Stovall hits 300; Gilliland 299, Bowlers add 13 700s
Larry Mason

March 29, 2005 - Larry Stovall shot his first honor game, a 300 on Sunday, and Mike Gilliland shot his second of the season, a 299, on Thursday to bring the center's number of honor scores to 15 for the season. Eight more men joined Stovall and Gilliland in shooting 700s. The 13 700s posted this week are the most shot in one seven-day period in the history of Classic Lanes.

Larry Stovall started his Sunday evening performance carrying a 196 average. He used a new bowling ball in his first game, and shot a near average game of 194. However, not feeling all that comfortable with his new equipment, he resorted to using his old bowling ball in games two and three, and there's no doubt that he is glad that he did.

Larry's last ball in game one was a strike, which was then followed by 21 additional, consecutive strikes. Larry shot a perfect game in game two, giving him 12 strikes in a row, followed by nine more straight strikes before a stubborn 10 pin ended his string at 22 in game three. He covered his spare, and then threw another strike to end the game. He finished game three with a 279. One 10 pin is all that stopped Stovall from throwing back-to-back 300s, a feat that has yet to be done by any Classic Lanes' bowler.

Stovall ended the night with a 773 series, his lifetime high, and only the second of his career. He shot his first, a 715, just a few weeks ago. The series moved Stovall from 38th on the high series list to eighth. His average moved from 196 to 198, moving him to 20th place on the high average chart. As the result of his perfect game, he moved into a tie for first place on the high game list along with six others who have registered 300s this season. Stovall will receive a ring for throwing his 300, a watch for being 100 pins over his single game average, a patch for being 150 pins over his series average, and a couple more awards we haven't figured out just yet.

Mike Gilliland shot his second honor game, a 299, on Thursday night in the first game of what would end up being a 758 series, his highest of the season. It moved him from the 18th position to 11th on the high series list. Mike's second game was a 225 and his third, a 234. Thursday's performance followed another exemplary display on Tuesday, when Mike shot 700 even, shooting games of 247, 219 and 237. Gilliland has been moving steadily up the high average list, and is now tied for fourth place with a 217 average from Tuesday night. Mike was one of three individuals who shot two 700s this week. Mike has 13 700s on the books this season.

Larry Siegert registered the third highest 700 series of the week, shooting a 749 on Tuesday. He was bowling with none other than Mike Gilliland at the time. Larry rolled games of 264, 248 and 237. Siegert ranks 17th on the high average list at 201, is tied for 15th on the high series list at 749, and is one of those fellows who has a perfect game to their credit this year.

Wes Campbell, with a 743 series, lays claim to the fourth-highest series of the week. Campbell shot his series on Tuesday, collecting games of 278, 247 and 218. He is also one of the three bowlers who had two 700s during the week. His second was an even 700 series posted on Thursday night, when he shot games of 234, 274 and 192. For good measure, on Sunday night he fired a 693 series consisting of games of 227, 259 and 207. Campbell holds the highest series thrown in the center this year, a 785, is second on the high average list at 221, four pins behind our leader, Eloy Chapa, and has two honor games, 297 and 290.

Speaking of Eloy, he shot two 700s this week, a 724 on Tuesday and a 713 on Sunday. He also rolled a 666 on Thursday. Eloy's Tuesday performance ranked fifth on this week's list of 700s. Chapa, like Gilliland, has two honor games, one a 300, the other a 299. He shares first place on the high game list, is first on the high average list, and ranks 15th on the high series list. He has seven 700s to his credit this season. He shot games of 258, 190 and 276 on Tuesday, and games of 176, 279 and 258 on Sunday.

Alan Roberts came in sixth this week, shooting a 718 on Sunday. Alan rolled games of 245, 285 and 188 in the process. He ranks 25th on the high series list with a 720, is 19th on the high average list with a 199, and is eighth on the high game list with Sunday's 285.

Tarry Davison was seventh-best on the 700 list this week, shooting a 717 on Sunday. Davison rolled games of 244, 238 and 235 in claiming his seventh 700 of the season. He ranks sixth on the high series list with a 775, holds seventh on the high average list with a 214, and has a high game of 279, placing him in the No. 10 position.

Eighth-place honors on the 700 list for this week go to Neldon Smith, who hit the 700 plateau for the seventh time this year. His Thursday series was a 711 made up of games of 214, 234 and 263. His highest series is a 738, placing Neldon in 18th place on the high series list. He is averaging 212, which places him eighth on the high average list. Smith shot a 657 on Sunday.

Doug Brann booked his first 700 series of the season on Thursday, a 707. Brann rolled games of 258, 241 and 208. The series placed Doug in the 31st place on the high series list. Brann is averaging 197 and has a high game of 276, which ranks 13th on the high game list.

Our last 700 of the week belonged to Justin Parmer. Justin shot games of 268, 189 and 245 on the way to bagging his first 700 series of the season. Justin is averaging 200, and boasts a high game of 268.

Two individuals, Darrell Green and Jerry C. Thompson came very near 700 this week, shooting identical 694s, Green on Tuesday, Thompson on Thursday. Darrell rolled games of 243, 219 and 232, while Jerry rolled games of 232, 196 and 266.

This week's top lady performer was Laura Ballard, who tossed a 628 on Tuesday, rolling games of 170, 240 and 218. Laura is averaging 191, second among the ladies, has a high series of 657, and a high game of 279.

Another lady who reached a milestone in her bowling career was Jean Thompson who rolled a 428 series, 101 pins over her series average. All three of her games were over her single game average of 109, her highest game being a very impressive 182.

Casey Ferguson just returned to our area to attend college in Commerce. He bowled in our high school program a couple of years back. On Thursday, he subbed in the men's league, finishing the night with a 624 series, comprised of games of 200, 218 and 206. He is now averaging 208.

Josh France shot his career's highest series on Thursday, shooting games of 228, 224 and 179 for a 631 total. Josh was 157 pins over his series average, which will get him an award from the USBC.

Raque Propes tossed his first ever 600 series on Thursday, rolling games of 199, 244 and 168, to finish the night with a 611.

Others who bowled well this week included: Vincent Smith (685), Mark Smith (681 Thursday/641 Sunday), David Vansickle (671), David Gholson (670 Tuesday/644 Sunday), Darreyl Dixon (669 Thursday), Joe Kirkpatrick (663), Richard Thompson (664 Thursday/662 Tuesday), Ace Wiginton (662), Don Haley (660), Jason Keller (658), Russ Nuss (657), Cliff Whitney (653), Harold McClure (652 Sunday/645 Thursday), David Strain (652), Tommy Fletcher (649 Thursday) and Steve Edwards (644).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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