Bowlers complete record setting season at Classic Lanes
Larry Mason

May 20, 2005 - Area bowlers competing in the four major bowling leagues at Classic Lanes during the fall and winter schedule of the 2004/05 season completed their league play during the first two weeks of May. By the time the season was entered into the books, the center's bowlers had shattered most of the center's previous records.

First, 40 individuals accounted for 65 averages of 200 or more, the highest a 224; an additional 28 persons registered 41 averages ranging between 190 and 199. One man rolled the first 800 series thrown at Classic Lanes since 2003. Next, 47 individuals were responsible for collecting 223 series ranging between 700 and 799; and 74 bowlers recorded 1,686 series ranging between 600 and 699.

Fourteen keglers produced a total of 22 honor scores. Ten of those were perfect games, three were 299s and one was a 298. These 14 games received honor rings from the USBC folks. Eight more scores ranged from 297 to 290, which result in their bowlers receiving a plaque award for throwing 11 strikes in succession. Another 118 games came within one ball of being award-winning efforts. In all, 183 persons, men and women, were instrumental in accruing 5,271 games of between 200 and 289.

Two men shared the spotlight for having the center's top average of the year, Darreyl Dixon and Eloy Chapa. Both completed Thursday's commercial league with identical 224 averages. Darreyl carried a 221 on Sunday and a 204 on Tuesday, while Eloy claimed a 211 average in both the Sunday and Tuesday leagues. Rounding out the top 10 averages are: 2. Wes Campbell (222), 3. Tim Haley (221), 4. Mark Smith (220), 5. Mike Fletcher, Ray Howser, Justin Haggerty and Keith Ethridge (217), 6. Mike Gilliland and Bruce Michaelson (216), 7. Cliff Whitney and Vincent Smith (215), 8. Jason Keller, Tarry Davison, Joe Kirkpatrick and Neldon Smith (214), 9. Michael Carter (213), 10. David Gholson and Russ Nuss (210).

On the ladies side of the ledger, Julita Richardson finished the season with a 209 average, coming back to bowling from a serious arm ailment. Donna White came in second with a193 average, followed by Laura Ballard (190), Debbie Carter (189), Amy Sharp (187), Tammy Haley and Tracie Chapa (186), Betty Russell (179), Kathy Vansickle and Amanda Green (177) and Barbara Siegert (175).

Darreyl Dixon not only had the season's highest average, but also claimed the season's highest series, an 812. It was the first 800 series rolled by Dixon in his career, and was the first thrown in the center in over 18 months. He very nearly rolled another 800 one week later, but one ball spoiled his attempt. In addition to his 812, Dixon registered 22 of the 223 700s thrown at Classic Lanes this season. Rounding out the top 10 high series producers are: 2. Bo Duncan (786), 3. Wes Campbell (785), 4. Mike Fletcher (783), 5. David Vansickle (779), 6. Jerry C. Thompson (778), 7. Ray Howser (776), 8. Tarry Davison (775), 9. Larry Stovall (773), 10. David Strain (761).

The top series thrown by a lady came from the hand of Julita Richardson, who rolled a 695. She was followed on the ladies top 10 series list by: 2. Tracie Chapa (680), 3. Kathy Vansickle (674),4. Laura Ballard (657), 5. Tammy Haley (655), 6. Amy Sharp (646), 7. Brigette Painter (641), 8. Debbie Carter (637), 9. Donna White and Barbara Siegert (631), 10. Amanda Green (627).

Eloy Chapa shared high average honors with Darreyl Dixon, and he is one of nine people who rolled perfect games this season, but he earns top recognition here because he is the only individual who rolled two perfect games this season. In addition, he rolled a 299 honor game just for good measure. Another four games came within one ball of being honor scores, as well. Joining Eloy on the honor game list are: Mike Gilliland (300/299), Joe Kirkpatrick (300/298/290), Larry Stovall (300/296), Jason Keller, Jerry C. Thompson, Bruce Michaelson, Larry Siegert and Nevil Solomon (300), Nathan Crist (299), Wes Campbell (297/290), Jason Parmer (297), Darreyl Dixon (296/290) and Michael Carter (290).

Unfortunately, none of our ladies shot honor scores over the season, but several recorded impressive games, none-the-less. The top 10 ladies games were as follows: 1. Laura Ballard and Amanda Green (279), 2. Donna White (267), 3. Derrell Hurley (265), 4. Tammy Haley (263), 5. Lisa Rodriquez (258), 6. Tracie Chapa (257), 7. Barbara Siegert and Debbie Carter (256), 8. Kathy Vansickle and Linda R. Henry (247), 9. Marlo McKnight and Amy Sharp (245), 10. Penny Shelton (243).


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