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Bobby "Butch" Burney | News-Telegram Sports Editor

Oct. 5, 2005 - Pondering some thoughts that shouldn't need any explanation:

There are two bad things about John Hart resigning as Rangers general manager. First, he is staying on as a consultant. Second, he hand-picked his successor. Here's hoping new GM Jon Daniels missed Hart's lesson on alienating players, disappointing fans and slashing the payroll in half.

As soon as the Rangers' season was over, Hart announced Kenny Rogers wouldn't be back next year. Tell me why, then, did Rogers continue to take up valuable rotation space in the last month of the season that could have gone to a developing pitcher? Extracting his surly, arrogant personality from the roster is a positive move. 

Sean Payton, the Cowboys' offensive coordinator and play caller, didn't get demoted halfway through the 2002 season with the Giants because he was innovative. When he was calling plays for New York, they averaged about 15 points per game. Sound familiar?

When you try to win every game in the fourth quarter, you'll get what the Cowboys have gotten - a .500 record.

With possession receivers like Keyshawn Johnson and Jason Witten, why do the Cowboys keep calling Terry Glenn's number on do-or-die possession downs? Hasn't worked yet.

I still believe Jeremy Shockey is the most overrated player in the NFL, but the tandem of Flozell Adams and Larry Allen is coming up quick at No. 2. For third-most overrated, let's go with Brett Favre, who's won the same number of Super Bowls as contemporaries Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson. It seems like the Packers wouldn't have to try to make so many comebacks if he didn't put them in the hole so much with his bad decisions.

Those who tout Boston designated hitter David Ortiz as Most Valuable Player in the American League should be able to explain why someone who can't even win a fielding position on his own team should be an MVP. If you're not good enough to play in the field, you're not an MVP.

These Congressional steroid hearings are making me like our elected leaders a little more. Of course, for all the huffing and puffing on Capitol Hill, nothing has been done.

If Major League Baseball owners want to make hay, now is the time when the American public is fed up with the players for hiding behind their collective bargaining smoke.

My second-favorite team in the NFL is whoever is playing against the Philadelphia Eagles.

I can't wait to see how Doug Christie and his wife, Wackie Jackie, fits into the Maverick mold. Once an All-Star caliber player, Christie didn't play very well last year for the Magic, averaging 6.6 points and 25 hand signals to his wife per game.

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