Eloy Chapa records his second 300 of season
Larry Mason

May 10, 2005 - Eloy Chapa booked the fifth perfect game of his career on Sunday, his second 300 of this season, and recorded two 700 series, one Sunday and another on Thursday, to lead all center bowlers in the pursuit of bowling supremacy. Four other men, Wes Campbell, Darreyl Dixon, Harold McClure and Mark Smith, joined Eloy in logging 700s.

In the last official week of fall/winter competition for most of the leagues at Classic Lanes, Eloy Chapa registered his fifth lifetime perfect game, shot a 732 series on Thursday and a 713 in Sunday's league championship roll-off. In the case of the former, Chapa rolled games of 205, 269 and 258; for the latter, he booked scores of 165, 300 and 248. No one seems to know where that out of character 165 came from, including Eloy, but it may have evolved because wife Tracie was in the process of shooting a 214 at the same time.

At any rate, Eloy righted himself, and threw the next 12 balls squarely in the pocket. For Chapa, the two 700s were his ninth and 10th of the season, and his Thursday effort, the 732, elevated him into a tie with Darreyl Dixon for the season's high average honors with a 224.

Mr. Chapa, in addition to his two perfect games, has also rolled a 299 honor score, giving him a total of three for the season. Another four games were one ball shy of being honor scores, as well. He obviously leads all other bowlers on the high game list by virtue of his having shot two 300s and a 299, but another nine individuals have shot one 300 each. Of those nine, Mike Gilliland and Joe Kirkpatrick have shot 299 and 298 honor games, respectively, giving Chapa all the heat he ever wanted to see for the year.

The single highest 700 series fired this week was thrown off of the hand of Wes Campbell, who rolled a 776 on Sunday. Wes rolled games of 252, 269 and 255. The series is his 17th of this season. He continues to hold third place on the high series listing. His high average, a 222 from Sunday's league, ranks second on the high average list and he has two USBC plaque-winning performances, one a 297 the other a 290.

Darreyl Dixon, the guy who shot our one and only 800 series this season, came through with a 760 series on Thursday, and was, in fact, on the way to shooting a second 800 until the eighth frame of his third game. Game 1 was a 255, Game 2 a 258, giving Darreyl a 513 two-game total heading into Game 3. He needed to shoot a 277, but it was within Dixon's range.

Darreyl was perfect through the first seven frames, but a stubborn 10 pin wouldn't go down for Darreyl on his eighth attempt. He spared in the eighth, struck in the ninth, and still had a shot at a 279, enough to get to 800. But, it was not to be. On his first ball in the 10th frame, Darreyl's ball was "heavy" in the pocket, leaving him with a 6-7-10 split, which, unfortunately, he didn't convert. Still, Darreyl did provide some excitement while his run at 800 lasted.

Dixon's Thursday average is now a 224, tying him with Chapa atop the high average list. He has shot two USBC plaque awards for throwing 11 strikes in a row in a game, (296/290), and has 11 more games that would have been award winners, but for one errant ball in each. His 812 is the highest series shot in the past 18 months, and he has broken the 700 barrier 21 times. Darreyl shot 646 on Sunday's league finale' and came back with a 679 in the league championship roll-off.

Harold McClure shot his best series of the week in the Sunday championship roll-off, booking a 728 composed of games of 269, 226 and 233. It is Harold's seventh 700 of the season. Harold is averaging 207 in both the Sunday and Thursday leagues, and ranks 13th on the high average list. His highest game is a 288, placing him seventh on the high game listing.

Mark Smith tossed a 711 in Sunday's championship roll-off, shooting games of 266, 255 and 190. He had a little difficulty carrying 10 pins in his third game, or he might have hit the 800 level. He was actually closer to hitting an 800 at the end of two games than was Dixon, by virtue of his 521 two game total. Smith is averaging 220 on Thursday, has a high game of 280, ninth on the high game list, and has a 753 high series, which ranks 15th on the high series list.

Ronnie Wooten came to Thursday's competition averaging 181. His series average was a 543 at the time. When the night's play was completed, Ronnie had exceeded his series average by 149 pin, one pin shy of earning a 150 patch from the USBC folks. Ronnie shot games of 236, 211 and 245 to end the night with a 692 series, the highest he has shot in his bowling career. Earlier in the year, Ronnie shot a 288 high game, which gives him bragging rights to seventh place on the high game chart.

Vincent Smith joined Wooten in shooting a 692 on Thursday night, registering games of 279, 198 and 215. Smith is averaging 215 on Thursday and ranks 15th on the high average list. He has a high game of 279, 10th on the high game list and his top series is a 757, 14th on the high series listing.

Kathy Vansickle led the ladies this week, posting a 630 series on Sunday. Kathy shot 216, 213 and 201. Vansickle averages 177, has a high game of 247 and has rolled a high series of 673.

The ladies second-place honors for the week went to Julita Richardson, who shot a 612 series on Monday night. Julita shot games of 213, 166 and 233. She leads the ladies on the high average list with her 209 average, and ranks 11th on the men's and ladies' combined high average list. Her high game is a 242, and her high series is a 695.

Tracie Chapa came through with a 612 series in the Sunday night championship roll-off, booking games of 214, 202 and 189. Chapa is averaging 186, has a high game of 257 and a high series of 680.

Others who bowled well this week included: David Gholson (684), Cliff Whitney (677), Tarry Davison (674 Thursday/663 Sunday/646 Sunday roll-off), Billy Pickett (673), Neldon Smith (659 Thursday/653 Sunday), Keith Ethridge (655), Larry Siegert and Nathan Crist (651), Mike Fletcher (650) and Billy Painter (640).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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