Keller shoots 299 honor game; Womack honors with 290
Larry Mason

Sept. 27, 2005 - Jason Keller shot the season’s highest honor game on Tuesday, a 299, and Wayne Womack collected the season’s fourth on Thursday, a 290, but neither were able to break the 700 series barrier, both having to settle for identical series of 685. David Vansickle turned in the week’s sole 700 series on Sunday, a 708, while two ladies broke the 600 barrier, Deana Hale and Kathy Vansickle, who shot 659 and 629, respectively. 

Jason Keller climbed atop Classic Lane’s high game chart by shooting his first honor game in the fall/winter season, now in its fourth week, registering a 299 in Tuesday’s Mixed League play. His other two games were a 153 and a 233. Had Jason been able to do anything in that first game, the 153, he would have certainly reached the 700 level and might have even made it to the 800 honor series plateau. As it stands, in addition to his taking over first place on the high game chart, Jason ranks fifth on the high average list with a 219 and took over 15th place on the high series list.  Jason will receive a 299 honor ring from the newly formed United States Bowling Congress for his effort.  

Greenville’s Wayne Womack booked the center’s fourth honor score of the fall, shooting a 290 USBC plaque-winning score in Thursday’s Men’s Commercial League for tossing 11 consecutive strikes in a single game. Wayne moved into third place on the high game list, where he joins D. J. Kast. Womack is in fourth place on the high average chart with his 220, where he finds himself tied with Chad Dailey and Mike Gilliland. His highest series of the season, a 704, gives him claim to the No. 9 position on the high series listing.  

The highest series of the week, and the only 700 booked by Classic Lanes’ bowlers, came off of the right hand of David Vansickle. His Sunday Mixed League set of 708 was made up of games of 248, 236 and 224. Actually, David had a fair week in that he shot a 648 series on Thursday and had a 630 series on Tuesday. By the way, David is one of those gentlemen who kept the electricity coming to your homes during Hurricane Rita. At any rate, Mr. Vansickle now finds himself in the No. 8 position on the high series list, a distinction he shares with yet another of our Greenville bowlers, Mike Fletcher. Vansickle ranks 13th on the high average chart, where he is tied with Larry Siegert and Steve Edwards. David’s highest game, the 248 he rolled on Sunday, holds the 23rd slot on the high game list, where he joins Tarry Davison. Thanks for keeping those lines charged, David, and thanks to your co-workers as well.

The ladies provided some sparks this week, finally breaking the 600 series wall after what seemed like an eternity. Top honors go to Deana Hale, who fired a very impressive 659 series, made up of games of 153, 259 and 247. The first game was a struggle, but once Deana got lined up in Game 2, she was crushing the pocket with unerring regularity. Deana tossed her series in the Ladies Monday League, and it moved her to the top of the ladies high series list. She is tied with Emory’s Larry Stovall on the combined men and ladies’ high series list for the 25th. Her 259 game nudged her into first place on the ladies high game list, and ties her with Harold McClure for 15th place on the combined high game listing. Last, but not least, Ms. Hale moved into first place on the ladies’ high average list as well, boasting a 189. It was a very good night for Deana. 

The lady who provides the spark that gets David Vansickle to work on time, as well as to work in bad weather, his wife, Kathy, rolled the ladies’ other 600 series this week, shooting a 629 with games of 206, 204 and 219 on Sunday. It moved her onto the ladies’ high series list in second place. She occupies fourth place on the ladies’ high average list, tied with Barbara Siegert, with a 182. Her 224 game from Sunday took over the fifth position on the ladies’ high game list. 

Others who bowled well this week include: Wes Campbell (675 Thursday/636 Sunday), David Gholson (668), Cliff Whitney (665 Thursday/655 Tuesday), Joe Kirkpatrick (664), Russ Nuss (663), Mike Gilliland (661), Ray Howser (659 Tuesday/643 Thursday), Chad Dailey (659), Darreyl Dixon (656), David Soeder (654), D.J. Kast (651 Thursday/638 Sunday), Greg Pullen and Steve Edwards (644), Doug Brann (641), Nick Painter (639), and Harold McClure (632).    


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.    

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