Dailey, Green, and Pullen hit 700s at Classic Lanes
Larry Mason

Oct. 11, 2005 - Chad Dailey, Darrell Green and Greg Pullen all collected 700s this week, breaking a two week mini-slump that saw only two 700s shot over the last two weeks. In addition to this weeks 700 production, Russ Nuss came close but had to settle for a 699. Two ladies, Becky Spelman and Donna White, broke the 600 series barrier. 

Chad Dailey comes to Classic Lanes all the way from Greenville to bowl, and this week, he did some pretty darn good bowling, shooting the week's highest 700 series, a 735, made up of game of 233, 257 and 245. Chad raised his Thursday’s league average to a 220 from a 215 after this week’s performance, and moved into third place on the high average chart. Chad’s 735, his first 700 series of the new season, bumped him into fourth place on the high series list. Dailey’s 257 game from Thursday raised him to a tie for 18th on the high game list. 

Darrell Green had been “in the groove” the past few weeks, shooting a number of 600 series. On Thursday, he finally slipped over the 700 barrier, shooting a 712 series, comprised of games of 254, 183 and 275. Had he been able to hold the line in Game 2, he would have been looking at a much higher 700, and might have even hit for an 800. All he needed was a 271, something he did easily in Game 3. As is, Darrell is averaging in the 190s in all of his leagues, has moved into 10th place on the high series list with his 712, and occupies fourth place on the high game list with a 289. 

Greg Pullen shot his first 700 series of the season, a 708, tossed on Sunday night during the mixed league. Greg rolled games of 221, 232 and 255. Pullen’s 708 places him in the No. 11 spot on the high series list, where he joins Mike Fletcher and David Vansickle. Pullen is averaging 224, first place on the high average ladder, where he shares billing with Jason Keller and Joe Kirkpatrick. Greg is tied for 20th place on the high game list with a 255.

Russ Nuss came within a single pin of throwing his first 700 series of the season, but had to be satisfied with a 699 series comprised of games of 270, 205 and 224. Russ did raise his Thursday night average to a 214, good enough to lay claim to seventh place on the high average chart, a position he shares with Wayne Womack, Ray Howser and Mike Gilliland. Nuss’s 699 series ranks 15th on the high series list, and his top game, his 270 from Thursday, holds the 10th spot on the high game listing.

Becky Spelman led the ladies this week, shooting a 641 series on Sunday. Spelman threw games of 200, 227 and 214 in the process of registering her highest series of the fall/winter season. Becky’s series moved her to second place on the ladies high series list, 18 pins behind leader, Deana Hale. Becky ranks first on the ladies high average chart with a 195 to her credit, and her top game, a 232, places her in fifth place on the ladies high game list. 

Donna White shot her first 600 of the season on Tuesday night, rolling games of 173, 205 and 234 to complete the night with a 612 series. Her series moved her to the fourth position on the ladies high series list, and her 234 high game of Tuesday slipped her into fourth place on the ladies high game listing. Donna is tied with Classic Lanes’ owner, Debbie Carter on this list. Donna is averaging 174. 

Brigette Painter didn’t shoot a 600 series this week, but she did register a 570, with games of 224, 166 and 180. Her average starting the night’s action on Tuesday was a 149, but she averaged 190 this time around.  Brigette was 141 pins over her series average of 429. Given that Brigette has suffered a broken toe, and recently damaged her hip joint, her Tuesday performance is all the more significant. It would certainly seem that her effort is worthy of special recognition, but with the advent of the USBC, one doesn’t have any idea what the awards are any longer. Still, we at the center think it was a stellar performance. Nice shooting, Brigette. 

Anjie Hill comes to us via Quitman. She had been driving to Tyler to bowl prior to joining our Sunday mixed league. She started Sunday’s action carrying a 145 average, which expands to a 435 series for three games. This past Sunday, Anjie tossed a 520 series with games of 192, 164 and 164, giving her 85 pins over her series average. She averaged 173 for the night. We expect to be hearing a lot more from this young lady as the season proceeds. 

Mark Miller is a law enforcement officer in Winnsboro when he isn’t bowling at the center. He is currently averaging 166, but on Sunday night he averaged 192, shooting a 576 series with games of 205, 196 and 175. On the evening, he was 78 pins over his average.

Others who bowled well this week include: Harold McClure (687), Jason Keller (686), Cliff Whitney (683), Vincent Smith (675), Larry Stovall (666), Larry Siegert (662 Thursday/628 Tuesday), Mark Smith and Koy Cline (661), Ace Wiginton (657), Joe Kirkpatrick (656 Sunday/650 Tuesday), Justin Haggerty (656), Terry Kozeluh (652), Gary Davidson (650), David Strain (648 Sunday/626 Thursday), Wes Campbell (646), Fletcher (644), Jerry C. Thompson and Jeff Haley (641), Ray Howser (640 Tuesday/610 Thursday), Mark Smith (633) and Nick Painter (622).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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