Seven bowlers shoot nine 700s- establish new record
Larry Mason

March 8, 2005 - Darreyl Dixon and Jason Parmer shot two 700s apiece, while five bowlers shot one each to bring Classic Lanes' total of 700s shot this season to 142, setting a new season record for the center. Joining Dixon and Parmer with 700s were David Vansickle, David Strain, David Soeder, Joe Kirkpatrick and Harold McClure. Four additional bowlers came very near reaching the 700 level: Bruce Michaelson, Mark Smith, Mike Gilliland, and Michael Carter.

Jason Parmer has been missing from these pages for some time, but once he decided to get back to form, he did it in style. On Tuesday, Parmer threw his first 700 series of the season, a 718, shooting games of 234, 248 and 236, In the process, Parmer was responsible for helping the center tie last year's 700 record of 136. On Thursday night, Parmer was one of six bowlers who helped to establish the new record of 142 700s, when he tossed his second consecutive 700 of the week, this one a 701 made up of games of 233, 254 and 214.

Jason is now averaging 201 on Sunday, 197 on Tuesday and 193 on Thursday. His 718 series from Tuesday moved him to 24th place on the high series list, up from 41st, and his highest game of the season, a 297, ranks third on the high game list.

Darreyl Dixon shot consecutive 700s this week also, rolling his first, a 708, on Sunday, firing games of 268, 227 and 213. Dixon rolled his second of the week on Thursday night, hitting the sticks for a 751 series made up of games of 235, 268 and 248. Darreyl now has shot 14 700s this season, a stat that leads all other bowlers. His highest is a 774, which places him fourth on the high series list. He has rolled games of 270 or better 11 times. Eight of these 11 were within one ball of being honor scores. His lone honor score is a 290, which places him fourth on the high game list. Darreyl is averaging 220 on Thursday, 219 on Sunday, and 204 on Tuesday. He is tied for second place on the high average list with Mark Smith. Dixon and Smith trail average leader, Wes Campbell, by a single pin.

David Vansickle shot his second 700 of the season on Thursday, rolling a 769 comprised of games of 268, 247 and 254. For most of the season, Vansickle's 779, his only 700 until this one, led all leagues before Wes Campbell displaced it with a 785 two weeks ago. When David decides to bowl, he does so very well, as evidenced by his two series - 779 and 769. One can only imagine what his stats would be if he took the game seriously. As is, he ranks second on the high series list, ninth on the high game list with a 278, and is 15th on the high average list at 202.

David Strain recorded his second 700 of the season on Thursday evening, tossing games of 247, 266 and 232 for a 745 series. He moved into sixth place on the high series list, as a result. Strain is averaging 201, tying him with Jason Parmer for 17th place on the high average list. David's highest game is a 278, placing him in the No. 9 position on the high game chart, where he joins eight other bowlers. David shot a 640 series in Sunday's league action.

David Soeder rolled his second 700 of the season on Sunday evening, this a 722, shooting games of 260, 258 and 204. He moved into 20th place on the high series list, a jump of 12 places from last week's standings. His previous high was a 702. Soeder is averaging 198 on Tuesday and 196 on Sundays. His Tuesday average ranks 20th on the high average list. His highest game is a 267.

Joe Kirkpatrick tossed his 13th 700 of the season on Thursday, shooting a 721 comprised of games of 223, 278 and 220. Joe is averaging 211 on both Tuesday and Thursday, and totes a 201 on Sundays. He ranks ninth on the high average list. His highest series is a 760, which ranks sixth on the high series list. Joe's top game is a 289, which ranks fifth. He has thrown six games ranging from 276 to 289, all of which had the potential to be honor scores. He is the second highest producer of 700s to date.

Harold McClure has scored three 700s this season, two of them coming on consecutive Thursdays, one last week and one this week. This time around, Harold fashioned a 713 made up of games of 277, 236 and 200. Harold currently averages 207 on Sunday and 205 on Thursday. He ranks 13th on the high average list. His highest series, a 729, places him 18th on the high series list. Harold holds eighth place on the high game list with a 279.

Bruce Michaelson missed a four pin in the 10th frame of game three Thursday evening, and it cost him his fourth 700 of the season. As it was, he finished with a 698 series made up of games of 257, 227 and 214. Bruce averages 216 and ranks fifth on the high average chart. His highest series is a 717, and Michaelson has one of the four perfect games recorded at the center this year.

Mark Smith came within five pins of recording his 11th 700 of the season on Thursday night, but had to settle for a paltry 695 series comprised of games of 246, 226 and 223. He shot a 659 series on Sunday. Smith is averaging 220 on Thursday and 219 on Thursday. He holds second place on the high average list, one pin behind Campbell. He ranks 10th on the high series list with a 753. Mark's top game is a 280, a score he's rolled twice. It places him in the seventh position on the high game list. Four of his games were in the honor score range.

Tracie Chapa took top honors for the ladies this week, shooting a 620 series on Tuesday evening. Tracie fired games of 203, 183 and 234 in the process. Chapa is averaging 185 on Sunday and 183 on Tuesday. Her top series is a 657 and her best game is a 257. Among the ladies, she ranks sixth in average, second in series, and second in high game.

Rick Pearce rolled his highest series of the season on Tuesday night, shooting an impressive 640 made up of games of 148, 234 and 258. Rick started the night with a 181 average, but averaged 213 for the evening. His 258 third game is his highest of the season, as well. He was 97 pins over his series average.

Others who bowled well this week included: Mike Gilliland (689 Tuesday/658 Thursday), Michael Carter (686), Larry Siegert (672 Tuesday/647 Sunday), Tarry Davison (672), Ace Wiginton (666), Cliff Whitney (663), David Gholson (660 Thursday/654 Tuesday), Neldon Smith and Mike Fletcher (654), Eloy Chapa (652 Tuesday/638 Thursday), Alan Roberts (645), and Nathan Crist (641).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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