Ace Wigington honors with 298; Campbell bags week's lone 700
Larry Mason

�Oct. 18, 2005 - It was a rough week on the lanes, with only one bowler able to register a 700 series, Wes Campbell. Ace Wiginton didn�t shoot a 700 series this week, but he did shoot his first sanctioned honor game, a 298.�

Two ladies managed to crack the 600 barrier this week, Tammy Haley and Becky Spelman, and six more ladies, Pat Chaddick, Jill Barber, Donna White, Becky Darden, Betty Russell and Vicki Dixon turned in stellar performances that deserve mention.

Wes Campbell saved the center’s newest string of uninterrupted 700s by tossing a 755 series on Tuesday evening. Campbell rolled games of 238, 278 and 239 in collecting his second 700 series of the new fall/winter season. On Sunday, Wes rolled a 669 series and on Thursday, he registered a 628. Campbell is now averaging 218, which ties him for fourth place on the high average chart. Wes’ 755 is the third-best series rolled this season, and his highest game, Tuesday’s 278, moved him into eighth place on the high game list. 

Ace Wiginton has been bowling for longer than he cares to remember, starting way back when he was a young teenager, which was a very long time ago. He has bowled around the globe, mainly due to the fact that he served 20-plus years in the U.S. Marine Corps, and those folks tend to keep one on the move. But, for all those many years of bowling, Ace had never rolled an honor game of any sort though he had come close countless times. 

All that changed on Sunday when, in Game 1 of the night’s three game set, he managed to account for 298 pins, to earn his first honor game and the honor ring that comes with it. His second game was a 192 and his third was a 169. He settled for a 659 series on the evening. The game moved him into second place on the high game list, where he joins Joe Kirkpatrick. Sunday’s series is his highest of the season. Wiginton is averaging 200 on Sunday, good enough to claim 19th place on the high average chart.     

Joe Kirkpatrick managed to squeeze out a 694 series on Sunday night, shooting games of 222, 289 and 183. Had he done anything at all in Game 3, he would have recorded his second 700 of the season, but the changing lane conditions apparently got the better of him, and in Game 2, a single pin is all that separated Joe from shooting yet another honor score. In Tuesday’s action, Kirkpatrick shot a 640 series. Joe is averaging 222 on Tuesday, and, as a result, finds himself in first place on the high average chart. His top series, a 740, ranks fourth on the high series list, and his highest game, a 298, ranks second on the high game list, where he is tied with Mr. Wiginton.

Becky Spelman and Tammy Haley both registered 600s this week, Becky shooting a 637 on Monday night, and Tammy collecting a 638 on Tuesday.  Becky rolled games of 192, 254 and 191, while Tammy shot games of 212, 236 and 190. Spelman is averaging 197, which is the top average for the ladies, while Tammy is carrying a 175. Spelman has a high series of 641, placing her second on the ladies high series chart, while Tammy’s 638 of Tuesday moved her into third place. Becky carries the ladies second-highest game, a 254, and Tammy’s 236 moved her into fourth place on the high game listing. 

Pat Chaddick bowls on Monday evenings, carrying a 144 average. Her average series should be around a 432.  It seems that  Pat forgot to check her statistics on Monday, because she rolled a series that was 110 above her series average, hitting a 542. On the evening, Pat averaged 180, shooting games of 181, 156 and 205.  Her 205 game was a “clean” game, meaning she didn’t leave any open frames. 

Jill Barber bowls on Sundays and Mondays at the center, and all of that bowling has certainly improved her game. Last Monday, Jill, who is averaging 135, finished the night with a 510 series and an average of 170.  Her series was 105 pins over her series average of 405.

A few weeks ago, Becky Darden got a couple of pointers about “spot” bowling and foot placement on the approach, and her game has been steadily improving ever since. On Sunday, Becky rolled a 476 series with games of 131, 158 and 187, finishing the night 98 pins over her series average of 378, and an average of 158. She was averaging 126 when the night’s play began.  

�Donna White was averaging 165 when she started bowling on Tuesday evening, but she ended the night with a 197 average, and a 591 series, 96 pins over her norm. Ms. White tossed games of 201, 206 and 184, all well above her single game average. I have a feeling Donna has just began to warm up, and we�ll be hearing more from her as the season continues.� �

Betty Russell is one of those ladies who can shoot the lights out when she has a mind to, and she had a mind to last Tuesday. She averaged 193 for the night, 27 pins over her single game average of 166, shooting games of 206, 189 and 184 to complete the night’s play with a 579 series.

Vicki Dixon is a first-year bowler who has been recovering from physical problems that kept her from bowling. On Sunday, Vicki, who is averaging 95 and is normally shooting in the 285 series range, shot a 366 series made up of games of 123, 107 and 136. Her night’s average was a 122,  81 pins above her average. 

Brady Jacobsen bowls on Tuesday, and averages 158. His series norm is around 474. This week, Brady shot a 568 series for a single night’s average of 189, shooting games of 177, 192 and 199. He finished the night 94 pins above average.

Others who bowled well this week include: D.J. Kast (685), Mike Fletcher  and Bo Duncan (677), Wayne Womack (669), Steve Edwards (661), Tarry Davison and Brad Stone (653), Cliff Whitney (649), Bruce Michaelson (634), Stephen Spence (632), David Pellichino (631), and Jeff Haley (630).                  


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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