Spence, Kirkpatrick, Davison and Dailey book 700s
Larry Mason

Nov. 8, 2005 - It was a pretty productive week at Classic Lanes this time around, with Stephen Spence, Joe Kirkpatrick, Tarry Davison and Chad Dailey registering 700s, while Larry Siegert hit a 695 and Becky Spelman shot her third 600 series in as many weeks. The center’s benchmark league, the Thursday men’s commercial was, once again, above average, this time by 607 pins.  

Greenville bowler Stephen Spence led all of the center’s bowlers this week, shooting the center’s second-best series of the season, a 779, on Thursday. Spence shot games of 288, 238 and 253 in collecting his highest series of the season, and his first 700 of the year. With just a little bit of luck, Stephen could have hit an 800.  He moved into a fifth place tie with Larry Stovall on the high game list with his 288 first game from Thursday, and he raised his average to a 225, good enough to move him into second place on the high average chart. 

Joe Kirkpatrick booked his second 700 of the season, a 729, on Tuesday.  Joe rolled games of 235, 278 and 216. Kirkpatrick is averaging 222 on Tuesday, and is in third place on the high average chart. Joe is in seventh place on the high series list with a 740 shot earlier in the season, and his 298 honor game holds second place on the high game list where he is tied with center manager, Ace Wiginton. Kirkpatrick shot a 658 series on Thursday and 633 series on Sunday. 

Our third-best series of the week came off of the hand of Saltillo bowler, Tarry Davison. Tarry rolled games 257, 241 and 227 in the process. He is averaging 206 on Sunday and 204 on Thursday. He finds himself in 14th place on the high average chart, where he is tied with Russ Nuss and Mark Smith. Tarry moved into 11th place on the high series list with his 725, and he is tied for the No. 20 position on the high game list with a 258. Davison shot a 625 series on Sunday. 

Greenville bowler Chad Dailey collected his second 700 series of the season on Thursday night, shooting the fourth-best series of the week at Classic Lanes, a 717. Chad rolled games of 227, 244 and 246, raising his average to a 218 and moving him to sixth place on the high average chart.  He ranks eighth on the high series list with a 735, and his highest game, a 257, ranks 21st on the high game list. 

Larry Siegert shot his highest series of the season, a 695, on Tuesday night, moving into the 22nd position on the high series list in the process.  Larry rolled games of 200, 254 and 242. Siegert is averaging 208 and is in 12th place on the high average list. His highest game of the season is a 267, which ranks 15th on the high game list. 

Becky Spelman shot a 628 series on Sunday, her fifth 600 series in as many weeks. Spelman rolled games of 212, 201 and 215 this time around.  She has increased her average to a 201, moving her to the No. 18 position on the men’s and ladies’ combined high average list, where she is tied with five other bowlers. Becky is No. 1 on the ladies’ high average list and the ladies’ high series list with a 663. Her best game, a 254, ranks third on the ladies’ high game list. It would appear that Ms. Spelman is getting back into form. 

Not too many months ago, Lance Reppond began to get involved in bowling. He joined the summer’s men’s trio league, and bowled for 11 weeks. He wasn’t happy with his final average, so he started coming in on Wednesdays and Sundays for some instruction. He then decided he wanted to bowl this fall, so he joined the men’s Thursday league.

�His average was getting better with each passing week, reaching a 146 going into last Thursday�s play. On Thursday, everything came together.� Lance rolled his first ever 600 series, made up of games of 156, 259 and 186, all games above his single game average. His second game, the 259, consisted of nine consecutive strikes, before Lance opened in the 10th frame. When you drop by Sears one of these days, you can ask Lance to tell you about his 10th frame. Lance�s 259 game moved him onto the high game chart in 19th place. He was 173 pins over his three-game series average of 438, and was 113 pins over his single-game average of 146.

Brigette Painter averages 156 on Tuesdays, but last Tuesday, she didn’t. What she did do was shoot 84 pins over her series average, shooting a 552 series, made up of three very consistent games of 188, 184 and 180. Not a bad night’s work for a lady who broke a toe on her “slide” foot just a few weeks ago. 

Others who bowled well this week include: Keith Ethridge (687 Sunday/652 Thursday), Vincent Smith (681), David Gholson (680 Sunday/627 Tuesday), Jason Keller (678 Tuesday), Red Skelton (675), Nick Painter (674 Thursday/626 Tuesday), D.J. Kast (668 Sunday/635 Thursday), Bruce Michaelson (661), Wes Campbell (659 Sunday/639 Tuesday), Richard Thompson (649), Nathan Crist (645), David Soeder and Mike Fletcher (644), Dewayne Roach (639), Mark Smith (633), Tommy Fletcher (632) and Darreyl Dixon (629).      


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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