continue to fight it out for top bowler honors at Classic Lanes as we reach the mid-point of the season. Davison climbed back into first place on the high average board, in a two-way tie with Becky Bowden at 232, by shooting his 13th 700 series of the season, stroking games of 243, 257 and 223. For good measure, Tarry rolled a 662 on Sunday night, with games of 205, 221 and 236.

While Davison was shooting his 662 on Sunday, Becky was shooting a 691 series on Sunday, tossing games of 247, 232 and 212. Becky rolled a 676 on Monday night, producing games of 244, 174 and 258.

Now, in the Sunday Night Mixed league, the only league where the twosome is actually able to bowl in head-to-head competition, Davison carries a 228 average, while Becky totes a 211. In the two remaining leagues in which the two bowl, those where the boys and girls can't bowl against one another, the Men's Commercial league and the Ladies' Monday league, the two hold their highest averages - 232s.� �

Both Becky and Tarry have hit the 300 game honor mark this season, both on Sunday night. Tarry, however, has shot 300 twice, his second perfect game coming on Thursday night. Both are tied for first place on the high game list with Darrell Green, who shot a perfect game in the Tuesday Night Mixed league. Tarry, however, is a little more in first place than the other two, by virtue of his having shot two of those perfect games. Still, Becky is the only woman to ever shoot a perfect game at Classic Lanes, so that should give her some extra points in the run for first place, too.

Tarry is the center's most prolific producer of 700 series this season with 13. His closest competitors, Greg Pullen and David Gholson, have seven each. Still, Tarry finds himself in a two-way tie for second place on the high series chart with - Greg Pullen. Both men have shot 781s. Actually, since Greg has shot 781 twice, he's a little more in second place on this chart than Tarry is. Both Davison and Pullen trail high series chart leader, Darreyl Dixon, by 12 sticks.

As for Becky, on the combined men and ladies' high series chart, she ranks sixth, with a 762 series to her credit. However, on the ladies' only chart, she stands alone at the top. She has produced three 700s, a 699 and a 691. Hers are the only 700s shot by a woman so far this season. It's going to be an interesting remainder of the season, if things continue as they have.

Speaking of Greg Pullen, he shot the week's second highest series, a 718 shot on Sunday night. Mr. P. shot games of 236, 267 and 215 in collecting his seventh 700 of the season. The series raised his Sunday's average to a 221, third best on the high average board, second best in the Sunday mixed league. You already know about his duplicate 781 series, and his second place ranking there, but we have yet to discuss his high game ranking. Greg holds sixth place on the center's high game list. He ranks sixth by virtue of his 289 “almost” honor score - a score he has shot not just once - but three times. That's got to be some kind of record, and has to be very frustrating for Greg. Pullen is tied with David Gholson on the high game list, as both have shot 289 high games. They are also tied in another area in that both have shot seven 700s so far this season. Gholson trails Pullen on the high average board by a single pin and ranks fourth overall. Gholson shot a 672 on Tuesday.

Michael Carter shot the week's third highest series, a 709 on Tuesday night. Mike shot games of 229, 233 and 247. The series moved him to 20th place on the high series chart, and raised his average to a 213, good enough to claim 10th place on the high average board. Carter's best game of the season is a 256, 20th on the high game list, where he joins five other bowlers. Michael bowls just once a week, and not every week, at that. But, lack of practice aside, he's still a very good bowler. Michael now works for L3 as a computer guru.

Bruce Michaelson is one of our retired USAF veterans. He also works for L3 in some capacity. At any rate, Bruce shot the week's fourth best series, a 703 consisting of games of 245, 230 and 228. It is Bruce's fifth 700 series of the season. His best, a 737, holds 11th place on the high series chart. Because Bruce is such a consistent bowler, he has managed to maintain a 223 average for most of the season, and currently ranks second on the high average board. His best game of the season is a 270, which ranks 11th on the high game list, where he joins Wayne Womack. And he ranks pretty close to first place on the “nice guy” list, as well.

Debbie Miller came to us out of our Wednesday open bowling crowd, I believe. Debbie is as fierce a competitor as one would ever want to run up against. This week, she produced her first 600 series of the season, a 600 even, shooting games of 169, 220 and 211. She started the night with a 165 average, but finished with a 200 by the time the night was over. Debbie was 105 pins over her series norm, which helped to raise her Sunday average by two pins. She holds a 162 average on Mondays. Her highest game of the season is a 220. We still have 18 weeks of bowling left in this season; expect to hear more from Debbie.

Maggie Sherrow began bowling at the center just this season. She has already established herself as a tough competitor, who is capable of shooting those big scores. This week, on Tuesday, Maggie shot her best series of the season, a 586 made up of games of 234, 171 and 181. She was averaging 161 at the time, but came away with a 195 for the night. On the evening, Maggie was 103 pins over her average series, a 483. In addition to shooting her best series, she also shot her best game, her 234 first game. She is now averaging 164 on Mondays, and 163 on Tuesdays. Expect to see more from this lady as the season progresses.

Others who bowled well this week include: D.J. Kast (679 Thursday/669 Sunday), Steve Edwards (676), Darreyl Dixon (667 Thursday/651 Sunday), Roy Schutz and Joe Kirkpatrick (662), Dewayne Roach (659), Jason Parmer (652), David Vansickle (651 Sunday/635 Thursday), Vincent Smith (650), Mike Fletcher (635), Jason Keller (633), Nevil Solomon (632), Neldon Smith (631), Ace Wiginton (630), John Lambert (626), Tommy Fletcher (625), Turk Morgan (623) and Harold McClure and Duane Anspon (620).

Best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year to all of you, from all of us at Classic Lanes. God bless.

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