Carter, Gholson, Kast, and White collect 700s
Larry Mason

Sept. 21, 2005 - Michael Carter, David Gholson, D.J. Kast and Larry White rolled 700s at Classic Lanes this week, while Joe Kirkpatrick had to settle for a 695. Larry Siegert, Dewayne Roach, Nathan Crist, Ray Howser, Mike Fletcher, Keith Ethridge and Jason Keller were within range as well. 

Michael Carter rolled his highest career series on Tuesday night, registering a 782 comprised of games of 268, 277 and 237. Michael is a bowler who manages to slip away from his workplace long enough to fit in three games, once a week. Given that he doesn’t get to practice at all, his Tuesday performance is even more impressive. After Tuesday’s play, Michael had raised his average by 10 pins, from a 217 to a 227, which locked him into the No. 5 position on the high average chart. His series took over first place honors on the high series list, and his highest game, Tuesday’s 277, gave him bragging rights to fifth place on the high game ladder. 

David Gholson garnered his first 700 series of the season on Thursday, rolling a 726, made up of games of 234, 269 and 223. David’s series moved him to fifth place on the high series chart, and raised his average to a 226 on Thursday, giving him claim to sixth place on the high average chart. His highest game so far this season is his 269 from Thursday, which moved him to eighth place on the high game listing. Unlike Mr. Carter, David is a year-round bowler, and a fixture at the center. Good games and good series are routine for this individual.  

D.J. Kast has always been an excellent bowler, but his opportunities to do so have been very limited over these past two years. On Sunday night, D.J. was able to step on to the approaches for only the second time in two years, and when everything was said and done, he had produced a 723 series, with games of 267, 217 and 239. His series took over the No. 6 position on the high series list, and enabled him to raise his average to a whopping 241 on Sundays, moving him to the No. 1 slot on the high average chart, besting previous first place holder, Dewayne Roach, by a single pin. His 267 game from Sunday’s play nudged him into 10th place on the high game chart. 

Larry White has been bowling on and off for a few years now, and on Thursday, Larry rolled games of 199, 257 and 264 to end the night with his first ever 700 series, a 720. His series took over seventh place on the high series ladder, and raised his average to a 197. Larry’s highest game, his 264 from Thursday, places him in 12th place on the high game list. 

Joe Kirkpatrick shot three very consistent games on Tuesday, 235, 234 and 226, but came up five pins short of hitting 700, having to settle for a 695 on Tuesday. It would have been his second 700 of the season. It was, however, still good enough to keep Joe’s average at 236, which allows him to lay claim to third place on the high average chart. His highest series to date is a 740, which ranks third on the high series listing, and his honor score of 298 still holds first position on the high game list. 

Andrew Howser bowls with his dad and brother on the Campbell’s Soup team. He has basically filled the roll of the guy who carries the highest handicap for the squad. It would appear he was getting bored with this lot, and decided to bowl for real on Thursday evening. Andrew started the night averaging 159, but after Thursday night’s action was over, he found himself with a 211 average for the night, his highest series of the new season, a 634, and a new high game of 234. He bowled 177 over his series average, which will earn him a patch from the USBC for being 150 or more pins over average. He missed a single game “century patch” by 25 pins.

Denise Daehn hasn’t bowled in quite some time, but one wouldn’t know that, looking at her Sunday performance. Denise began the night carrying a 134 average, which equates to a 402 series. When the evening had concluded, she had rolled a 507 series, giving her a 169 average for the night. Daehn was 105 pins over her series average, and was instrumental in her team’s winning three of the four points up for grabs when the night commenced.   

Others who bowled well this week include: Larry Siegert (684), Dewayne Roach (683), Jason Keller (682 Thursday/660 Tuesday), Nathan Crist (681), Ray Howser and Mike Fletcher (677), Keith Ethridge (673 Thursday/667 Sunday), Mark Smith (670), Tarry Davison 659 Sunday/650 Thursday), Chad Dailey (657), Russ Nuss (656), Nick Painter 654 Tuesday/646 Thursday), Jesse Haggerty (651), Ace Wiginton (650 Thursday/633 Sunday), Justin Haggerty (644), Turk Morgan (643), David Vansickle and Tommy Fletcher (642), Darrell Green (641), Jeff Haley (633), and David Soeder and Billy Painter (632).    


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling action at Classic Lanes. His column normally appears on Tuesday.

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