Keller, Gilliland start summer play with perfect games
Larry Mason

May 7, 2005 - Jason Keller and Mike Gilliland didn't waste any time setting the standard for the coming summer bowling schedule. Both men rolled perfect games during the past two weeks, Jason on Tuesday and Mike on Thursday. Keller also laid claim to the highest series thrown so far, registering a 782 to go along with his 300 honor game.

Jason Keller stole the show at Classic Lanes this week by booking consecutive 700 series, a 782 on Tuesday and a 719 on Thursday, pushing him into first place on the high average list with a 243, first on the high game list with a 300, and first on the high series list with his 782. His Tuesday series consisted of games of 236, 300 and 246. His Thursday series was made up of games of 257, 181 and 213. One week ago, Jason rolled a 680 in Tuesday's league action.

On Tuesday night, had Jason converted his two open frames or had he struck in the four frames where he spared, Keller would have recorded an 800 honor series. Jason opened in the first and fourth frames of Game 1, then started to string strikes beginning with the fifth frame of that game, continuing through the first frame of Game 3. At the point where Keller ceased striking, he had strung 21 strikes together, three strikes short of his personal best. He spared in the second, third and seventh frames, and struck in the remaining frames of Game 3. It would appear that Mr. Keller is in a groove.

Wayne Womack comes to us via Greenville. He bowls with us on Thursdays, and we are very glad that he does. Last week, he rolled a 751 series with games of 280, 228 and 224. This past Thursday, he shot another 700 series, this one a 724, registering games of 247, 210 and 267. He now boasts a 238 average, second on the high average list, is second on the high series list with his 751, and ranks third on the high game list with a 280. Expect to see Womack's name in this column routinely as the summer leagues continue.

Joe Kirkpatrick booked one 700 series over the last two weeks. He tossed games of 247, 221 and 248 on Thursday night, finishing the evening with a 716. Joe shot a 694 on Sunday, a 671 this past Tuesday, a 663 on Sunday, and a 652 on Tuesday of last week. Joe is third on the high average list with a 226 in both the Sunday and Thursday leagues. He holds a 223 average on Tuesday night. Kirkpatrick holds third place on the high series list by virtue of his 716 and ranks fourth on the high game list with a 279. Expect Joe to be in the thick of things as the summer progresses.

Ray Howser just keeps on keeping on. On Thursday evening he recorded yet another 700 series, rolling games of 205, 220 and 287, to round out the night with a 712. Ray is averaging 213 on Thursday, good enough to lay claim to sixth place on the high average chart, an honor he must share with Larry Siegert. Ray is fourth on the high series list and holds the No. 2 position on the high game list with his 287.

Mike Gilliland rolled our second perfect game of the week, this coming on lanes 15 and 16, Thursday night. Actually, this is Mike's second perfect game on this lane pair in his bowling career at Classic Lanes. He rolled two honor games during the fall and winter league, one a 300, the other a 299. He is currently averaging 215, placing him fifth on the high average list. He is tied with Jason Keller for first place on the high game chart and ranks fifth on the high series list with a 699. Mike shot his 300 in Game 1 of Thursday's action, then followed it with a 194 in Game 2 and a 205 in Game 3. I'm not sure just how many perfect games Mike has to his credit, but it is a significant number.

Wes Campbell rolled a 691 series on Sunday, bowling games of 204, 269 and 218. Campbell is averaging 211, which ranks him eighth on the high average list. His top game, his 269, places him in the No. 5 position on the high game list. His 691 series places him sixth on the high series list.

On the ladies side of the register we find the name, Becky Spellman. Becky is bowling with her daughter and son-in-law on Sundays. In her first Sunday action, Becky threw a 655 series consisting of games of 223, 247 and 185. She rolled a 604 this past Sunday, shooting games of 237, 196 and 171. Currently, Becky is averaging 209, placing her in 10th place on the high average listing. Hers is the top average among the ladies. Becky's 655 ranks 13th on the high series list, but it is first among the ladies. Her high game, a 247, is 13th on the high game list, but, again, is tops among the ladies. You can expect to hear a lot more from this young lady as the season continues.

Others who bowled well these past two weeks include Keith Ethridge (680), David Gholson (677), Jason Parmer (676), Larry Stovall (663), Richard Thompson (660), Nevil Solomon (656), Greg Pullen (654), Mark Smith and Clinton Cline (651), Neldon Smith (648), Terry Kozeluh (639), Cliff Whitney (638), Colten Cordell (637), Matt Arnold (636), Harold McClure (635), and Scott Tubb and Nathan Crist (631).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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