Campbell leads five man charge on 700
Larry Mason

June 21, 2005 - Wes Campbell headed a group of five men in the pursuit of 700 series this week, registering a 751 on Thursday. Wayne Womack, Mark Smith, Eric Barba and Neldon Smith joined Campbell with series of 735, 715, 707 and 700, respectively.

Wes Campell is 64 years young, but he can still knock the pins down as well as anyone. Campbell has shot eight 300s, two 299s and has thrown 11 strikes in a row on 15 occasions. He collected his 15th last Thursday when he shot a 296. One bad ball is all that stood between Wes and another ring-winning honor game. Still, a plaque is a plaque, so Wes is in a rather select group of individuals.

Campbell shot games of 296, 227, and 228 to grab his second 700 of the summer season, which places him in third place on the high series list, where he is tied with Wayne Womack. Wes is carrying a 225 average on Thursday, a 220 on Tuesday, and a 209 on Sunday. He ranks fifth on the high average chart. His 296 plaque-winning game is his season's best thus far, and it allows him to occupy third place on the high game listing. Wes ended the night with a four-game total of 975. On Tuesday night, Wes shot a 691 series consisting of games of 246, 209 and 216.

Wayne Womack was hot on Campbell's heels in the rush to 700 this week, shooting a 735 series on Thursday night. Wayne began the night with a 204, some 25 pins below his average, but came back strong, tossing a 288 in Game 2 and a 243 in Game 3. His four-game total for the evening was a 936. Womack is now sitting atop the high average list with a 229, has tossed three 700s so far this summer, and has a high game of 288. He ranks third in the former category with his 751, and is fourth in the latter.

Mark Smith produced his second 700 of the summer, this one a 715 on Thursday night, and in the process moved into third place on the high average list with a 227. He trails second place holder Jason Keller by a single pin, and leader Womack by two. Mark rolled games of 236, 253 and 226. His fourth game was a 235, giving him a 950 series for four games. Smith ranks second on the high series list with a 758, and is seventh on the high game list with a 278. He shares his ranking with Red Skelton and Neldon Smith.

Last week, Brian Stegall recorded his first ever 700 series, and the trend continued this week. This time around, the first time ever 700 series shooter was one Eric Barba. It just may be that Eric is beginning to take his game a little more seriously, as evidenced by the fact that he no longer wears his cell phone headset while he's bowling. He may be running out of girlfriends. At any rate, whatever the reason, this past Thursday Eric rolled games of 192, 257 and 258 to complete his three-game series with a 707 total. He raised his average to a 195, moved to eighth place on the high series list with his 707, and climbed to 10th place on the high game list with his 258.

Neldon Smith shot his first 700 of the summer on Thursday, rolling games of 214, 278 and 208 for a 700, even. Smitty is currently carrying a 214 average, placing him in the No. 6 spot on the high average list. His 700 moved him to the ninth position on the high series list, and his 278 high game ranks seventh on the high game listing. Neldon's final game on Thursday was a 209, giving him a 909 series for four games.

Two men came as close to getting a 700 as one can without getting it. Both Ray Howser and Mike Gilliland shot 699s on Thursday. Ray rolled games of 235, 238 and 226, and Mike shot games of 227, 204 and 268. Howser has one 700 to his credit this summer, while Mike has yet to crack the barrier. Howser is averaging 216, ranking seventh on the high average chart. Mike is averaging 217, which gives him the bragging rights to the sixth spot on the list. Gilliland has one of the two perfect games shot at Classic Lanes so far this summer. He ranks first on the high game list, tied with Jason Keller. Howser has a high game of 287, which ranks fifth on the list.

Becky Spellman led the ladies again this week, shooting a 651 on Sunday evening. Becky rolled games of 245, 205 and 201 in the process. Becky is averaging 211, and ranks 11th on the men's and ladies' combined high average chart. She is tops among the ladies. Becky has a high game of 247, which leads the ladies and her best series, a 655, is second on the ladies high series list, three pins behind leader Debbie Carter's 658.

Lance Reppond has been bowling for three weeks. At the outset of Thursday's play, he was averaging 116. All he managed to do was shoot games of 152, 153 and 157, to end the night with a three game series of 462, or a 154 average. As the result of his performance, his team won all five of the points being contested that night.

Others who bowled well this week included: Larry Siegert (673 Tuesday/613 Thursday), Ace Wiginton (670 Thursday/613 Tuesday), Cliff Whitney (669), Matt Arnold (665), David Gholson and David Strain (653), and Harold McClure (646).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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