Davison takes week's honors at Classic Lanes; Bowden leads the ladies, again
Larry Mason

Dec. 12, 2006 - Tarry Davison topped all of the bowlers at the center this week, shooting his 11th 700 series of the fall season, this one on Sunday evening, while Becky Bowden continued her dominance on the ladies side of the ledger, booking a 651 series on Monday night.

Five other men joined Davison at 700, Tyren Williams, Harold McClure, Turk Morgan, Jason Parmer and Mike Fletcher. Jerry C. Thompson was right on the heels of 700, but had to settle for a 695 series, his best of the season thus far.

Tarry Davison shot games of 246, 190 and 278 Sunday night on his way to collecting his 11th 700 series at Classic Lanes since August. This week's series raised Tarry's Sunday mixed league average to a 227, but his best averages comes out of the men's Thursday night league, where he is carrying a 232. That average ranks second on the high average board, three pins behind new leader, Becky Bowden and her 235 average from the ladies' Monday night league. Davison still holds first place on the high game list with two perfect games. He is joined at 300 by Becky Bowden and Darrell Green. Tarry's best series is still a 781, a series shot earlier in the year, which still ranks second on the high series chart, where Davison is tied with Greg Pullen. Tarry shot a 673 on Thursday.

Last week's high average leader was Becky Bowden. This week's high average leader is still Becky Bowden. Granted, she's not carrying that whopping 254 from last week, but she is toting a 235, which isn't too bad for a girl - or a boy - for that matter. Becky shot a 651 on Monday night in the ladies' league, tossing games of 206, 257 and 188. The series was just good enough to keep Becky in first place on the combined men's and ladies' high average board. Bowden remains atop the combined high game list with a 300, one of the four shot at the center since fall leagues began play in August. Becky's best series is a 762, which holds sixth place on the combined high series chart.

Tyren Williams operates a company that supplies cement to construction firms over in Commerce. He and his family have bowled at Classic Lanes on and off for several years now, but he just recently joined our men's league. In his second week of league play, he managed to produce the week's second highest series, a 711 made up of games of 217, 247 and 247. The series bumped his average up to a 217, up 20 pins over his previous high average of 197. He moved into sole possession of eighth place on the high average board, a move of 18 slots from his previous ranking. Tyren's 247 game ranks 26th on the high game list, and his 711 series ranks 18th on the high series board. Welcome to Classic Lanes, Tyren. We're glad to have you join us.

Mr. Sergeant Harold McClure (he makes us call him mister and sergeant, now) shot the week's third highest series, a 710, shot on Sunday night. Harold, who happens to bowl with brother-in-law Tarry Davison, shot games of 279, 196 and 235 to collect his fifth 700 series of the season. McClure's best series thus far this season is a 774, which ranks third on the high series chart, one slot behind Tarry and Greg Pullen. Harold's highest game is a 279, which ties him with seven other men for seventh place on the high game list. And to think, Harold has accomplished all of these things while bowling with his left hand. Of course, he is left handed, so I don't know if that's pertinent or not.

The name Turk Morgan has been A.W.O.L. from this column far too long, and it's a pleasure to report that Mr. Morgan (he DOESN'T make us call him mister) has returned to form. Turk, who is our most senior, senior citizen in any of our leagues, shot the week's fourth highest series, a 707, coming out of Thursday's action. Morgan booked games of 216, 256 and 235 to gain his first 700 series of the season, which moves him into 21st place on the high series chart. Turk continues to rank eighth on the high game list with a 278 to his credit, where Mr. M is tied with fellow bowlers Roy Schutz and Mike Kopecky. Turk has raised his average to a 199, good enough to hold 24th place on the high average board, where he is joined by three others.

Like Turk Morgan, Jason Parmer has been missing in action at the center as well. Jason found the range this week, however, booking his second 700 series of the season, this one a 701, shot on Thursday night. Parmer shot games of 225, 197 and 279. This week's series raised Jason's Thursday average to a 190. His best average comes out of the Tuesday mixed league, where he is carrying a 196, which ranks 27th on the high average board. He is tied with Charles Harred. Parmer's best series is a 710, which holds 19th place on the high series chart, and ties him with Mike Gilliland. Jason has shot 279 twice this season, a score that ranks seventh on the high game list. He is one of eight individuals tied for this position.

Our last 700 of the week, a 700 even, was shot by another of our missing-in-action bowlers, Mike Fletcher. This series was long overdue. It is Mike's first 700 series of the season. To get it, Mike had to roll games of 256, 212 and 232; the series moves Mike to 24th place on the high series board, up from 41st place last week. Earlier in the season, Mike rolled a 296 honor game, one of the nine shot so far this year, which holds fourth place on the high game list. Mike is now averaging 204, 19th best on the high average board.

Jerry C. Thompson is a retired Captain from the USMC. We other retired veterans call him mister, first, because military protocol says we should, and, second, because he's earned it. This is a very nice man. On Thursday, Jerry came about as close to a 700 series as one can, without getting it. Mr. T. shot a 695 series, his best effort of the season, shooting games of 258, 234 and 203. His series moves Jerry to 25th place on the high series chart, and raised his Thursday's average to a 193, 29th best on the high average board. This week's 258 first game is Mr. Thompson's highest game of the season; it moves Jerry to 18th place on the high game list, where he joins center owner, Paul Carter, and Clinton Cline. Mr. Thompson shot a 670 series on Tuesday.

Becky Bowden wasn't the only lady to break the 600 series barrier this week - so did Brigette Painter. It was the second time this season that Brigette has recorded a 600, this one a 628, shot on Tuesday night. Brigette shot games of 200, 193 and 235 in the process. Brigette's first 600 series was a 679, which holds 33rd place on the combined men's and ladies' high series chart, and her 235 game holds 36th place on the high game list, where she joins six others. Brigette is averaging 173 on Monday and 164 on Tuesday.

Craig McBrayer averages 169 on Tuesdays. He shoots around the 507 mark for a series, routinely - but not this week. This week, Craig shot games of 193, 227 and 189 to finish with a 609 series and a one-night average of 203. Craig was 102 pins over his series norm. � � � � �

Others who bowled well this week include: Greg Pullen (688 Sunday/681 Thursday), Jason Keller (687), Roy Schutz (677), Ace Wiginton (676 Tuesday/675 Sunday), Nick Painter (670), Darreyl Dixon (667 Thursday/660 Sunday), David Vansickle (643), Mike Gilliland and Wes Campbell (638), David Gholson (635), David Soeder (631) and Alan Roberts (630).

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