Cheap Seats
Bobby "Butch" Burney | News-Telegram Sports Editor

Nov. 8, 2005 - Just when you think Rangers owner Tom Hicks has come to his senses by firing nonexistent GM Jon Hart, he pulls the latest stunt.

Hicks and the Ranger management announced last week that the club was hiking ticket prices.

This is coming from a man who slashed the payroll by $50 million over the last two seasons, sold the naming rights of the stadium for another $10 million, and then ran out a team that lost more games than it won.

If the club is losing money, it's because they are still paying millions to A-Rod for him to choke for the Yankees in the playoffs, and to Chan Ho for him to have back aches in San Diego. 

Hicks was the impetus for the Rangers to load up more than $300 million on those two contracts alone. Ranger fans have paid enough for Hicks' mistakes by watching this team under-perform for every season but one since he bought the club.

It's time for Hicks to pay for his own mistakes - not Ranger fans.

MORE ON THE SUBJECT - Speaking of A-Rod, the Yankees were embarrassed when it was disclosed he has been betting millions in illegal poker clubs in the Big Apple. You can bet that if card players ditched Texas Hold 'Em for a game called "ALCS Championship Series," A-Rod would lose everything. ... Remember when baseball union head Donald Fehr promised Congress there would be a steroid policy in place by the end of the World Series? Well, the series was over a month ago and there's still no policy. Now, we'll see if the congressional committee was all hot air.

WHERE'S TERRELL NOW? - It has never been hard to find loudmouth Terrell Owens. He was always sticking his mug in front of the nearest camera. He even invited the press in his back yard so they could interview him while he did sit-ups. Now, he's nowhere to be found. He ran reporters away from his house - which is for sale - after he was canned by the Eagles. ... What's that old saying - "If you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas." How much do you think the Eagles are scratching right now? ... Of course, it's their own fault. When you give the car keys to someone, you can't complain where they drive you. ... I'm waiting to see whether ESPN or FOX hires Owens as a commentator so I can boycott that station.

HE'S NOT ALONE - Another ex-player turned commentator, Michael Irvin, has been in hot water before, so you would think he would step away from the Owens saga before he gets burned again. Irvin, once a bad boy, has taken to Owens like a dog to a hambone, and old No. 88 is once again projecting a bad image by taking Owens' side. ... What's the big hubbub about Brett Favre anyway? He said he would retire if Mike Sherman wasn't back as head coach of the Packers. I'd show him the same exit door that Sherman will be using.

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