Sunday mixed league crowns 2004-05 champions
Larry Mason

May 18, 2005 - The Sunday night mixed league completed its fall/winter schedule on May 3 when four teams stepped onto the lanes to determine which team would earn the right to wear the season's league champion patch. When the evening was complete, three men had tossed 700s, and three men and one woman had recorded 600s.

The four teams that won the quarterly championships during the course of the Sunday league, the Whistle Blowers, the King Pins, Balls of Fire and the Lucky 4, conducted their league championship roll-off one week ago. After Game 1, the Whistle Blowers, a team made up of members Tarry Davison, Chebna and Harold McClure, and Alan Roberts, had tossed a 925 game total, and found themselves 102 pins ahead of the Lucky 4, the team made up of members Darreyl and Carla Dixon, and David and Dana Strain; 142 pins ahead of the King Pins, the team comprised of members Lisa Rodriquez, Mark Smith and Keith Ethridge; and 159 pins ahead of the Balls of Fire squad, comprised of members Tracie and Eloy Chapa, Ace Wiginton and Julita Richardson. The Whistle Blower first game lead was just too much to overcome. They never relinquished their lead, coasting to the season championship by 110 pins. The team shot an 822 in Game 2 and hit an 866 in Game 3.

Harold McClure saved his best for last, shooting a 728 series to lead his team to the Sunday league championship. Harold was 107 pins over his season's series average of 621 by shooting games of 269, 226 and 233. Davison was plus four pins, Chebna plus 40 pins and Alan plus 17 pins. Chebna, who was recovering from a severely injured shoulder, was a real trooper, shooting games of 188, 180 and 182, all games above her average of 170. Harold's team shot a 2,613 total for the night.

The second-place finishers, Balls of Fire, shot an uncharacteristic 766 first game, and trailed by 159 pins when the dust settled. The team made a game effort to overcome the Whistle Blowers first game lead, shooting an 851 in Game 2, and 886 in Game 3, but had to settle for a three-game 2,503 pins, 107 pins short of the mark. They may not have won the championship, but there were still some significant highlights for the squad. Eloy Chapa rolled a 713 series and collected his second perfect game of the season, shooting a 300 in Game 2.

Eloy finished the season with two 300s and a 299, all honor scores, to lead all Classic Lanes' bowlers for the season. He tied with Darreyl Dixon for the year's highest average at 224. His highest series for the season was a 749, one of 11 he produced over the course of the year.

Tracie Chapa bowled a 605 series in the championship round, firing games of 214, 202 and 189, all above her single game average, to register the only 600 rolled by a woman in the roll-off.

The roll-off's third-place finishers, the Lucky 4, all bowled at or over their series average but couldn't produce those big numbers needed to challenge the McClure squad. Darreyl Dixon, the only man to shoot an 800 series this season, and the first recorded in more than 18 months at Classic Lanes, shot a 679 series, 13 pins over his series average, with games of 233, 189 and 257. Wife Carla rolled a 469, 34 pins above her average, and Dana Strain collected a 421 series, 16 pins over her average. The third-place finishers collected a total pin fall of 2,454, 159 pins behind the champions.

Mark Smith attempted to lead his team, the King Pins, to the league championship, but his 711 series wasn't enough to get the job done. Mark tossed games of 266, 255 and 190 - 60 pins over his series average, leading all the night's bowlers in that category. Teammate Keith Ethridge attempted to aid Smith, shooting a 645 series, 15 pins above his series average, but the effort was too little, too late. Lisa Rodriquez ended the night 58 pins below her series average and Wes Campbell was 106 pins below his series average, essentially wiping out the 175 positive pins produced by Smith and Ethridge. The King Pins finished the evening in fourth place, 175 pins behind the Whistle Blowers.

Sunday mixed league record holders for this season include Larry Stovall, who rolled his first ever perfect game this year, making him one of the nine individuals who produced a 300 at Classic Lanes this season. Darreyl Dixon shot a league leading 782 series on Sunday, and Wes Campbell walked away with the league's high average award at 222. The league's Most Improved bowler award went to James Allen, who increased his season's average by a whopping 35 pins.

The ladies who produced the Sunday night mixed league's award winning performances were Lisa Rodriquez, who shot a high game of 258, and Tracie Chapa, who shot a 657 series. Tracie also generated the league's highest average, a 186. Dana Strain won the award for Most Improved bowler, a feat she duplicated in the ladies Monday night league, as well. On Sunday, she raised her average 13 pins, and, on Monday, she did the same.


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes.

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