Trojans holding firm on the line: O'Mara, Tremor anchor Cumby at guard, center
Joseph Elerson | News-Telegram Sports Writer

Oct. 14, 2005 - CUMBY - For seniors Justin O'Mara and Jarrod Tremor, a trip to the Class A playoffs would be a dream come true as the Trojans have had a combined 10 wins in their previous three seasons.

"It would be incredible because we have one goal on this team from the scout team to the starting lineup and that is to get a gold ball in football and I can see us going to the playoffs and it will be awesome for us," said O'Mara.

"It would be a dream come true and I have worked for four years with lifting weights and doing whatever I can do all four years," Tremor added. "It would be awesome for me because this is my senior year and it would be the greatest memory of my entire school career to get in the playoffs."

O'Mara is the son of Tim and Deborah McCaghren, and said he has plans on going to college as a drama major and has been a part of the Trojan football team for four years.

He said playing with his fellow seniors has been a fun ride and he will remember this season more than any other during his time at Cumby.

"It has been incredible playing with them this season," O'Mara said. "I will remember playing with these seniors and I will remember this forever, especially if we make the playoffs."

With the loss of junior Arreon Caudle, O'Mara made the switch to starting guard and coach Kent Hawthorne said even though he is undersized at 155 pounds, he will fight until the play is over and he has a huge heart every Friday night.

"He is undersized but he has a huge heart and makes tackles from goal line to goal line and no play is over until he says that it is over with," the coach said. "He plays 100-miles an hour and as an offensive lineman he just doesn't quit and keeps coming after you during a game."

O'Mara said when Caudle left the team, he knew that it was his time to make the switch and it was a difficult transition at first.

"I have always been Arreon's back-up and since he got here I was always the back-up left guard and I played defensive end for three years in a row," O'Mara said. "Then when he left on that Wednesday we had a ball-game on Friday and I had to jump in there and it was difficult."

"Hawthorne made a statement to me that is a player's dream and he told me, 'I miss Ace (Caudle) on defense, but I don't miss him on offense,' and I work like crazy to make sure they don't get to the ball."

O'Mara said with the seniors that are on this team, his leadership role is shown by his work ethic and the experience that he has had with the Trojans for four years.

"I try to show my leadership by example and that I never quit and sometimes people look at me and know that I get a lot of penalties," he said. "I have also had a lot of the freshmen and sophomores on the team say that I am their idol by never giving up."

Tremor, the son of David and Susan Tremor, has had an interesting role in making the starting lineup for Cumby and has taken advantage of his opportunity.

After an injury to senior Trent McCraw last season, Tremor was brought in during a game to take over and since he knew the plays he stepped up and now snaps for quarterback Jake Petty.

"It was a little nerve-wracking at first last year because I hadn't started on varsity before, but Trent got hurt and I was the only one that knew the plays so I stepped up and tried to do my best," Tremor said. "I have been here for four years now and I try to lead by example and go 100-miles an hour, 100 percent of the time in practice and games and try to never complain."

Tremor said he plans on attending college in hopes of becoming a high school English teacher and has been on the varsity squad for three years. 

Hawthorne said Tremor has done a good job for the Trojans at center and O'Mara and Tremor have understood the game plan that Hawthorne relays to them as their line coach this season.

"Jarrod is very intelligent and will analyze everything that he sees and has done a great job for us," Hawthorne said. "These guys play next to each other on offense as my guard and center and they communicate and they understand what I want during a game and in practice and they play the way that I want my lineman to play during a game."

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