Pullen, Campbell, Wiginton capture 700s
Larry Mason

July 26, 2005 - Greg Pullen was this week's top bowler at Classic Lanes, besting second place finisher Wes Campbell by eight pins and third place finisher Ace Wiginton by 27. Dave Gholson finished fourth in this week's competition with a 690 series.

Greg Pullen found himself in ninth place on the high average chart after Thursday's play had ended, having raised his average by two pins to a 214. Greg was also in ninth place on the high series list by virtue of a 728 series, rolled just a few weeks ago. He ranks 14th on the high game list with a 258, where he shares honors with Harold McClure. On Thursday, Pullen shot games of 257, 256 and 214 to claim the week's highest series, a 727. It was his second 700 series of the summer. His fourth game on Thursday was a 225, giving him a 952 four-game series for the evening, his third 900 series of the summer. He averaged 238 for the four games.

Wes Campbell collected his sixth 700 series of the season on Thursday, a 719, by shooting games of 258, 235 and 226 in his first three games. His fourth game of the night was a 232, which gave him his sixth 900 series of the summer season. Campbell has produced the most 700s and the most 900s of the summer. Wes now finds himself averaging 228 on Thursday and in third place on the high average list, a slot he shares with the center's most eligible bachelor, Michael Carter. Wes ranks second on the high series list with a 772, 10 pins behind leader Jason Keller and his 782. Wes has one honor score, a plaque winning 296, which holds fourth place on the high game list. He bowled a 657 series on Sunday and a 645 series on Tuesday.

Third place for the high series of the week award went to Ace Wiginton, who collected 700 pins, exactly, on Thursday night. Ace rolled games of 258, 212 and 230. In his last game he managed to shoot a 213, to finish the night with a 913 four-game set. Ace is currently averaging 209 on Sunday, placing him 13th on the high average chart, where he is tied with Ray Howser. Wiginton is also in 13th place on the high series list with a 715. His best game thus far this season is a 268, 10th best on the high game listing. Ace rolled a 621 on Sunday and a 614 on Tuesday.

David Gholson wins the "almost but not quite" award for the week, missing joining the 700 club by 10 pins. David shot a 690 series on Thursday, shooting games of 258, 245 and 187. His fourth game was a 230, which pushed his night's total to 920. He raised his Thursday's average to a 215, which locked him into the No. 8 position on the high average chart. Dave ranks second on the high game list with a ring winning 299, shot just two weeks ago. His 690 series is his summers best, ranking 20th on the high series list. He has two 900s to his credit this summer.

Becky Spelman shot the only 600 series by a woman this past week, booking a 654 on Sunday by shooting games of 205, 247 and 202. She is averaging 205, tops among the ladies and 16th on the combined men's and ladies' combined average listing. Becky holds the ladies second highest series, a 655, and the highest game, a 247.

Stephen Wilcox fell off a ladder some months back, hurting about everything one can hurt in the process. If Sunday's performance is any indication, Stephen may be pretty well healed now. He shot a 580 series comprised of games of 213, 156 and 211, all above his average of 141. He finished Sunday night 157 pins over his average of 423. For the evening, Stephen averaged a193.

Josh France's name has graced this column on several occasions, and his Thursday's performance is deserving of one more mention. Josh is averaging 182 on Thursday. His first game was a 221, his second a 224 and his third a 183, all at or above his average. He shot a 628, 82 pins over his series average, averaging 209 for his first three games. His fourth game was a 220, which gave him a four-game total of 848 and a four-game average of 212. On the night, Josh was 120 pins over his four-game average. France's highest series this summer is this week's 628, his highest game a 244, and he is averaging 185.

Buddy McClendon is another of our long line of Greenville bowlers. He is currently averaging 187. On Thursday, he shot a 621 series for his first three games and an 855 for four games. His individual games were 192, 223, 206 and 234. His highest series is this week's 621, his highest game is this week's 234. Over all, Buddy averaged 211 on Thursday night, and was 107 pins over his series average.

Debbie Miller shot 97 pins over her average on Sunday night, and was just a wee put out that I failed to announce her high game for Sunday, a 222. I hope this will make up for the oversight. Debbie shot games of 180, 169 and 222 to end the night with a 571 series, and a 190 average on the evening. At the time, she was averaging 158. There is little doubt that you will be reading a lot more about this lady in future columns.

Last, but certainly not the least to appear in this week's report, is one Kathy Kirkpatrick. Kathy is the mother of the center's very own Joe Kirkpatrick. Kathy took over for Joe in his absence from the center this past week, shooting 89 pins over her series average, 411, and posting a 500 even, made up of games of 180, 148 and 172.

Others who bowled well this week included: Neldon Smith (687), Jason Keller (684 Thursday/643 Tuesday), Nathan Crist (671), Richard Thompson (653), Zack Attaway (634), Jeff Wright and Keith Ethridge (632), Matt Arnold (628), Scott Tubb (624) and Koy Cline (621).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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