Kirkpatrick shoots 298 honor game; joins five more in hitting 700
Larry Mason

Sept. 15, 2005 - Classic Lanes’ Joe Kirkpatrick shot the season’s first honor score on Tuesday evening, rolling a 298. In addition to Joe’s honor score, a total of five bowlers bagged 700s this week: Kirkpatrick, Dewayne Roach, Mike Fletcher, Wayne Womack and Vincent Smith. This brings the total of 700s produced by Classic Lanes’ bowlers to 10 after the first two weeks of fall/winter league play.

Joe Kirkpatrick started the season’s honors list by shooting a 298 in Game 1 of his three-game set on Tuesday. Joe followed with games of 206 and 236 to end the night with a 740 series. It was his first 700 of the young season, and it landed him in the second position on the high series list. His honor game ranks first on the high game list, and his average of 239 ranks second on the high average list. Joe will be the first of our bowlers to receive an honor game ring from newly-formed United States Bowling Congress.     

Dewayne Roach collected his second consecutive 700 series in the Men’s Commercial League on Thursday, rolling a very impressive 767 series, made up of games of 223, 258 and 286. The series raised his average to a whopping 246, shooting him into first place on the high average ladder, while the series landed him in first place on the high series list. His third game nudged him into third place on the high game chart. Roach was overheard to say,  "I think I’ve found myself a new home,” following Thursday’s play, and all we at the center can add to this statement is, "Welcome home." Dewayne is from Greenville.   

Mike Fletcher has been shooting around the 700 mark all summer long, but he never quite got there. Well, on Thursday night, he finally got past the 700 barrier, shooting a 708 comprised of games of 236, 256 and 216. The series raised Mike’s average to a 236, which moved him into third place on the high average chart. His series took over fourth place on the high series list, and his 256 game landed him in the No. 13 position on the high game chart. Mike is from Greenville, also. 

Wayne Womack is yet another Greenville bowler, and on Thursday night, he rolled a 704 series made up of games of 227, 258 and 233. Womack is now averaging 228 and ranks sixth on the high average listing. His series places him in the fifth slot on the high series list, and his 258 game of Thursday ranks 11th on the high game list, tying him with Wes Campbell and Michael Carter.

Vincent Smith only gets to bowl during the fall/winter seasons. He hadn’t bowled for several months prior to Thursday, two weeks ago. That night, he shot a respectable 592 series, for an average of 197. It was his practice session, as it turns out, because last Thursday he rolled a 702, with games of 255, 190 and 257. He raised his average to a 216 and moved to the No. 13 position on the high average chart. His 702 places him in seventh place on the high series chart, and his 257 places him 12th on the high game list, where he is tied with Clinton Cline and Nevil Solomon. 

Becky Spelman took over first place on the ladies high series list by shooting the season’s first 600 series by a woman. Becky shot her series on Sunday night when she rolled games of 222, 196 and 189. She is averaging 189 currently, which ranks first among the ladies, but one can bet she will be a lot further up the chart before this season is over. She ranks third on the ladies high game list with her 222, trailing ladies’ leader, Amy Sharp, by 13 pins, and second place claimant, Barbara Siegert, by a single stick. 

Russ Nuss shot a 693 series the first week of the men’s league. This week, he wasn’t quite so accurate, shooting a 585 series with game of 225, 213 and 147.  As a result, his average dropped from a 231 to a 213. His other stats remained unchanged. In defense of Russ, we have to point out that much of his evening of Thursday was spent walking from console to console showing off his brand new grandson’s pictures. There were several pictures, so Russ had to hurry to get to everyone, before they left the center. That explains his last game.    

Others who bowled well this week include: Mark Smith (687 Sunday/618 Thursday), Wes Campbell (682 Sunday/636 Tuesday), Duane Anspon (677), Keith Ethridge (676 Sunday/640 Thursday), Steve Edwards and David Gholson (672), Nathan Crist (652), Darrell Green and Bo Duncan (649), Nevil Solomon and Koy Cline (646), Michael Carter and Chad Dailey (645), Ray Howser (643 Thursday/605 Tuesday), Larry Siegert (642 Tuesday/624 Sunday), Nick Painter and Richard Thompson (641), Tarry Davison (640 Sunday/638 Thursday), Jason Parmer (638), Bruce Michaelson (632), Clinton Cline (629), and David Soeder (622).   


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column normally appears on Tuesday.

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