Seniors Wells and Potts want more than perfect record
Joseph Elerson | News-Telegram Sports Writer

April 15, 2006 - For two-year varsity lettermen Bailey Potts and Blake Wells, their senior season has been memorable as the team is currently 17-5 overall and 6-0 in district play.

But the duo wants more than just a good record.

"I think we are going to go as far as we can and I think we are going to strive for district," said Potts, the son of Doyle and Kim Potts. "We are going to try our hardest to go 10-0 this year and then we will hit playoffs and play as hard as we can."

"A good season and 10-0, and hopefully we can go far in the playoffs," added Wells, the son of Monty and Debbie Wells. "Coach (Jerrod) Hammack is a good coach. so I am pretty sure that we are going to go far this year."

This season, Potts has been inserted into the lineup as the back-up third baseman and courtesy runner for the Wildcats and the senior said that role is fine with him.

"It has been pretty good and normally Blake will come in to pitch and Casey (McMahan) will move to shortstop and I will play some third base," Potts said. "With running, I usually run for Alex (Aguilar) or Scott (Stewart) to give them a break and get ready to come out and pitch or catch for the next inning."

Last year's closer for the Wildcats, Wells has seen many scenarios this year from starting to long relief to short relief to playing shortstop, but has not closed a game this year.

"I am usually a closer and I am not used to starting off pitching. At  shortstop, I am pretty good there, and if I need to come in and start I will pitch; if I need to come in and close I'll do that if they need me," he said.

Against North Lamar in which Sulphur Springs won 18-16, Wells came in for long relief and picked up the win going four innings while giving up nine hits, seven runs, five earned runs, three strikeouts and two walks.

"I came in and I was throwing really hard and my curveball was working, but the umpire wasn't calling any corners and so I was throwing down the middle to get strikes," Wells said. "Every time I did that, they smashed the ball and our defense was OK in that game."

He said the bonus of not having to close out games this year is he can concentrate on his play at shortstop.

"Last year, they would throw like four innings and then I would come in and close," he said. "This year, I play shortstop and if the pitchers get down then I will come in but I haven't had to close much this year."

Potts said when there are games where he does not play and when the other seniors on the team are not in the lineup, the support for their teammates is still visible throughout the game.

"It's not disheartening and I know that I stand a chance to play and I have to be ready," he said. "We always have the best nine players on the field and for everybody else, they support the team and I don't think anybody has a problem if they don't play."

With 13 seniors on the team, the players know if injury occurs or somebody has a bad night, they are still in good shape to pick up the win.

"We have been together for a long time and we have a bunch of seniors and if somebody gets hurt we always have somebody to come in, and it is pretty good with experience," Wells said. "If we get in hard games, we can come out and win those games."

Potts said with the leadership everybody knows what role they need to play to be successful this year.

"We have enough seniors on this team that we can take care of everything that we need and we can tell each other to step it up if we need to."

With only three games left in the regular season, Wells said the team needs to take one game at a time and then focus on a playoff run.

"We just need to win these games and not think about the playoffs yet," he said. "We need to play each game like we know and win, and then see what happens in the playoffs."

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