Nine Bowlers roll 10 700s; Total moves to 132
Larry Mason

March 1, 2005 - Classic Lanes' all-time season record for 700 series is 136, set during the 2003-04 bowling season. When Thursday's league began play, the current season's 700 series total stood at 126. When the night was over, an additional six 700s were added to the current total, moving it to 132, just four series shy of breaking last season's record. The current season has nine more weeks remaining on its schedule.

This week's top performer was Ray Howser, who rolled two 700s over the past seven day period. Howser fired a 776 on Thursday, firing games of 276, 266 and 234. He bowled a second 700 on Sunday evening, a 711, made up of games of 245, 199 and 267. Ray is that guy who uses that 20 year-old bowling ball, the only one he uses. At one time, he was contemplating buying a new ball, but in light of this week's performance, that probably won't happen any time soon. Howser now has nine 700s to his credit this season.

The other eight bowlers who joined Howser in this week's 700 series hunt included Tarry Davison, who finished in the No. 2 position with a 760, Vincent Smith, who was third at 757, Ace Wiginton, who finished fourth with a 742, Wes Campbell, who took fifth with his 740, Cliff Whitney, who claimed sixth with a 724, Darreyl Dixon, who landed in seventh with a 719, Mike Gilliland, who was eighth with his 707, and Mark Smith, who rounded out this week's list with a 705. Incidentally, this marks the second time in three weeks that Classic Lanes' bowlers have shot 10 700s in a seven-day span.

Tarry Davison fashioned his fifth 700 series of the season by shooting games of 259, 247 and 254 on Sunday. Tarry is averaging 213, placing him in the No. 9 position on the high average list, and his 775 high series holds fourth place on the high series list. Tarry has rolled five 700s this year.

Vincent Smith tossed his fourth 700 of the year, a 757, on Thursday. Vince rolled games of 245, 246 and 266. The series jumped Smith from 25th to eighth place on the high series list. Vince averages 216 on Thursdays, which occupies sixth place on the high average list.

Ace Wiginton bought a new bowling ball a short time ago. Its manufacturer named it "Ace." The man, Ace, has been bowling very well with the ball, Ace. On Sunday, Ace the man rolled a 742 series with Ace the ball, shooting games of 277, 243 and 227. Wiginton is averaging 199 on Sundays, 20th on the high average list. His highest series is his 742, a series that moved him into the 13th place on the high series list.

Wes Campbell has been on a tear of late, shooting 700s in each of the last four weeks. On Sunday this week, Campbell shot a 740, consisting of games of 257, 227 and 256. He tossed a 669 series on Thursday night. Campbell, who is No. 1 on the high average list, is averaging 222 on Sundays, has moved into first place on the high series list with his 785 series of last week, and is third on the high game list with a 297.

Cliff Whitney is 70 years young, looks 50, and bowls like a 30-year-old. On Thursday, Cliff rolled his fourth 700 of the season, a 724. Mr. Whitney rolled games of 279, 222 and 223. Cliff is averaging 215 on Sundays, which ranks him seventh on the high average list. His highest game of the season is his 279 from Thursday's play, which puts him in that pile of bowlers tied for eighth place on the high game list. He ranks 16th on the high series list at 735.

Darreyl Dixon has shot a dozen 700s this season, his most recent coming on Thursday night when he produced a 719 consisting of games of 214, 278 and 227. His highest series, a 774, claims fifth place on the high series list. His 219 average from Thursday night holds the No. 3 position on the high average list. Dixon has a 290 honor score, which ranks fourth on the high game list. He has thrown 10 additional games between 270 and 279, all of which had the potential of being honor scores.

Mike Gilliland has thrown eight 700s this season, collecting his latest on Thursday night. Mike rolled a 707 consisting of games of 258, 225 and 224. On Tuesday, Mike came close to hitting 700 again, when he finished the night with a 698. Gilliland averages 215, seventh on the high average list. Mike ranks 16th on the high series list with a735, and he is one of four people who have rolled a perfect game this season. He has five more games that could have been perfect with just a bit of luck.

Our last 700 of the week came off of the hand of Mark Smith. Mark shot games of 236, 248 and 221 to complete Thursday's action with a705, his 10th 700 of the year. Mark has been playing leapfrog with Wes Campbell for the top spot on the high average list for several weeks now, settling into the No. 2 slot this week, with a 220. His top series is a 753, which places him 10th on the high series list. He has tossed 700s 10 times this season.

In ladies' action this week, two women topped 600, Brigette Painter and Tammy Haley. Brigette takes honors, however, rolling a 641 on Monday night with games of 210, 195 and 236. It was Brigette's first WIBC-sanctioned 600 series. Just for good measure, it should be added that she turned in this stellar performance while recuperating from what appears to be a broken toe.

Tammy Haley has thrown a lot of 600s in her career. On Tuesday, she collected yet another, tossing games of 216, 246 and 177, which gave her a grand total of 639 for the evening. Tammy is averaging 188.

Cary Gilliam came to league bowling via our high school program of two years ago. He bowled for Como-Pickton at that time. Very recently, Cary joined our Thursday men's league. This past Thursday, Cary recorded his first ever ABC-sanctioned 600 series, a 605, consisting of games of 177, 201 and 227.

Richard Thompson may have bowled a higher series than that he produced on Thursday, but at present, his 681 rolled in this week's men's league is his highest so far this season. Richard rolled games of 258, 226 and 197.

Others who bowled well this week included: David Soeder (686 Tuesday/685 Sunday/637 Thursday), Eloy Chapa (684), Larry Stovall (682), Nathan Crist (676), Larry Siegert (672 Thursday/666 Tuesday), Joe Kirkpatrick (668 Tuesday/621 Thursday), Billy Painter and David Gholson (665), Michael Carter and Tommy Fletcher (662), Mike Fletcher (661), Dickie Harrison and Duane Anspon (651), Bo Duncan (648), Jeff Haley (647), Jason Parmer (642), Mike Miller (632) and Justin Haggerty (630).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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