Keller, Campbell and Vansickle capture 700s
Larry Mason

Oct. 25, 2005 - Jason Keller, Wes Campbell and David Vansickle each shot a 700 series during the week, breaking a moderate slump that saw only single 700s being produced over the last two weeks. Two men came close to 700s, but missed the mark slightly, Stephen Spence and Darreyl Dixon. Becky Spelman registered yet another 600 series, continuing her return to her old form of a few years back.  

Jason Keller led all bowlers this week, registering a 740 series on Sunday. Keller shot games of 235, 277 and 228 in collecting his second 700 series of the season, which moved him into a tie for fourth place with Joe Kirkpatrick on the high series list. Keller’s series raised his average to a 223 on Tuesday’s, which moved him into first place on the high average chart, a position that had been held by Joe Kirkpatrick for three consecutive weeks. Keller leads Kirkpatrick by a single pin, Wes Campbell by three pins and Mike Fletcher by four pins. Jason also leads all bowlers in the high game category with a 299 honor game. Keller rolled a 634 on Tuesday. 

Wes Campbell shot his third 700 series of the season, tossing a 709 on Tuesday. Wes rolled games of 227, 203 and 279. Campbell is the only bowler who has shot three 700s so far this season. Wes ranks third on the high average chart with his 220 from the Tuesday night mixed league, is third on the high series list with a 755 series, and holds eighth place on the high game list with a 279. He has also produced a 278 game, both games that could have been honor games, with just a little bit of luck. Wes shot series of 624 on Sunday and 602 on Thursday.      

�David Vansickle booked his second 700 of the season, shooting a 704 on Sunday,� rolling games of 227, 256 and 221. David ranks 11th on the high series list with a 708, tying him with Mike Fletcher and Greg Pullen. Vansickle is averaging 204, placing him in the 15th slot on the high average list.� He is tied with Koy Cline, Brad Stone and Vincent Smith. David�s best game of the young season is his 256 from Sunday, which places him 20th on the high game list, where he joins Mike Fletcher and Jeff Haley.�

David rolled a 616 on Thursday.

Stephen Spence is one of our cadre of bowlers from Greenville. On Thursday evening, he was the night’s top bowler, shooting a 694 series comprised of games of 254, 195 and 245. The series moved him to the 16th position on the high series list, and his 254 high game pushed him into the 21st position on the high game chart. He is tied with Becky Spelman. Stephen raised his Thursday average to a 213, which commands eighth place on the high average chart. Given the fact that Thursday’s lane condition was one of the most difficult our men have had to roll on in quite some time, Stephen’s performance was truly exceptional. In addition to Spence, only nine other men were able to shoot a 600 series, while 29 hit 500s, 30 hit 400s, and four ended the night in the 300 range. It was a long night at the center on Thursday. 

Darreyl Dixon came close to hitting his first 700 series of the season on Sunday, shooting a 692 made up of games of 237, 233 and 222. The series moved him to the 19th position on the high series list, and it caused his average moved to improve to a 198. Darreyl’s highest game to date is his 237 from Thursday night. Darreyl shot a 603 on Tuesday.   

On the women’s side of the ledger, Becky Spelman was, once again, top bowler. Becky shot a 617 series on Sunday, with games of 235, 220 and 162. Becky ranks first on the ladies’ high average chart with a 198, is second on the ladies’ high series list with a  641, and is second on the ladies’ high game list at 254. Becky appears to be taking her bowling a little more seriously here of late, and one can expect to hear more from her as the season progresses.

Jill Barber continues to make waves with her bowling. On Monday night she was 85 pins over her series average, shooting a 508 with games of 188, 157 and 163. All games well over her single game average of 141. 

Hazel Dawes, bowling against Jill on Monday, was 74 pins over her series average, rolling a 467 comprised of games of 149, 177 and 141, scores well above her normal game average of 131. 

Others who bowled well this week include: Ray Howser (686 Thursday/645 Tuesday), Joe Kirkpatrick (661), Larry Siegert (645), Richard Thompson (635), Mike Gilliland (632), Mike Fletcher (631), and David Gholson (628).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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