Keller and Bowden Claim Summer's Top Individual Bowling Titles
Larry Mason

Aug. 22, 2006 - They won't get any huge monetary award for having done so, but Jason Keller and Becky Bowden will be able to tell their grandchildren that in the summer of 2006, when it came to bowling at Classic Lanes in Sulphur Springs, they were the best bowlers on the lanes for at least a two month period.  Keller isn't going to be a grandfather anytime soon, but Ms. Bowden should be soon, if she isn't already.   

 Jason Keller finished 11 weeks of competition in the Men's Trio League with the highest average, a 217, the highest three-game series, 759, the highest four-game series, 1,013, and the highest game, a 289.  Add to Keller's individual statistics the fact that his team, the King Pins, won the league's team championship, and one can see that it was a very good summer for Mr. K. Too, Jason was the only bowler to roll multiple 700s during the summer, tossing a 759 and a 736, and was the only bowler to go over the 1,000 pin mark.   

On the ladies side of the ledger, Becky Bowden claimed the day, finishing the Summer Sunday Mixed League with the highest average, a 212, the highest three-game series, a 703, and the highest game, a 279.  When looking at the ”ladies only” list of achievements, Bowden ranked first on the average board, first on the three-game series chart, and first on the high game list.  On the combined men's and ladies' lists, she was second in average, fourth in three-game high series, and fourth in high game. Based on her summer's performance, one can expect to hear a lot more from Becky this fall and winter.

Twelve men joined Keller in finishing the summer with averages at or above 200. David Strain carried 200s in both the Sunday and Thursday leagues, finishing with a 208 on Sundays and a 204 on Thursdays. He ranked fourth on the high average board. Following Strain were Neldon Smith (207), David Gholson and Bo Duncan (206), Roy Schutz (204), Nevil Solomon and Doug Brann (202), and Greg Pullen, Dewayne Roach, Ray Howser and Mike Gilliland (200). A newcomer to the center, Rodney Sullivan, wound up the season with a 211 average, but only bowled one of the 11 nights the Trio League competed. Hopefully, he'll join us in the fall, so we can see just how good he is over a full season.   

Twelve other men finished the summer with averages between 199 and 190. These were: Mark Smith, Cliff Whitney and Michael Fletcher (199), Joe Kirkpatrick (197), Darreyl Dixon and Jason Parmer (196), Richard Thompson, Ace Wiginton and Charles Harred (195), Larry Stovall (193), Terry Kozeluh (191) and Zach Howser (190). 

Due to paucity of bowlers this summer - there were only 74 - the number of 700 series rolled was far below the norm for Classic Lanes. The center recorded just six 700s over the course of the summer. This figure included the two by Keller and the one by Bowden, along with one each from Cliff Whitney, 729, Michael Fletcher, 714, and Bo Duncan, 703.

As stated earlier, Jason Keller was the only individual to break the 1,000 series barrier, shooting 1,013 in four games. In addition to this series, Jason shot two four game sets in the 900s, a 995 and a 902. Eight individuals joined Keller with 900s: Cliff Whitney, 975, Bo Duncan, 962, Buddy McClendon, 957, Michael Fletcher, 935, Jason Parmer, 931, Roy Schutz, 926, David Strain, 917, and Jesse Haggerty, 902.   

Undoubtedly, the most notable of our 800s has to be an 824 series rolled by our youngest league bowler, Colby Pullen. The series placed Colby in the NO. 25 slot on the four-game high series chart. Colby's highest game this summer was a 229, which ranked 25th on the high game list. Colby finished the summer season with a 165 average. Way back in the fourth grade, Colby indicated that he wanted to be a professional bowler, like his dad. If he keeps improving his game as he has been, he just might make it. 

There were no honor games shot this summer, but a few folks gave it the old college try. Jason Keller and Bo Duncan shot identical 289s to claim first place on the high game list.  Right behind these two came Roy Schutz with his 288.  Three folks fashioned 279s, Becky Bowden, Jason Parmer and Cliff Whitney. Charles Harred finished fourth on the high game list with a 278.  David Gholson followed Harred with a 277, to finish fifth on the high game list. 

Another 50 people managed to shoot games between 200 and 276, but we're not going to list them all here. We will tell you that Mike Miller shot what may have been his best game ever, a 267, which landed him in eighth place on the high game list.

 And we'll mention Julita Richardson's 258, which placed her 10th on the high game list, where she joined Jeff Boyte, Neldon Smith, Dewayne Roach and Richard Thompson. Julita's game was the second best rolled by a lady this summer. It appears Julita is returning to form, having been out of bowling for about a year before her return to the lanes this summer. In addition to her 258 game, she had the ladies' second best average, a 176. 

Angela Allen shot a 225 high game twice this summer, which gave her claim to 28th place on the combined high game list. The 225 ranked third on the ladies only, high game list. Angela tossed the ladies' second best three-game series, a 637, behind mama Bowden's 703. The series ranked 25th on the combined men's and ladies'  three-game series chart. Angela did all of this while she was carrying her first child. The baby was born on Sunday  evening. Angela finished the season with a 161 average. 

Zach Howser, like Angela and Colby, started bowling seriously when he joined our high school bowling program of a few years ago. This summer, Zach came into his own. He finished the season with a 190 average in our Sunday mixed league, and had a 183 average on Thursdays. He tossed a 247 season high game, and a 631 three-game high series. Zach ranked 18th on the high average board, 26th on the high series chart, and 13th on the high game list.       

Adam Thompson is another of the center's high school program bowlers. He didn't shoot any overpowering series during the season, but he did shoot the 29th best high game, a 245. Adam has been steadily improving his game, and in the latter parts of this season, he was shooting extremely well. 

Well, the summer season for 2006 is in the books. Now, we look forward to the upcoming fall/winter schedule, which begins competing next week.  Sunday Mixed starts the 27th, Monday Ladies the 28th, Tuesday Mixed the 29th and Thursday Men's the 31st. Spots are available for individuals and teams in all four leagues.


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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