Ace Wiginton shoots two 700s, leads men; Becky Bowden leads the ladies
Larry Mason

Dec. 19, 2006 - Ace Wiginton doubled up on 700s this week, a 711 and a 705, his first and second 700s of the season, while Becky Bowden once again led the ladies, shooting a 671 on Sunday. Tarry Davison shot the week's highest series, a 736, while Harold McClure and Wesley Crist rounded out our list of 700 shooters, tossing 715 and 702, respectively. Darreyl Dixon came close to hitting 700, shooting his second 690 series of the season, this one a 693.

Melvin “Ace” Wiginton is one of Classic Lanes' many retired military folks. Ace retired out of the USMC back in 1980. This week, our former Marine decided it was time to charge, and he did just that, shooting his first 700 of the season on Sunday, a 711, and his second on Tuesday, a 705. For good measure, he shot a 629 on Thursday. On Sunday, Ace rolled games of 241, 246 and 224, while one Tuesday, he fashioned games of 262, 212 and 231. On Thursday, this former Gunnery Sergeant shot games of 233,187 and 209. So, for the week, only one of his games was below the 200 mark.

Ace's performance on Sunday raised that night's average to a 205, while Tuesday's raised that league's average to a 203. Not too bad, considering he has a couple of those “itis” things - arther and burs - in his shoulders and back. As it stands now, Ace ranks 18th on the high average board with his 205. Ironically, Ace's 711 series from Sunday moved him into the No. 18 spot on the high average chart, but he isn't 18th on the high game listing. Here, he ranks seventh, where he is tied with seven other men.� � �

Becky Bowden led the ladies again this week, shooting a 671 on Sunday night. She just happens to bowl with Ace Wiginton on Sundays. Becky shot games of 245, 182 and 244. Had she shot anything close to her average in that second game, she might have claimed her fourth 700 of the season. Oh well, Becky still stands atop the high average board with a 235 average out of the center's Monday ladies' league. She is tied with Tarry Davison and Darrell Green for first place on the high game chart with a perfect 300, the only perfect game ever rolled by a woman at Classic Lanes. Becky's best series is a 762, which ranks sixth on the combined men and ladies' high series chart.

Alright, now we get to Tarry Davison, and his week's work. Actually, Tarry produced the week's highest series, a 736, which he shot - you guessed it - on Sunday. Tarry shot games of 236, 234 and 266, in the process of collecting his 12th 700 series of the season. Davison's best series of the fall/winter season is a 781, which ties him for second place with Greg Pullen, 12 pins behind series chart leader, Darreyl Dixon. Davison sits in second place on the high average board as well, carrying a 231 on Thursday nights, just four pins behind board leader, Becky Bowden. Davison has a 229 average on Sundays.

On the high game list, Tarry is tied for first place, with Bowden and Green; but it must be pointed out that Tarry has shot two perfect games this season - so he's a little more in first place than his competitors - if quantity counts, right? Tarry would have hit his 13th 700 of the season with just bit of luck this past Thursday, but ended up with a 691 series comprised of games of 234, 221 and 236. It might not have been a 700, but it was the best series turned in on Thursday night, on what appears to have been a very difficult lane condition.

Mister Sergeant Harold McClure (he makes us call him those things), shot the week's second best series, a 715 - once again - on Sunday night. Harold was stuck on fives, Sunday, shooting games of 22(5), 25(5) and 23(5) to end up with 71(5). Is anybody superstitious? McClure is averaging 214 on Thursday and 213 on Sunday. He ranks 10th on the high average board. This week's series is McClure's sixth 700 series of the season. Harold's best of the season is a 774, which places him third on the high series chart, seven pins out of second place, and 19 pins out of first. Harold's highest game at present is a 279, tying him with Ace Wiginton and six others for seventh place on the high game list. Harold, who bowls with brother-in-law Tarry Davison on Sunday and Thursday, either influences Tarry, or Tarry influences him. Harold didn't shoot 700 on Thursday, either, but he did produce the third highest series - a 673 - 18 pins behind Tarry's Thursday high series of 691.� �

Wesley Crist produced our last 700 series for this week, shooting a 702. Now, as many of you know, I have a knack for messing up, when I write this column. Apparently, I did so with Wesley, earlier. I gave credit for a series shot by Wesley, to younger brother, Nathan. That won't happen this week, Wesley. And, I hope you are, in fact, Nathan's older brother - someone told me that you are. At any rate, Wesley shot the very first 700 series of his career, a 702 - on Sunday night. Wesley tossed games of 242, 252 and 208, and finished the night 153 pins over his normal series average of 549. This week's series moved Wesley to 23rd place on the high series chart, and raised his Sunday average to a 186, up three pins from a week ago. This week's 252 high game moved Wesley to 23rd place on the high game list. And, if my information is correct, Wesley did all of this with a ball that is 15 years old.

Darreyl Dixon shot a 793 on the first night of the fall season, back in August. It continues to sit at the head of the list for high series. Since Week 1, Darreyl has shot four more 700s, and two series in the 690s. This week, Darreyl booked his second 690 series, a 693 - from Sunday night. Dixon rolled games of 181, 248 and 264, in the process. Had Darreyl shot anything near his 213 Sunday's average, he would have collected 700 series No. 6. Dixon is averaging 215 on Thursday night, good enough to claim ninth place on the high average board. His best game is one of our nine honor score, a 298, which ties him with Ken Sharp for third place on the high game list. Darryel shot a 651 series on Thursday.� �

Shane Quinn has been bowling for a number of years now. He is a very capable bowler, who, when his game is on, can hurt his opponents a great deal. He hurt Ace Wiginton's squad on Tuesday night, in spite of Ace's 705. While Ace was 102 pins over his series norm, Shane was 132 pins over his, which allowed his team to win three of the four available game points. Shane was averaging 171 when play began, but he averaged 215 Tuesday night. He shot games of 201, 210 and 234. The series is his best of the season and his 234 in Game 3, is his season's best, as well.

Jason Burchfield returned to competitive bowling about four weeks ago. Some time back, he was working for the U.S. Postal Service. He may still be. This week, Jason delivered his second 600 series of the season, another 605. When the night was over, Jason, who was averaging 172 when the night began, had shot games of 200, 191 and 214, was 89 pins over his series norm, and had averaged 201 for the evening.

Others who bowled well this week include: Dewayne Roach (664), Tommy Fletcher (663), Chris Brooks and Bo Duncan (655), Alan Roberts (653), Nathan Crist (650), David Strain (648) and Ray Howser (645).

We at Classic Lanes would like to take this opportunity to wish you and yours, from us and ours, a very merry,and joyous Christmas. God Bless.

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