Womack grabs 300; six men book seven 700s
Larry Mason

July 5, 2005 - It was a busy week on the lanes this past week. Wayne Womack collected his first sanctioned perfect game on Thursday, Joe Kirkpatrick shot two 700s during the week, five other men shot 700s, and three others missed the 700 club by a handful of pins.

Wayne Womack comes from Greenville on Thursdays to bowl in Classic Lanes' Men's Trio League. This past Thursday, he started the night by rolling his first USBC-sanctioned perfect game. One shot, the ball he threw to get his 11th strike, ended up on the wrong side of the headpin, but there was enough pin action to take down the 4 and 7 pins, ultimately saving his perfect game. His 12th strike was a crusher. For his effort, Womack will receive a 300 ring from the USBC folks.

Wayne's second game was a 232, and it appeared that he might be on his way to an 800 series. All he needed was a 268, which seemed very plausible, given how well he was hitting the pocket at that time. But, Wayne appeared to run out of steam in Game 3 winding up with a 160, some 67 pins below his single game average of 227. Still, he did shoot a 692 three-game series, and an 861 series for four games, giving him an overall average of 215 for the evening, which isn't all that bad.

Wayne is now averaging 225, fourth best on the high average chart, is one of four men who have rolled perfect games thus far this summer, and is tied for third place on the high series list with a 751. Wayne has a total of three 700s and two 900s this summer.

Joe Kirkpatrick tossed two 700s this week, one on Thursday, the other on Sunday. Thursday night, he rolled games of 213, 248 and 257, giving him a 718 series for three games, while he finished with a 242, to collect his second 900 of the summer, this one a 960. On Sunday, he shot games of 243, 266 and 214 to finish with a 723, the third highest 700 of the week. He now has three 700s on the summer. Kirkpatrick is now averaging 229 on Sunday, 224 on Tuesday and 215 on Thursday. He ranks second on the high average chart, trailing average leader Mike Fletcher, by 12 pins. Joe ranks ninth on the high series list with his 723. Kirkpatrick's highest game is a 279, placing him in the No. 6 position on the high game chart.

The highest series of the week was turned in by Wes Campbell, who recorded his fourth 700 of the summer session, this one a 738. Wes rolled games of 258, 222 and 258. His fourth game on Thursday was a 184, but it was still high enough to push him over the 900 series threshold by 22 pins, giving him his fourth 900 of the summer.

Wes is averaging 227 on Thursday, 215 on Tuesday and 209 on Sunday. He ranks third on the high average list, is third on the high series list with his 751, and holds third place on the high game list with a 296 honor score. Wes rolled a 673 on Sunday and 669 on Tuesday.

Koy Cline booked the second highest 700 series of this week, recording a 735 on Thursday night. Koy rolled games of 255, 256 and 224, to collect his first 700 of the summer. His fourth game was a 228, giving him a 963 four-game total, and his first 900 series of the summer league. Koy raised his average to a 194, up two pins from last week. His highest series is this week's 735, which moved him into fifth place on the high series list. Koy has a high game of 256, which is 13th best on the high game listing.

Cliff Whitney collected his first 700 series of the summer, shooting a 723 on Thursday. Cliff shot games of 229, 246 and 248. Cliff finished the evening with an 893 series, and a 224 average. He is currently averaging a 211 on Thursday, and 203 on Tuesday. He ranks 11th on the high average chart and ninth on the high series listing. His 266 high game ranks eighth on the high game list.

Jason Keller came through with a 716 three-game series on Thursday, his third 700 series of the season. Jason rolled games of 234, 203 and 279. His fourth game was a 269, which propelled him to a 985 four-game set. It is his second 900 series this summer. Keller is averaging 221 on Tuesday, and 216 on Thursday. He ranks fifth on the high average chart. His top series is a 782, which places him in first place on the high series list, and his highest game, a 300, places him in a four-way tie for first place on the high game list.

David Strain rolled his first 700 of the summer the week before last, and then followed that by shooting his second 700 series in a row on Thursday, registering games of 214, 248 and 245. One week ago, David hit 700, on the nose. This week, he rolled a 707. His fourth game was a 206, giving him his first 900 series of the summer, a 913. Strain is averaging 215 on Thursday, and 214 on Sunday. He ranks seventh on the high average list and is in 15th on the high series list. Strain's highest game this summer is a 269, putting him in seventh place on the high game list. David rolled a 660 on Sunday.

Nevil Solomon and Ace Wiginton were within reach of a 700, but fell short of the mark. Nevil registered a 695 series made up of games of 202, 214 and 279 on Thursday. Wiginton rolled games of 216, 246 and 231 to get his 693.

Julita Richardson was the only lady to break the 600 barrier this week. Julita squeezed a 603 out of the pins on Sunday, shooting games of 205, 177 and 221. She is averaging 196, has a high game of 245 and has a season high series of 616.

Mark Miller comes to us from Winnsboro, as does his wife Debbie and son, Justin. Last Sunday, Mark rolled his highest lifetime sanctioned series, a whopping 655. At the time, he was averaging 170. Miller rolled games of 235, 207 and 213. The 235 is his highest of the summer. He raised his average to a 178. He finished the night 145 pins over his series average, five pins short of winning an award, a wristwatch, and his 235 game was 20 pins shy of winning another award, a "century" patch.

Carlos Trejo came into Thursday night averaging 156. He must have forgotten, because he rolled games of 186, 212 and 185, ending the night with 583 three-game series total, and a 194 average. His final game, a 182, gave him a 765 for four games, and a 191 average. Not a bad showing.

Marcella Mitchell averages 100 when she bowls on Tuesdays. This past Tuesday, she shot games of 124, 132 and 128, ending the session with a 384 series, 84 pins over her series average.

Brady Jacobsen and Ray Runyan shot 72 and 74 pins over their series averages this week, both on Tuesday. Ray shot games of 178, 139 and 147, while Brady rolled games of 155, 195 and 199. Brady was averaging 159 at the time, Runyan 130.

Others who bowled well this week included: Clinton Cline (666), Harold McClure (658), David Gholson (649 Thursday/636 Sunday), Mark Smith (642), and Neldon Smith (635).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lane. His column appears on Tuesday.

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