McClure, Roach, Gilliland, Campbell bag 700s in bowling opener
Larry Mason

Sept. 6, 2005 - The first week of the fall/winter league saw four men come away with the season’s first 700 series. Harold McClure led the way with a 729, followed by Dewayne Roach’s 710, Mike Gilliland’s 703 and Wes Campbell’s 700. Two other men, Joe Kirkpatrick and Russ Nuss, just missed the 700 mark, shooting 694 and 693, respectively. 

Harold McClure jumped on the 700 bandwagon on Thursday night, shooting a 729 series made up of games of 257, 213 and 259. The effort places him first on the high series chart, and as the result of his performance, Harold not only leads all comers on the high series list, but also claims first place on the high average list with a whopping 243. His top game for the week, his 259 from Thursday, lays claim to eighth place on the high game list. On Sunday evening, Harold finished the night with a 651 series, shooting games of 200, 204 and 247. 

Dewayne Roach is a new name at our center, but, based on his performance on Thursday night, it appears that we will be mentioning it often this season. Dewayne stepped onto the approaches of lanes 15 and 16 and commenced to roll games of 236, 243 and 231 to end the night with a 710 series, and a 236 average. He ranks second on the high average list, and second on the high series list. He is 16th on the high game list with his 243.

Mike Gilliland wasn’t very excited about his summer league efforts, so he took the start of the men’s fall and winter league to heart on Thursday night, shooting games of 234, 223 and 246 to walk out of the center with a 703 series, and a 234 average. He ranks third on the high average chart, third on the high series chart and 15th on the high game chart with his 246. In the latter category, he is tied with Jeff Haley and Bruce Michaelson. 

Wes Campbell ended the summer league’s action shooting three 700 series in the final week. Two of those were 700s, even. Well, on Tuesday night Wes shot yet another 700 series, and it was a 700 even, also. He tossed games of 258, 235 and 207. Wes is averaging 233, which places him fourth on the high average chart, is fourth on the high series list, and holds ninth place on the high game list with his 258.  

Joe Kirkpatrick was within six pins of hitting 700 on Tuesday night, but had to settle for a 694 series made up of games of 246, 213 and 235. Kirkpatrick fired a 648 on Thursday night. Joe ranks fifth on the high series list with his 694, and is fifth on the high game list with a 266. He shares his high game honors with Koy Cline. Joe is averaging 231 and sits in fifth place on the high average chart, a distinction he must share with Russ Nuss.

Speaking of Russ, he fashioned a 693 on Thursday night, shooting games of 239, 237 and 217. As a result, he ranks fifth on the average chart, sixth on the high series list, and is 18th on the high game list with his 239. 

None of our ladies managed to crack the 600 or 700 barriers this week, but Amy Sharp gave it a shot, shooting a 567 on Sunday night. She is in first place on the ladies high average list at 189, and has the ladies’ highest series and highest game, 235. 

Others who bowled well this week included: Ray Howser (682 Tuesday/648 Thursday), Chad Dailey (679), Mark Smith (674 Thursday/652 Sunday), Koy Cline and Wayne Womack (666), Nevil Solomon (660), Larry Stovall (659), Jeff Haley (658), Bruce Michaelson (656), David Gholson (642), Brad Stone (639), Keith Ethridge (635), Jesse Haggerty (632), Jason Keller (631 Thursday/628 Tuesday), David Soeder (624), Joe Freeman (620), Michael Carter (617) and Steve Edwards, Darreyl Dixon and Tarry Davison (610). 


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