Wes Campbell shoots career high 806 honor series
Larry Mason

April 4, 2006 - Wes Campbell shot his first ever 800 series on Tuesday night, an 806, just three weeks after Mark Smith rolled the center’s first of the current season, an 804. Prior to Smith’s series, the center’s last 800 series was thrown by Darreyl Dixon one year earlier. Campbell’s 800 is the 11th produced by Classic Lanes’ bowlers.  

In addition to his 800 series, Wes rolled a 711 series on Sunday. Four other men joined Wes in tossing 700 this week, Tarry Davison, Greg Pullen, Joe Kirkpatrick and Jason Keller. The total of 700s for the season now stands a 139. Tommy Fletcher came within seven pins of collecting his first 700 of the season, and Brad Stone missed getting his second by eight pins. Two ladies cracked the 600 series barrier this week, Becky Bowden and Deana Hale. 

Wes Campbell has shot eight perfect games in his career, but until Tuesday night, the 800 series honor score had eluded him. He’s been close on numerous occasions, but never caught up to the brass ring. Just this season, Campbell has manufactured a 700 series 16 times, the most by any bowler. He owns one of this season’s 12 honor games, a 298, and is one of a handful of local bowlers who can wear the USBC’s multiple 300 perfect game ring. Now he gets to add an 800 honor series ring to his collection. 

To shoot a 700 series, a bowler has to roll at least 20 strikes, have several spares, and very few, if any, open frames. In order to shoot an 800 series, one has to shoot 30 or more strikes, five or six spares, and have no open frames. That’s a pretty tall order. In a three-game series, a bowler throws the ball 36  times, if he or she strikes every time a ball is tossed.  Wes rolled 31 strikes, with five spares Tuesday night, rolling games of 259, 278 and 269. Compare that to his Sunday’s 711 series when he rolled 24 strikes, eight spares with one open frame, and registered games of 230, 258 and 223. For the week, Campbell averaged 252.  

Campbell now holds the second spot on the high average board with a 221, two pins behind average leader Mike Fletcher’s 223, and, with his 806, he has moved into first place on the high series chart. Wes’s best game is his 298 honor game, which ranks third on the high game list.          

Tarry Davison put together the week’s highest 700 series, a 765 rolled on Sunday. Tarry threw games of 262, 267 and 236. On Thursday, Mr. D. collected a 686 series. For the week, he averaged 241. Tarry raised his Sunday average to a 216, which moved him into seventh place on the high average board, and he carries a 214 average on Thursdays. Davison has produced 700s on 11 occasions this season, with this week’s 765 being his best. He holds the No. 11 position on the high series board. Tarry’s best game is a 290 honor game that holds fourth place on the high game list.

Greg Pullen broke the wrist of his bowling arm a while back, and has been gradually working back into shape. Sunday night, Greg shot the week’s second best 700 series, a 728, made up of games of 195, 244 and 289.  He rolled 23 strikes, seven spares and left two frame unfilled. On Thursday, Greg came through with a 697 series, shooting games of 253, 259 and 185.  He averaged 237 for the week. His currently averages 198 in both the Thursday and Tuesday leagues, and 190 on Sundays. He ranks 21st on the high average board, moved into 19th place on the high series chart with his 728, and is fifth on the high game list with a 289. 

Joe Kirkpatrick finished the week with the fourth-best series, a 714, registered on Thursday. Joe rolled games of 244, 278 and 192. On Tuesday, he tossed a 651 and on Sunday, a 647, giving him a 223 average for the week. At present, Joe ranks ninth on the high average board with a 213 average from the Tuesday league. He holds a 208 on Thursday, and 207 on Sunday. He has recorded 10 700s, with his best, a 772, placing him in eighth place on the high series chart. He is one five men who have tossed a perfect game this season, and holds first place on the high game list by virtue of the fact that he has also thrown a 298 honor game. 

Jason Keller rounded out the week’s 700s with a 704 series he put together on Tuesday. Jason rolled games of 190, 269 and 245. It was Keller’s 15th 700 of the season. His best series is a 791, which ranks third on the high series chart, 15 pins behind Campbell’s 806. Keller shot a 670 series on Thursday, and for the week, he averaged 229. Keller ranks fourth on the high average board with a 219 average from Thursday’s league. He has a 218 average on Tuesday and a 216 on Sunday. His best game is a 299 honor score that places him second on the high game list.        

Tommy Fletcher shot his best series of the season on Thursday night, rolling games of 234, 212 and 247 to finish with a 693. Tommy is averaging 203, which ranks 16th on the high average board, is 39th on the high series chart with his 693, and boasts a 264 high game, 20th on the high game list.   

Brad Stone finished Thursday’s play with a 692 series, consisting of games of 191, 223 and 278. Brad ranks 20th on the high series chart with a 726, is 13th on the high average board with a 207, and is 11th on the high game list with a 278.

Becky Bowden carried the ladies’ banner again this week, shooting a 663 series on Sunday night.  Ms. Bowden rolled games of 236, 191 and 236. Becky continues to lead the ladies in average, 206, series, 702, and high game, 277. On the combined men and ladies’ charts, she ranks 14th on average board, 32nd on the high series chart and 12th on the high game list.

Deana Hale completed Monday’s action with a 603 series with games of 179, 234 and 190. Hale is averaging 182, third place among the ladies, has a 657 high series and a high game of 269, which are both second among the ladies.

Deborah Crist bowls Sundays. She averages 90. Last Sunday, she averaged 131, shooting a 394 series with games of 115, 137 and 142. She was 124 pins over her series average.   

Hope Harber carries a 106 average on Mondays. This past Monday, however, Hope averaged 142, shooting a 427 series, with games of 171, 143 and 113. She finished the night 109 pins over her series average. 

Shawna Hall bowls on Sundays, and carries a 144 average. Last Sunday, Shawna tossed a 525 series, giving her a one night average of 175. She was 93 pins over her series average.

Others who bowled well this week include: Koy Cline (674), Harold McClure (673 Sunday/666 Thursday), Turk Morgan (661), Bruce Michaelson (660 Thursday/656 Tuesday), David Strain (660), Neldon Smith (652), Mike Fletcher and Vincent Smith (651), Billy Painter (649), Michael Carter (647), Larry Stovall (643), Jesse Haggerty (642), Wayne Womack and Scott Tubb (639), Mark Smith (636 Thursday/631 Sunday) and Justin Haggerty (634).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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