Mike Fletcher shoots 300; One of four to hit 700
Larry Mason

June 28, 2005 - Keith Ethridge couldn't bowl on Thursday night, so Mike Fletcher agreed to be Keith's stand-in, and he's glad he did. Mike rolled yet another perfect game at Classic Lanes, the second of his career. Mike was one of four men to shoot a 700 this week, as well. Others shooting 700 were Wes Campbell, Doug Brann and David Strain. Jason Parmer and Cliff Whitney just missed joining this week's 700 club, shooting 699 and 693, respectively.

Mike Fletcher doesn't bowl much in the summer months, so it was a rare appearance he made this past Thursday night. Having not bowled all that much in the past two months, Mike probably wasn't expecting any fireworks from his bowling ball. What he got was plenty of sparks. In the first of his four games of the evening, Mike tossed 12 pocket-crushing strikes to register his second career perfect game. In Game 2, he rolled eight strikes, two spares, and had one open frame to finish with a 234. When he began his third game, everyone knew that he had a shot at reaching an 800. All he needed was a 266, a score well within Mike's range.

However, the fates would have nothing to do with the idea. In his third game, Fletcher rolled five strikes, four spares and one open frame to wind up with a 192. His three-game total was a 726. Granted, it wasn't an 800, but it was a 700, and that's still some pretty good shooting. Mike's fourth and final game was a 238. His four-game total was a 964. Fletcher's average for the evening was a 241, not too bad for a guy who came off of the bench to bowl.

Fletcher slid into first place on the center's high average chart, bumping last week's leader, Wayne Womack, back to a second place ranking, where Classic Lanes' maintenance guru Wes Campbell, joins him. His series moved him into sixth place on the high series list, and his 300 game shot him into a three-way tie for first place on the center's high game list with Jason Keller and Mike Gilliland.

The week's highest 700 series, a 737, was offered up by Doug Brann on Thursday night. Doug is a part of our cadre of Greenville bowlers who trek to the center week after week, year round. It has been some time since Doug last rolled a 700, but he put it all together Thursday night, rolling games of 279, 213 and 245. One errant ball in the fifth frame of Game 1 is all that stood between Doug and his second career perfect game. His fourth game was a 202, which gave him a four game total of 939. Doug's 737 is his first 700 series of the summer, and his 939 is his first 900 of the season, as well. He ranks fourth on the high series list, is 18th on the high average chart and is tied for sixth on the high game list with a 279.

Wes Campbell shot solid games of 232, 234 and 258, to collect a 724 series for three games. In the process, he raised his average to a 227 on Thursday. He is now tied with Wayne Womack for second place on the high average chart. Wes and Wayne have shot three 700s each, with a single pin being the difference between the duo. Campbell has a high game of 296, third best on the high game list. Womack has a high game of 288, and is in fourth place. Wes's four-game total for the evening was a 932, giving him a total of three 900s thus far in the summer season, while Wayne has two. Campbell and Womack are tied for third on the high series list with duplicate 751s. How's that for some close competition?

David Strain shot a 700 on the nose on Sunday night, rolling games of 225, 231 and 244. He moved into an 11th place tie on the high series listing. His 205 average holds 14th place on the high average list, while he holds the No. 8 position on the high game list, with a 269. He shot a 649 on Thursday.

Jason Parmer missed joining Thursday's 700 club meeting by a single pin, finishing the night with a three game series total of 699. Jason rolled games of 224, 212 and 263. He rolled a 228 in Game 4 to wind up the night with a four-game total of 927. His 699 ties him for 12th place on the high series list. Parmer's average is a 210, which gives him bragging rights to ninth place on the average list. His highest game of the summer is a 263, 10th best on the high game list.

Cliff Whitney shot a 693 three game series on Thursday, moving to 14th place on the high series list in the process. He shot games of 223, 205 and 265. His current average is a 208, 11th best on the high average chart. He is tied with Nevil Solomon, which is ironic, because this twosome, if my memory is correct, are the two most senior bowlers in the summer league. Cliff has a high game of 266, which ranks eighth on the high game listing. Whitney shot a 672 in Tuesday's league.

For the first time in a very long time, we didn't have any of our ladies break the 600 barrier, but we did have several who turned in some stellar performance all the same. Cathy Malone, who bowls with us on Sundays, shot a 423 series, which was 109 pins over her normal series average of 327. All three of her games were over her single game average of 109, shooting 140, 161 and 122.

Barbara Siegert completed Tuesday's play 87 pins over her series average, shooting a 578 series with games of 185, 169 and 224. All three games exceeded her single game average of 167.

Jill Barber rolled a 520 series on Sunday, tossing games of 193, 190 and 137. Games 1 and 2 were well above her single game average of 148. She finished the night 76 over her summer series average of 444.

Pam Nordin rolled three games on Sunday that were also above her Sunday night average of 128. Pam tossed games of 153, 171 and 129. She finished the night 69 pins above her series average.

Kristi Guffey travels from Cooper to bowl with us on Sundays. Last Sunday, she began the night with a 120 average, but she proceeded to roll games of 149, 152 and 129, all above her single game average. She finished Sunday's play 70 pins over average, finishing with a 430.

J.W. Skaggs began Tuesday's action carrying a 164 average. He rolled games of 194, 178 and 225, to give himself a 597 series, 105 pins over his average.

Richard Allen averages 150 on Sundays. This past Sunday, he rolled games of 179, 161 and 180, to finish the night 70 pins over average, ending with a 520 series. He is probably feeling some pressure, in the he bowls with his future mother-in-law, Becky Spelman, the highest averaging woman in the center so far this summer.

Finally, Bob Shockey usually shoots around 135, but Sunday he rolled three games that were all above his average, 148, 147 and 186. He collected a 481 series, 76 pins over average.

Others who bowled well this week included: Greg Pullen (688), Wayne Womack (676), Joe Kirkpatrick (675 Thursday/672 Sunday/614 Tuesday), Mike Gilliland (673), Mark Smith (663), Ace Wiginton (656 Sunday/642 Thursday), David Gholson (654 Sunday/624 Thursday), Larry Siegert (644 Tuesday/613 Thursday), Jason Keller (642), Nevil Solomon (637), Eric Barba (634), Nathan Crist (632), and Richard Thompson (626).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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