Tuesday winter league crowns its champion
Larry Mason

May 17, 2005 - The Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday night league bowlers ended 36 weeks of action this month, action that began way back in August 2004, and in a series of championship roll-offs, held over the past two weeks, each league crowned their respective champions.

The bowlers in these four leagues set Classic Lanes' records that very likely will not been seen ever again. It was a tremendous year. Tuesday night's league championship roll-off was in keeping with the year's trend.

The first of our leagues to complete the fall/winter bowling schedule was the Tuesday Mixed league, which, because holidays didn't conflict with its schedule, went through the year pretty much as planned. This league held its championship roll-off on May 1, with four teams vied for the title of champion, as well as some handsome cash awards. Each team had to win one of the four quarterly championships during the course of the year to get to the league championship series.

At the end of the first game in the championship round, the team of Barbra and Rick Pearce, Don Gammill and Joe Kirkpatrick had shot an 862, and held a one pin lead over the team of David Gholson, Barbara and Larry Siegert, and Mike Gilliland. The team made up of members Sabrina and Jesse Haggerty, Justin Haggerty and Darrell Green found themselves in third place at this point, trailing the leaders by 15 sticks. The fourth place team after Game 1, made up of members Donna and Larry White, Eloy and Tracie Chapa, trailed the leaders by 20 pins.

At the end of Game 2, our leaders after Game 1 found that they had added 15 pins to their lead over their nearest competitors, the Gilliland squad, and things were looking pretty good going into Game 3. Our leaders has shot an 885, compared to the Gilliland team's 870, the Haggerty's 774 and the Chapa's 762.

Things changed in Game 3, however. Our leaders, the Kirkpatricks shot an 875, but Gilliland's group fired a 934, wresting the championship from the Kirkpatrick team by a mere 43 pins. The Haggertys finished in third place, shooting an 840 in Game 3. The Chapas could only muster a 705 in the final game, but it must be pointed out that Larry White was unable to compete, and had to be entered as a "blind" score in all three games. It's hard to win championships with just three bowlers.

The champions shot a team total series of 2,665, while the second place finishers accounted for 2,622 pins. The Haggertys knocked down 2,460 pin, while the last place finishers accumulated 2,308 pins. Two bowlers rolled 700s, Larry Siegert and Joe Kirkpatrick. Siegert shot a 714, Kirkpatrick a 752. Ironically, the two men were both 120 pins over their series averages. Siegert rolled games of 206, 239 and 269, while Kirkpatrick fired games of 238, 265 and 249.

Siegert's partners, wife Barbara, and David Gholson, were both 29 pins over their series averages, while Mike Gilliland was 12 pins below his. Gholson shot a 635, and Barbara fired a 548. Granted, Gilliland was a tad low on the night, but one must remember that he came into the night averaging 216, meaning he needed to roll a 648 to stay on average. As it was, he shot a 636.

On Kirkpatrick's squad, everyone was over average with the exception of Don Gammill, and he only missed average by a mere six pins. Barbra Pearce was plus 13 pins, and husband Rick was plus 69 pins.

The night's top lady bowler was Sabrina Haggerty who completed the roll-off 93 pins over her series average. Sabrina rolled games of 149, 217 and 162.

Over the course of the year, this league had three men shoot perfect games: Mike Gilliland, Larry Siegert and Jerry C. Thompson. This trio shared first place on the high game list with six other men: Larry Stovall, Bruce Michaelson, Eloy Chapa, Nevil Solomon, Jason Keller and Joe Kirkpatrick. Thompson also recorded the leagues highest series, a 778, which placed him in sixth place on the center's high series list. Ray Howser had the league's highest average, a 217, which gave him bragging rights to fifth place on the high average listing. Rick Pearce claimed the leagues Most Improved Bowler award, having increased his game average by 15 pins over the course of the season.

On the ladies side of the ledger, Donna White claimed the high game award with a 267. Tracie Chapa tossed a whopping 680 series to take the ladies' league high series award, but she had to settle for second place on the ladies overall high series chart, 15 pins behind Julita Richardson's 695. Tammy Haley completed the league with the ladies highest average at 186, while Kathy Tynes claimed the ladies' Most Improved Bowler award, raising her average by 12 pins on the year.


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