Six SSHS powerlifters headed to regional tournament
Joseph Elerson | News-Telegram Sports Writer

March 4, 2005 -The Sulphur Springs powerlifting team will have six members at the regional tournament tomorrow afternoon in Greenville as Eric Gunderson, Tanner Higgins, Zach Lewis, Kasey Follis, Torey Mathies, and Zane Attaway.

Zach Lewis leads the way as the top lifter in the 132-pound class and is one of four lifters with a chance to make the state tournament April 2 at The Campbell Center at Aldine Athletic Complex in Houston.

"As far as state qualifying chances, Gunderson has a chance to go to state if he gets first or second at regionals in the 114-pound class, Zach is first in the region so he has a chance to make it in, Kasey needs to get 1,200 pounds total and he will go to state, and Attaway in the super-heavy weight class has a chance to go to the state meet," SSHS coach Dean Lassater said.

Lassater said he was not able to take anyone to the Lindale meet last weekend due to ineligiblity and so the lifters remain the same for the regional meet.

"We didn't get to take any kids last week because of kids being ineligible and so those are the six that qualified," the coach said. "All they need to do is go out there and lift well and compete well and get there lifts in and I expect to see them compete and have there best meet of the year."

Lassater said he expects the host Greenville, Nacogdoches, and Corsicana to be the top teams at the regional meet and hopefully get some of his lifters into the state competition.

"I know that Greenville, Nacogdoches, and Corsicana are going to be tough at the meet and we are just going to try and compete against ourselves and hopefully we will have some kids qualify for state," the coach said.

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