Jason Keller collects Classic Lanes' only 700 of the week
Larry Mason

Oct. 4, 2005 - Jason Keller rolled the only 700 series at Classic Lanes this week, while Joe Kirkpatrick and D. J. Kast finished a distant second and third behind Keller, rolling 675 and 674, respectively. Keller’s 700 did manage to keep the center’s most recent string of 700s in tact - a string that has seen at least one 700 series every week for the last six years. 

Jason Keller carries a 223 average in the Tuesday night mixed league by virtue of his 721 series this week. Jason rolled games of 249, 240 and 232 to register his first 700 series of the fall/winter league. Keller’s average places him in the No. 3 position on the high average chart, and his 721 series pushed him into seventh place on the high series list. Jason holds the top position on the high game list with a 299 honor score. On Thursday, Jason booked a 678 series, which raised his Thursday average to a 212. 

Joe Kirkpatrick finished second on this week’s high series list, shooting a 675 on Tuesday, with games of 232, 226 and 217. Ironically, Joe averages 226 on Tuesday, so he was only over his average in the first game of the set.  Still, Kirkpatrick’s average claims first place on the high average chart, where he finds himself tied with D.J. Kast. Joe’s highest series to date is a 740, which gives him bragging rights to third place on the high series list. Kirkpatrick’s high game is a 298 honor score, which ranks second on the high game list. Joe rolled a 615 on Sunday and had a 632 on Thursday. 

D.J. Kast finished third in the high series race this week, finishing Sunday’s play with a 674 series, comprised of games of 243, 178 and 253.  Had D.J. done anything in that second game, he might have had his second 700 series of the season. Two weeks ago, D.J. shot a 638 series on Sunday, and recorded the center’s third-highest honor game of the season, a 290, where he joins Wayne Womack. As I mentioned earlier, Kast is averaging 226, tying him with Kirkpatrick atop the high average chart. His highest series is a 723, sixth highest on the high series list.  

Two ladies shot 600s this week, Becky Spelman and Laura Ballard.  Spelman rolled a 634 on Sunday and Ballard registered a 603 on Tuesday.  Becky shot games of 231, 224 and 179 to garner her highest series of the new season, a 634. Laura booked games of 237, 165 and 201 to finish the evening with her first 600 series of the season, a 603. Laura is averaging 190, highest among the ladies, while Becky is carrying a 186, third best on the ladies’ high average list, which ties her with Amy Sharp. Becky trails second place average holder, Barbara Siegert, by three pins. 

Spelman’s 634 ranks second on the high series list behind Deana Hale’s 659, and Becky’s high game, a 232, ranks fifth on the ladies’ high game list. Laura’s 603 ranks third on the high series list, and her high game of 237 is second highest on the ladies’ high game list. 

Others who bowled well this week include: Greg Pullen (669), Brad Stone (661), Cliff Whitney (660 Tuesday/612 Thursday), Darrell Green (659 Tuesday/641 Sunday), Tarry Davison (658 Thursday/656 Sunday), Jeff Haley and Harold McClure (657), Jason Parmer (653), Mike Fletcher (652), Wes Campbell (649 Sunday/633 Tuesday), David Strain, Mike Gilliland and Vincent Smith (638), David Gholson (636 Sunday/611 Tuesday), David Soeder (635), Mark Smith (634), Larry Siegert (631), and Ace Wiginton and Jerry C. Thompson (626).             


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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