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April 1

Red Sox 18, Twins 2

April 26, 2006 - Ryan Humphries had a home run and triple, while Simeon Taylor and Brennan Seymore added triples for the Red Sox. Heston Wilburn and Harrison Fite each doubled.

For the Twins, Holdan Culpepper and Cameron Matthews each hit a double, while Dylan Wiggins, Connor Burgin and Cade Lovelady all hit safely.

Rangers 14, Orioles 7

Dedrich Godbolt led the Rangers with a pair of doubles, and Collen Armstrong, Casyn Garcia and Andrew Escobar each had a two-bagger. Tyler Armstrong had three hits.

For the Orioles, D'Corian Young had three singles, Jermon Amos added two hits, and Dantae Morales, Kolby Savage and D.J. Abrong each hit a double.

April 3

Cardinals 16, White Sox 7

The Cardinals had four players with multiple hits as Logan Oxford had three singles, Gage Penson added two doubles, Bryson Lynn hit a double and a triple and Garrett Shelby had two singles. Tanner Nalls added a triple.

For the White Sox, Jose Kirkpatrick and Da'Korian Sims each had a double, Denton Lawson added two singles, and Layton Keller and Jadon Miles each hit safely.

Blue Jays 15, Scrappers 7

Jack McCoy led the Blue Jay attack with a pair of triples and Jalik Cleveland added two doubles. Joshua Edwards hit three singles, River Thomas had two singles and Hunter Wallis added a double.

Dawson Draper was the top hitter for the Scrappers with a pair of doubles. Kaden Pace hit two singles, and Nathan Tiegiser, Logan Caton and Riley Shepard all hit safely.

April 4

Braves 12, Angles 4

Ryder Caddell had two extra base hits for the Braves, and Mason Boyd hit a triple. With doubles were Preston Price, Norris English and Bryce McQueen.

The Angels were paced by Kristian Goree and Bryson Van Kennon each with a pair of hits. Cooper Adams, Branson Thomas and Cole Johnson all had doubles.

Longhorns 16, Riverdogs 8

Twelve players for the Longhorns had extra base hits, led by Taylor Arrington with a home run and a triple, Nathan Frye with a triple and double, and DeAnthony Moore with two doubles. Also with extra-base raps were Owen Lee, Jaden Price, Alex Nichols, Brennan Murry, Dawson Mathes, Blayne Hohenberger, Tyler Kelley, Trey Dial and Elmer Rodriguez.

Zane Haywood and Stone Richardson each hit home runs for the Riverdogs, and Gabe Flanders, Grant Baker, Connor Walls, Kaleb Mills and Hunter Freeman all hit safely.

April 6

Aggies 18, Express 6

Shaden Burton hit a triple and double and Colton Clark had a double to lead the Aggies. Also with doubles were Gavin Milsap, Triston Sickles, Triston McCormick and Andy Eddins.

For the Express, Pacen Edwards and Michael Arnold both doubles, and Austin Ratliff, Blake Talmage, Matthew Peuges and Dawson Sears all singled. Also, Connor Nix caught a pop fly.

Orioles 17, Rockhounds 3

D'Corian young, Dantae Morales, D.K. Abron and Jeremond Amos all had two extra base hits, while Kobe Savage and Rhett Reid added doubles for the Orioles.

Heston Golightly hit a home run to lead the Rockhounds. Christian Huff doubled, while Spenser Brewer, Dee Dugan and Shandler Whiston singled.

April 7

Red Sox 17, White Sox 1

Simeon Taylor paced the Red Sox with a triple and two doubles, and Ryan Humphries had a triple and double. Sam Ottinger and Carson Bridges both doubles.

Layton Keller hit a double and Denton Lawson a single for the White Sox.

Rangers 13, Scrappers 9

Casyn Garcia hit a triple and double for the Rangers, and Dedric Godbolt, David Helfreich, Colton Armstrong and Travis Pundt all hit doubles.

The Scrappers were paced by Cade Goldsmith and Nathan Tiegeser, each with doubles, Dawson Draper with three singles, and Logan Caton and Riley Shepard each with a single.

April 8

Cardinals 10, Riverdogs 1

Tucker Hathcoat had two triples, and Tanner Nalls and Bryson Lynn both had three hits for the Cardinals. Garrett Shelby and Logan Oxford both doubles.

For the Riverdogs, Cameron Morris, Hunter Goodson, Zane Haywood, Connor Walls and Stone Richardson all hit safely.

Blue Jays 14, Angels 10

Jamal Hobson-Cox hit a home run and a double for the Blue Jays. Others with extra base hits were Richard Green, Keaston Willis, Jack McCoy and Hunter Wallis.

For the Angels, Bryson Van Keenon caught a fly ball and hit a double. Cole Johnson and Josh Sprague each doubles, and Chase Crouch and Kristian Goree both had two hits.

Aggies 7, Longhorns 5

Triston McCormick had a triple and a double for the Aggies, while Andy Eddins, Colton Clark, Max Humphries and Jabe Humphries all hit safely.

For the Longhorns, Taylor Arrington had two hits, Elmer Rodriguez, Trey Dial and Nathan Frye hit doubles, and Owen Lee added a single.

April 10

Express 14, Braves 3

Dawson Sears had two hits for the Express, while Michael Arnold and J.J. Morales each added extra-base hits, and Blaine Flemmons and Bryce Hornback each singled.

For the Braves, Jace Thompson, Michael Goldsmith, Ryder Caddell, Carter Monk and Preston Price all hit safely.

White Sox 18, Twins 7

Denton Lawson had a double and a triple and Weston Vasquez added three hits for the White Sox. Cameron Jones and Kasen Price had two hits each, and Jase Kirkpatrick doubled.

Zachery Burgin had two doubles to lead the Twins. Holdan Culpepper, Jordan Gable, Connor Burgin and Corey McFarland all hit safely.

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