Kirkpatrick books 298 honors, throws one of eight 700s
Larry Mason

March 22, 2005 - Joe Kirkpatrick tossed his second career 298 honor game on Thursday night, and was one of eight men to collect 700s this week. Kirkpatrick has one perfect game on his resume as well. Mike Fletcher, Wes Campbell, Eloy Chapa, Darreyl Dixon, Mike Gilliland, and Vincent Smith joined Kirkpatrick in pursuit of 700. The center's total now stands at 158.

Joe Kirkpatrick did not like the way he released his last ball in game two from the minute he let it come off of his hand. Joe threw both arms into the air in frustration, believing he had just ruined his third attempt at another honors game. The ball went straight at the headpin, and it appeared that the 3-6-10 would still be standing when the dust settled. An unidentified pin careened off of the left wall of lane 15, slid across the lane's surface, and into the six pin, knocking it over. The result was a 298 honor game, a ring award, instead of a wall plaque commemorating 11 strikes in a row.

As stated earlier, this is Joe's third honor game, and his second 298. Joe also rolled his 14th 700 series of the season, a 732, which leaves him with one less 700 series than center leader Darreyl Dixon. Kirkpatrick raised his Thursday average to a 213, moving him to the No. 8 spot on the high average list, up two positions from last week. Joe's 298 is his highest game of the current season, which ranks third on the high game list. Kirkpatrick's game is the 13th honor game rolled at Classic Lanes during the 2004-05 bowling season.

Mike Gilliland proved to be the week's most prolific shooter of 700s, accounting for two of this week's eight. Thursday's 709 was Mike's third consecutive 700 over the past two-week period. Last Tuesday, Gilliland shot a 701, his second consecutive 700, a series comprised of games of 226, 265 and 210 and on Thursday, he shot a 709, his third 700 in eight days, with games of 236, 226 and 247. At present, Gilliland has collected 11 of the center's 158 total 700s, with his highest, a 738, locking down 16th place on the high series list. He averages 216 in the Tuesday night league, which ties him for sixth place on the high average list.

Top series honors for the week belong to Greenville's Mike Fletcher, who fired a very impressive 783 on Thursday night. It is Mike's fourth 700 of the season, and resulted in his moving from 17th place to second place on the high series list, just two pins behind center leader, Wes Campbell's 785. Mike booked games of 257, 268 and 258 to get his series. Two four-pin leaves spoiled his attempt at his third 800 series. His was one of four 700s shot on lanes 7 and 8, two shot by Fletcher's team, the Kingpins, and two shot by their opponents, the Odd Bunch. Fletcher has been slowly but surely climbing up the high average list. At the end of Thursday's action, Mike had moved into fourth place on the list, having raised his average to a 218.

Following Fletcher's 783 was Wes Campbell's 740, shot on Tuesday. Wes claimed his 12th 700 of the season by shooting games of 247, 246 and 247. Campbell leads the high series list with his 785 of a few weeks ago, ranks second on the high average list with a 221, where he joins Darreyl Dixon. Dixon and Campbell trail the center's average leader, Eloy Chapa, by four pins. Campbell has two honor scores so far this season, a 297 and a 290. Both are ABC plaque award winners for throwing 11 strikes in a row. Wes rolled a 670 series on Thursday and a 658 series on Tuesday.

Eloy Chapa found the range again on Thursday, after a sub-par performance on Sunday. This time, Eloy rolled a 719 series comprised of games of 235, 257 and 227. Chapa now can lay claim to five 700s, the highest of which, a 749, ranks 13th on the high series list. His performance raised his average to 225, further cementing his hold on the first place position on the high average list. Chapa also holds forth in the first position on the high game list by virtue of two honor games this season, a 300 and a 299.

Darreyl Dixon ranks seventh on the high series list with a 774, and can boast that he is the most prevalent shooter of 700s, having now amassed 15 on the year. As stated earlier, he is tied with Wes Campbell for the second spot on the high average chart at 221, and has one honor game, a 290. Ten more games stacked behind his 290 could have been honor games as well. To get number 15, Darreyl shot games of 232, 214 and 266.

Vincent Smith winds up this week's list of 700 series shooters. Smith rolled games of 246, 235 and 222 to record his fifth 700 of the season, a 703. Vincent's highest series, a 757, ranks 10th on the high series list. He averages 216, placing him 10th place on the high average list, and his highest game to date is a 278, which places him in the 10th position on the high game list.

Turk Morgan is one of the center's two most senior statesman, the other being L.T. Gaby. Reliable sources informed me that Turk is in his early 70s, and Gaby is just a tad bit older. As such, when you hear that Morgan still averages 204, has a high series of 695, and a high game of 257 - you have the right to be impressed. Turk shot his best series of the season on Thursday, missing what would have been his first 700 of the year by a mere five pins. Morgan's 695 consisted of games of 235, 256 and 204.

Mark Smith didn't get a 700 series this week, but he came very close, shooting a 691 on Sunday by tossing games of 227, 237 and 227. He is averaging 220, giving him claim to third place on the high average list, and he has shot 11 700s to date.

Three women broke the 600 barrier this week, Tammy Haley, Barbara Siegert and Donna White. Haley was our No. 1 lady bowler, tossing a 655 series on Tuesday. She rolled games of 263, 180 and 212 to produce her highest series of the season. The series ranks third among the ladies. Her best game is this week's 263, which, again, places her third among the women. Tammy is averaging 187. Barbara Siegert rolled a 629 on Tuesday, rolling games of 218, 178 and 233. Her best series is this week's 629, her highest game a 233 and her average is hovering around the 175 mark. Donna White tossed a 606 on Tuesday, firing games of 267, 168 and 171. Donna's highest game, a 267, a score she has tossed twice, ranks second among the ladies, and her highest series, a 631, ranks seventh among the women. Donna is averaging 193, ten pins behind the ladies top averager, Julita Richardson, but good enough to claim second place in the ladies division.

Dana Strain broke the 500 barrier two weeks ago. Since that time, she has broken it three times. This week, she rolled a great 535 series throwing games of 194, 161 and 180. Juanita Dixon also broke the 500 barrier this week, for the first time in her bowling career, tossing an exceptional 533 with games of 176, 177 and 180.

Others who bowled well this week included: Jeff Haley (688), David Gholson (682), Tarry Davison (679), Danny Burns (678), Dickie Harrison (674), Richard Thompson (668), Ray Howser (661), Bo Duncan (656), Tim Haley (655), Keith Ethridge and Jason Parmer (651), Don Haley (649), Neldon Smith (643 Sunday/619 Thursday), Tommy Fletcher 642), and Cliff Whitney (641).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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