Seven men hit 700; total climbs to 146
Larry Mason

April 11, 2006 - Chad Dailey, Tarry Davison, Jason Keller, Russ Nuss, Bruce Michaelson, Mike Fletcher and Billy Painter added 700s this week, bringing the center’s total to 146 for the season. The record, set in the fall/winter season of 2005, stands at 217. 

Cliff Whitney, Larry Stovall and Wayne Womack came close to hitting the 700 mark, shooting 699, 697 and 693, respectively. Becky Bowden led the ladies again, shooting a 670 series on Sunday.

Chad Dailey topped all of our bowlers this week, shooting his eighth 700 series this, a 726. Dailey rolled games of 192, 267 and 267, raising his Thursday average to 219, moving him into a two-way tie with Jason Keller for fourth place on the high average board. Chad’s 726 is his third-best of the season. His best series, a 736, is 15th on the high series chart.  Dailey’s top game is a 286, tying him for seventh place on the high game list. 

Tarry Davison has had a hot hand of late. On Sunday night, he continued burning up the lanes rolling his 12th 700 series of the season, second only to Wes Campbell and Jason Keller’s 15. This time, Tarry rolled a 721 series made up of games of 279, 235 and 207. Davison is carrying a 217 average on Sunday (sixth on the high average board), and a 214 on Thursday.  Tarry’s best series to date is a 765, which holds 11th place on the high series chart, and his best game is a 290 honor score, fourth best on the high game list.

Jason Keller rolled a 710 series Tuesday night, his 16th 700 of the fall/winter season. Jason rolled games of 260, 191 and 259. Keller is averaging 219 on Thursday, 219 on Tuesday and 216 on Sunday. He ranks fourth on the high average board. Jason’s best series is a 791, which places him third on the high series chart. Keller has a 299 honor game, which is second on the high game list.

Russ Nuss finally broke the 700 barrier, shooting his first 700 of the season on Thursday night, a 707. Russ put together games of 236, 241 and 230.  Russ’s 707 moved him into 29th place on the high series chart. Russ is now carrying a 202 average on Thursday, which holds 17th place on the high average board. His best game is a 270, 14th on the high game list.

Mike Fletcher and Bruce Michaelson both shot 705s this week. Bruce rolled games of 201, 224 and 280 to capture his eighth 700 of the season, while Mike tossed games of 243, 217 and 245 to claim his ninth. Fletcher carries the center’s top average, a 223, while Michaelson holds a 218, fourth on the high average board. Mike’s best series, a 768, ranks ninth on the high series chart. Bruce’s best series, a 738, ranks 14th. Michealson is one of five men who have rolled perfect games this season. Fletcher’s best game is a 280, which ties him for the No. 9 position on the high game list. 

Billy Painter completed this week’s run on 700 by shooting a 700 even, comprised of games of 214, 278 and 208. For Billy, this is his second 700 of the current season. His highest series is a 755 that places him 12th on the high series chart. Billy is averaging 196 in both the Tuesday and Thursday leagues. He ranks 21st on the high average board, a slot he shares with four others. Painter’s best game this season is a 278, which ranks 11th on the high game list. He is tied with four others. 

Cliff Whitney, Larry Stovall and Wayne Womack came close to registering 700s, but had to settle for 690s. Cliff rolled a 699, Stovall a 697 and Womack a 693. Wayne averages 209 on Thursdays, which places him 10th on the high average board, while Cliff holds a 207 average on Tuesday and ranks 12th on the average board. Stovall has been reviving his game of late, raising his average to a 196 on Sundays and a 192 on Thursdays. He ranks 21st on the high average board.

Becky Bowden continues to be the lady of the moment, for yet another week. Becky rolled a 670 series on Sunday rolling games of 176, 280 and 214.  She continues to hold the top ladies’ average, a 206, the ladies’ highest series, a 702, and the ladies’ highest game, this week’s 280. Her previous high game was a 278. 

Pat Michael bowls in the ladies’ Monday night league. She averages 129 per game and 387 per series. Last Monday, Pat rolled a 506 series with games of 211, 117 and 178.  For the evening, Pat was 119 pins over her series average. I’m guessing that there are some USBC recognition awards in there somewhere.

Sharon Callahan likes to bowl. She bowls on Sunday and Monday. On Sundays, Sharon carries a 130 average, and usually shoots around a 390 for a series. Last Sunday, she rolled a 501 series with games of 164, 165 and 172.  Sharon was over her single-game average in all three of her games. For the evening, she was 111 pins over her series average.

Sonya Cordell joined our Tuesday league for the first time this season.  She has an average of 116, which expands to a three game series total of 348. Tuesday night she rolled a 450 series, shooting games of 164, 130 and 156. She finished the night 102 pins over her series average. 

Jessie McFarland works at Old World Brick. He began bowling just this season. He is averaging 126, currently, which means he normal series is around the 378 mark. This past week, Jessie tossed games of 125, 168 and 173, giving him a 466 series on the evening, and a one night average of 155.  He was 78 pins above his series average.

Debbie Morgan makes her second appearance in this column in the past eight weeks. This week Debbie shot a 422 series, 78 pins over her series norm of 354. She averaged 141 Monday night, compared to her normal average of 118. 

Kathy Vansickle is such a consistent bowler, and because she is, she never goes way over or under her average. She carries a 176 in two leagues. This week, Kathy rolled a 591 on Sunday, rolling games of 192, 227 and 172, and followed that with a 550 on Tuesday. By the way, Kathy turned 50 years young, just a couple of Sundays ago. Happy birthday, Kathy.          

Others who bowled well this week include: Tommy Fletcher (687), Eric Barba (668), Koy Cline (666), Harold McClure (665), Darrell Green (663 Sunday/637 Tuesday), Brad Stone (662), Bo Duncan (657), Mike Gilliland (653 Thursday/645 Tuesday), David Soeder (650), Nevil Solomon (649), Danny Burns (647), David Strain, Mark Smith and Michael Carter (646), Neldon Smith (645), Greg Pullen (644 Thursday/634 Sunday), Rick Pearce and Vincent Smith (643), and Nick Painter (636).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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