Campbell leads Classic Lanes 700 charge
Larry Mason

July 12, 2005 - Wes Campbell rolled his fifth 700 series of the summer, as well as his fifth 900 four-game series of the season to lead all bowlers in the quest for 700. Joining Campbell in the successful hunt were Ray Howser and Nevil Solomon. Four others who came close to breaking the 700 barrier were Dickie Harrison, Jason Keller, Ace Wiginton and Michael Carter.

Wes Campbell shot games of 246, 267 and 259 on Thursday night to register his league-leading fifth 700 series of the summer. After his first two games were in the book, he had a total pin fall of 513, and was within range of hitting the elusive 800 plateau, the only honor score to elude Campbell in his long and illustrious career. In his third game, Wes needed to roll a 287 to reach 800.

Wes was perfect for the first six frames of Game 3, but on his seventh frame, he left a rock solid 7 pin, which broke his string, and ended his run at 800. He did manage to finish the game with a 259, finishing the night with the summer's second highest 700 series, a 772. His fourth game was a 188, considerably below his 229 average, but the let down was to be expected, in light of his missing his 800. Still, he finished the night with a 960 four-game total, giving him a 240 average for the evening.

Wes now is tied for second place on the high average chart with his 229, is second on the high series chart with his 772, and is third on the high game chart with a 296 honor score.

Ray Howser is still using that 20-year-old bowling ball of his, and is still shooting good scores with it. On Thursday, he rolled games of 290, 222 and 223 to grab his second 700 series of the summer. His first game, a 290, started with a spare in the first frame, followed by 11 consecutive strikes. Ray gets a plaque from the USBC folks for this one. He fell two pins short of reaching the 900 level, tossing only a 163 in his fourth game.

Ray is currently averaging 212, which ties him for 10th on the high average list, and he owns the center's sixth-highest series of the summer, this week's 735, where is joined by Koy Cline. Howser top game, currently, is his 290, which place him fourth on the high game listing.

Nevil Solomon recorded his first 700 series of the summer season on Thursday by shooting games of 255, 255 and 200, to complete the night's action with a 710. His fourth game was a 213, which resulted in his claiming his second four-game 900 series for the summer, a 923. Solomon now averages 215, which lays claim to seventh place on the high average list. His best series this summer is his 710, 11th best on the high series list, and his top game is a 279, tied for fifth best on the high game listing.

Dickie Harrison returned to Classic Lanes in a substitute's roll on Thursday, the first time he's rolled at the center during the summer season, and came away with a 683 series, and a 227 average for his first three games. He rolled games of 202, 234 and 247. His fourth game was a 234, giving him a 917 four-game total for the evening, and a 229 average, overall.

His night's average moved him into a second place tie on the high average chart. Dickie ranks 17th on the high series list, and is 18th on the high game list, at 247.

Jason Keller shot games of 256, 223 and 203 on Thursday, to end the night with a three-game series total of 682, the night's fifth highest series. His fourth game was 196, which gave him a four-game total of 878. Jason is averaging 222 on Tuesday, and 217 on Thursday. He is tied for fourth on the high average chart, and first on the high series list with a 782. He has three 700s and two 900s to his credit this summer, and is one of four men who have rolled perfect games during the summer season. Jason rolled a 677 on Thursday.

Ace Wiginton found the range to enable him to fashion a 679 on Tuesday night, rolling games of 203, 268 and 208. Ace is averaging 211 on Sunday, 207 on Tuesday and 199 on Thursday. His 211 ties him for 11th on the high average chart. Ace has a 683 high series for the summer, 18th on the high series listing, and has a 268 high game, eighth on the high game list.

Michael Carter hasn't touched a bowling ball for nearly three months. In spite of this fact, he shot a 677 three game set on Thursday, shooting games of 237, 214 and 226. For good measure, he tossed a 237 in Game 4, completing the night's play with a 914. The series gave him a 228 average for the night, which bumped him into third place on the high average chart. His 677 series ties him for 19th place on the high series list.

Ronnie Wooten, one of our Greenville bowlers, shot his highest series of the summer on Thursday, rolling games of 215, 200 and 246. His 200 game was a "Dutch 200." meaning he alternated strikes and spares throughout the game, striking on lane 9 and sparing on lane 10. He receives a patch for his performance. Ronnie was 82 pins over his three-game series average, and 93 pins over his four-game average. Ronnie's four-game total was an 865, his three-game total, 661. He is averaging 197, 20th on the high average chart, and is 10th on the high game list with a 265 rolled earlier in the summer.

Mark Trejo began Thursday's play with a 180 average. He shot a 218 average for his first three games, and a 213 average over his four games. He shot 116 pins above his three-game series average of 540, recording a 656, and 131 pins over his four-game series average of 720 with an 851. Mark raised his average to a 186 on Thursdays. His 252 high game ranks 17th on the high game list.

Marcella Mitchell averages 109 on Tuesday, but last Tuesday, Marcella rolled a 414 series, 87 pins over her series average of 309. She tossed games of 98, 133 and 183.

Dorothy Harrison is the mother of Dickie Harrison. She is an established bowler, with a very good 168 average. Dorothy has a lifetime high game of 279 at Classic Lanes from a few years back. On Tuesday, Dorothy shot a 581 series, 77 pins over her summer league series average. To get her series she bowled games of 204, 156 and 221.

Finally, we pay tribute to Clinton Cline. Clinton has a 196 average on Thursdays. This means his normal four game series average is a 784. This Thursday, Clinton bowled games of 215, 192, 181 and 199. He finished the evening rolling a 787, three pins over average. That may not sound like any big deal, until one considers the fact that he bowled with a broken tibia of the right leg. It wasn't in a cast. He sees the doctor on Tuesday. Now, that's devotion to one's teammates.

Others who bowled well this week included: Joe Kirkpatrick (675), David Gholson and Keith Ethridge (662), Larry Siegert (659), Koy Cline (657), Neldon Smith (640), and Tarry Davison (637).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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