Stegall shoots 297 honor game; One of four to shoot 700
Larry Mason

June 14, 2005 - Brian Stegall led all of Classic Lanes' bowlers this week shooting his first ever honor score, a 297, as well as his first ever 700 series, a 724. Mark Smith, Wes Campbell and Greg Pullen joined him in the search for the elusive 700 series.

Brian Stegall is employed by the Como-Pickton ISD. He is a survivor of childhood leukemia. We first met Brian about five years ago, when he first began to take the sport of bowling seriously. He has been bowling steadily since then, and though he has come close to grasping the golden ring on a number of occasions, he just never quite made it. All that changed this past Thursday.

Bowling on lanes 15 and 16 during the men's Summer Trio league, Brian threw games of 215, 212 and 297 to register his first ever honor game and 700 series. As the result of his efforts, Stegall will receive from the USBC folks a plaque for throwing 11 consecutive strikes in his 297 game, a watch for exceeding his average series by more than 150 pins, a century patch for exceeding his single game average by more than 100 pins, and a patch for booking his first 700 series.

As of Thursday night, Brian was averaging 180. His 297 bested his single game average by 117 pins, thus the century patch. His series average was a 540 when Thursday's play began. His 724 series was 184 pins better than his 540 norm, thus the watch. Brian won just about every award possible, with the exception of a ring, which he missed by a single pin. He needed at least a 298 to earn that award. Brian also shot a 910 series for four games, which, while it doesn't earn any awards, is no small accomplishment. It means that he averaged 227 for the night and he is one of only 11 individuals who have broken the 900 barrier thus far this summer. Brian now ranks second on the high game chart, and is sixth on the high series list.

Stegall shot 24 strikes in his first three games, while leaving five frames open, two of which were splits. When he threw his last ball in Game 3, the point where he needed at least eight pins to earn a ring, Brian said he lost all of his concentration on his 12th delivery, and just threw the ball. Unfortunately, he pulled the ball left of the head pin, and as a result, only carried seven pins. Ironically, on his next ball, the one to begin Game 4, he threw exactly the same ball on the same lane where he finished Game 3, and got a strike. It was a great night for Brian, all the same.

Mark Smith was our top 700 series producer this past week, recording a 758 on Thursday. Mark tossed games of 278, 216 and 264. Smith ranks fourth on the high average list with a 218, climbed into the No. 2 position on the high series chart with his 758 and is tied for sixth place on the high game list with his 278. Mark completed Thursday's competition with a 958 series, giving him a hefty 239 average for the night.

Wes Campbell wrapped his bowling around his mechanic's chores on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and was still able to register a 736 on Thursday, a 698 on Tuesday and a 662 on Sunday. Wes rolled games of 258, 223 and 255 on Thursday, 217, 248 and 233 on Tuesday, and 254, 215 and 222 on Sunday. On Thursday, Wes tossed a 972 four game series, giving him a 243 average for the evening. Wes's 972 is second only to Wayne Womack's 987, shot two weeks ago. Campbell is carrying a 220 average on Thursday, which places him fourth on the high average chart, is fourth on the high series list at 736, and is seventh on the high game list with his 269.

Greg Pullen came through with a 728 series on Thursday, shooting games of 245, 225 and 258. His four game total was a 913, giving him a 228 average on the evening. Greg is averaging 212, good enough to claim the No. 7 position on the high average chart. His 728 ranks fifth on the high series list and his high game, a 258, places him in ninth place on the high game listing. Greg has a 913 series for four games.

Jason Parmer and Larry Siegert both came away with 696s on Thursday night. Jason rolled games of 219, 246 and 231 for his, while Larry shot games of 242, 209 and 245. Siegert is averaging 213, eighth on the high average list, while Parmer averages 208, 10th on the average listing. They share 10th place on the high series list.

Jason Keller shot games of 255, 237 and 203 on Tuesday to finish the evening's competition with a 695. It wasn't a 700, but it was very close. Keller continues to sit atop all of the lists kept by the center. He has the highest average, 239, the highest series, 782, and the highest game, 300. In the case of the latter, he is tied with Mike Gilliland. Jason has a 945 four-game series, which ranks fourth on that register.

Debbie Carter topped the ladies this week, bowling a 660 series made up of games of 220, 246 and 194. Debbie bowled her series on Tuesday. Carter is averaging 187, third place on the ladies average chart. Her 660 ranks 17th on the high series chart, but is first among the women. Her best game is her 246, which ranks 14th on the high game listing, but is second best on the ladies list.

Becky Spelman tossed a 626 series on Sunday, rolling games of 224, 192 and 188. Becky holds the ladies top average at 209, top game at 247, and is second on the ladies' high series list with a 655. She ranks ninth in average on the men's and ladies' combined average list. Before Becky's self-imposed absence from Classic Lanes, she was our most prolific producer of 700s in the history of the center.

Julita Richardson is slowly but surely regaining her old form. On Sunday, she fired a 616 series with games of 197, 214 and 204. Julita is averaging 196, has a high game of 245, and has a high series of 616, all of which are third among the ladies.

On occasion, an individual accomplishes something that is deserving of mention. Brian Stegall's Thursday performance is one example. Another example would be the showing delivered by Chris Pearsall, also on Thursday. Chris started the night carrying a 129 average. His normal series would be in the range of a 387. All he did on Thursday was shoot a 202 in Game 1, a 150 in Game 2, a 225 in Game 3, and a 183 in Game 4. His three-game total was a 577, 190 pins over his series average. He gets an award, a watch, from the USBC folks for the effort. He missed a "century patch," the award for being 100 pins over one's single game average, by only four pins.

Richard Doty and Chris Williams bowl on Sundays with David and Barbara Ingram. Chris is a relative of the Ingram's, and Richard might as well be. On this past Sunday, this duo shot two very impressive series, Richard hitting a 658 and Chris a 643. The series were the highest sanctioned series ever rolled by the pair. Richard rolled games of 215, 224 and 229. He was averaging 148 at the time. Chris shot games of 213, 205 and 225. He was averaging 195 at the time.

Others who bowled well this week include: Clinton Cline (670), Cliff Whitney (669), Neldon Smith (668), Nevil Solomon (665), Ace Wiginton (660), Red Skelton (650), Ronnie Wooten (648), and David Strain (640).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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