Texas High, Mount Pleasant, and Greenville have best athletic facilities according to district 12-4A athletic directors
Bobby "Butch" Burney | News-Telegram Sports Editor

July 16, 2005 - What does it take to make a great high school athletic facility?

Excellent playing surface, good seating and parking for fans, and nice dressing rooms are at the top of the list.

At least according to the District 12-4A athletic directors.

In a poll by the News-Telegram, the district's athletic directors ranked the top athletic facilities around the six-school conference. Four of the six responded to the survey, and their individual rankings and comments are being kept confidential.

The survey showed there is a grouping of three schools at the top of the food chain - Texas High, Greenville and Mount Pleasant. And three at the bottom - Sulphur Springs, North Lamar and Paris.

The athletic directors were asked to rank all six schools in seven different categories: football field, gymnasiums, softball field, baseball field, track, tennis courts and practice facilities.

Texas High edged out Mount Pleasant and Greenville for the best overall facilities in the district, though just by a mere point. MP and Greenville tied for second. Then, there was a 10-point gap to get to the fourth-best school, which is Sulphur Springs, followed closely by North Lamar and Paris.

Below are the rankings for the individual sports and a few comments made by the athletic directors:


  • 1. Texas High.
  • 2t. Greenville.
  • 2t. Mount Pleasant.
  • 4. Sulphur Springs.
  • 5. North Lamar.
  • 6. Paris.


  • 1. Mount Pleasant. "The Field Turf playing surface is a little better than Greenville's." "Mount Pleasant edges out Greenville because the visitors seating is larger."
  • 2. Greenville. "The best home seating around."
  • 3. Texas High. "Excellent playing surface, but poor parking and dressing facilities."
  • 4. Sulphur Springs.
  • 5. North Lamar.
  • 6. Paris.


  • 1t. Greenville.
  • 1t. Mount Pleasant. "Greenville and Mount Pleasant both have excellent tracks."
  • 3. North Lamar.
  • 4. Texas High.
  • 5. Sulphur Springs.
  • 6. Paris does not have a track.


  • 1. Texas High.
  • 2. Sulphur Springs.
  • 3. North Lamar.
  • 4. Mount Pleasant.
  • 5. Greenville.
  • 6. Paris.


  • 1. Mount Pleasant. "The best, by far, in the district." "The best place for fans to watch a game."
  • 2. Greenville. "The rail separating the fans from the floor is a good idea."
  • 3. Texas High.
  • 4. North Lamar. "Good gym, just a little small for 4A."
  • 5. Paris.
  • 6. Sulphur Springs. "Not a good floor."


  • 1. Texas High.
  • 2. Sulphur Springs. "Renovations helped make it a better park for fans."
  • 3. North Lamar.
  • 4. Mount Pleasant.
  • 5. Greenville.
  • 6. Paris plays at PJC.


  • 1. Mount Pleasant.
  • 2. Texas High.
  • 3. Greenville.
  • 4. Sulphur Springs.
  • 5. Paris.
  • 6. North Lamar.


  • 1. Greenville. "Greenville gets the edge because of the indoor turf facility."
  • 2. Texas High. "The indoor facility is incredible."
  • 3. Mount Pleasant.
  • 4. Paris.
  • 5. North Lamar. "They are building a new indoor facility."
  • 6. Sulphur Springs.

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