Six men bag 700s at Classic Lanes
Larry Mason

Nov. 29, 2005 - With the advent of the holidays, bowling schedules tend to suffer. In that the Thanksgiving holiday canceled the Thursday men’s commercial league this week, the prospect for an abundance of 700 series was significantly diminished. Little did we know. 

Darreyl Dixon led a six-man assault on the 700 barrier this week, booking his second consecutive 700 series. Wes Campbell continued his dominance of the lanes,  registering his ninth 700 of the season, his fifth in last three weeks. Cliff Whitney and David Gholson joined Dixon by claiming 700s for the second time this season, while Jesse Haggerty and Nathan Crist registered their first 700s of the season. It was a good week at Classic Lanes. 

Darreyl Dixon broke the 700 barrier for the first time this season one week ago. He led all bowlers last week and again this week. Dixon rolled a 728 on Sunday, shooting games of 217, 254 and 257. Darreyl is averaging 206 on Sundays, which ties him for 11th on the high average chart, and 201 on Tuesdays. Darreyl’s top series this season is this week’s 728, and his highest game is his 257 in Game 3 this week. Three weeks ago, Darreyl was bowling for the fun of it, according to him; he appears to be have changed his outlook. 

Wes Campbell had to settle for second place on this week’s list of 700s, shooting a 717 on Tuesday. Wes rolled games of 275, 190 and 252. It was Wes’s league-leading ninth 700 of the season. It raised his Tuesday’s average to a 221, which pushed him into a tie with Mike Fletcher for third place on the high average chart. Campbell’s best series is a 755, claiming fifth place on the high series list, and his top game is a 279, good enough for eighth place on the high game list, where three other bowlers join him. Mr. C. appears to be on a roll, outdistancing his closest 700 series competitors by six 700s. For good measure, Campbell shot a 688 series on Sunday night. 

Jesse Haggerty is came into Tuesday night’s play averaging 187. His normal series is a 561. Tuesday night, this young fellow shot games of 220, 244 and 247 to claim his first 700 series of the season, a 711. Jesse was 150 pins over his series average, and his night’s average was a whopping 237. Haggerty’s series moved him into 18th place on the high series list. Jesse’s highest game is that 279 that I mentioned earlier. He is now averaging 191 in both the Tuesday and Thursday leagues. The fact that Jesse bowled 150 pins better than his series average will get him an award from the USBC folks. 

Air Force veteran Cliff Whitney collected his second 700 of the young season, a 706, rolling games of 257, 225 and 224. Whitney ranks eighth on the high series list with a 747. His best game is a 279, a score he rolled in both Games 1 and 2 of his 747 series. He holds eighth place on the high game list.  Cliff is averaging 212 on Sunday, 206 on Thursday and 202 on Tuesday. He is tied for seventh on the high average chart.

Nathan Crist and David Gholson shot identical 705s this week. It was Nathan’s first 700 of the year, and David’s second. Nathan shot games of 214, 266 and 225, while David tossed games of 240, 216 and 249. The series moved Nathan into 21st place on the high series chart, while David continues to hold 13th place on the high series list by virtue of a 726 shot earlier in the season. Nathan holds a 204 average on Sunday nights, placing him 13th on the high average chart, while David ranks 14th on the high average chart with a 203 on Thursday. Gholson averages 201 on Sunday and 196 on Tuesday. Crist’s best game of the season is a 279, placing him eighth on the high game list, while Gholson boasts a 277 high game, good enough to claim the No. 10 position on the list. 

Nick Painter came close to hitting his first 700 of the year on Tuesday, but had to settle for a 698. Nick’s series consisted of games of 200, 265 and 233. Painter averages 200 on Tuesdays, which ranks 17th on the high average chart. He holds a 198 on Thursdays. This week’s series moved him to 25th position on the high series list. Nick’s best game of the season thus far is a 267, which ranks 15th on the high game list. Nick beat his normal series average by 107 pins. 

David Pellichino has bowled with us on Sundays for about two years now. This past Sunday, he started the night averaging 185. His average series is a 555. In his first game, David shot an outstanding 265. He tossed a 257 in Game 2, giving him a 522 total for the two games. In Game 3, Mr. P. must have tired a little bit, because he could only muster a 159. Still, David finished the night with his season’s highest series, a 681; his highest single game, the 265; and a one night’s average of 227. Pellichino ended the night 126 pins over his series average, and 42 pins over his single game average.  There may some awards in there somewhere, but with the advent of the new USBC, the new governing body for bowling in the U.S., awards have taken on a change. 

Adam Thompson has been bowling in Classic Lane’s youth bowling programs for a number of years. On Tuesday, the young man rolled a 522 series made up of games of 156, 177 and 189. He averaged 174 for the night, as compared to his normal average of 134, and was 120 pins over his series average. 

On Sundays, the Millers drive to the center from Winnsboro to bowl. This past Sunday the Mr. Miller shot a 607, while the Mrs. Miller came through with a 512. Mark was 88 pins over is series average, while Debbie was 71 pins over hers. Mark averaged 202, Debbie 170. Mr. Miller’s games were 197, 196 and 214. Mrs. Miller’s games were 124, 168 and 220. 

James Allen’s name is appearing in this quiet frequently, here of late.  On Sunday, James rolled a 662 series comprised of games of 256, 186 and 220. He bettered his normal series average by 119 pins. James is averaging 181 on Sundays, but this past week, he carried a 220. Not all that bad for a guy who just started taking this sport seriously.

Duane Anspon is currently averaging 180 on Tuesdays, and 184 on Thursdays. This last Tuesday, Duane rolled a 643 series, 103 over his normal Tuesday series by shooting games of 192, 237 and 214, all games above his average. Duane’s highest series so far this season is a 677, his highest game a 245.

For the second consecutive week, none of our ladies were able to break the 600 barrier. Becky Spelman came the closest, shooting a 589, and Tammy Haley was close with a 567. 

Others who bowled well this week include: D.J. Kast (693), Ace Wiginton (668 Tuesday/636 Sunday), David Soeder (664), Jason Keller (662), David Vansickle (660), and Ray Howser (636).   


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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