Crist hits 299; Carter, Kirkpatrick, Chapa raise 700 total to 88
Larry Mason

Jan. 25, 2005 - Nathan Crist rolled his first ABC-sanctioned honor score on Sunday, a 299. Crist's 299 is the center's second since the fall leagues began play in August. The other belongs to Eloy Chapa. Four individuals have perfect games, Mike Gilliland, Bruce Michaelson, Larry Siegert and Jason Keller. Two other honor scores have been booked both by Wes Campbell, a 297 and a 290. That gives the center eight honor scores for the fall/winter season.

In addition to Crist's 299 honor score, three bowlers, Michael Carter, Joe Kirkpatrick and Eloy Chapa, registered 700s this week. The center's total 700 count has now risen to 88 after 22 weeks of league play. Center bowlers have also thrown 904 series falling between 600 and 699.

Crist began Sunday's mixed league play with a 192 average, which placed him in 23rd position on the high average list. His highest game was a 258. When the night was complete, Nathan was still averaging 192, and his highest series was still his 669, but he had made some significant movement on the high game list, jumping from the 21st position to second.

Nathan finished the night with a 658 series. He admits that he should have done much better, but Nathan appeared to suffer that inevitable let down that seems to follow exemplary showings, such as a 299. He fired only a 154 in game two, which made shooting his first 700 series of the season almost unreachable. He needed a 247 in game three. He didn't get there, but he did regain his composure enough to collect a 205. This 299 is Nathan's first ABC-sanctioned honor score, for which he will receive a 299 ring, and that is no small accomplishment when one considers the number of bowlers who have never earned one.

Michael Carter claimed top series honors this week, tossing a 748 during Tuesday's mixed league play. Michael rolled games of 254, 238 and 256. This 700 series is Carter's fourth of the season, and it moved him from 13th place to sixth on the high series list. Carter is averaging 209 on Tuesday and 208 on Thursday. He ranks ninth on the high average list. Michael's highest game is a 278, good enough to lay claim to eighth place, a position he shares with six other bowlers.

The second 700 of the week belongs to Joe Kirkpatrick. Joe rolled games of 227, 253 and 245 on Thursday to register his ninth 700 of the season, this one a 725. Kirkpatrick has produced the most 700s of any of our bowlers during the current season. Kirkpatrick's highest 700 is a 760 which ranks fourth on the high series list, where he is tied with Ray Howser. Joe is averaging 210 on Tuesday, 208 on Thursday and 200 on Sunday. He ranks eighth on the high average list. Kirkpatrick ranks fourth on the high game list with a 289, one pin away from an honor score.

Chapa has been shooting very well as of late, having shot a 299 a couple of weeks ago, to go along with a 700 or two here of late. Eloy claims our third 700 series, a 713, made up of games of 233, 287 and 193. Eloy currently ranks second on the high game list by virtue of his 299, and ranks 10th on the high series list with a 736. Chapa ranks ninth on the high average list with a 209 from Sunday's league. He holds a 204 on Tuesday.

Cliff Whitney is one of our "senior" citizens. He is also a retired Air Force sergeant. He is also a very capable bowler, and on Thursday he proved it once again. Cliff fired games of 211, 214 and 265 to finish the night with a 690 series. Cliff's was the fourth highest series turned in this week. Whitney ranks 23rd on the high series list with a 709. He averages 215 on Sunday, which ranks fourth on the high average list. Cliff hold 19th place on the high game list with a 265. On Tuesday, this "old man" rolled a 667.

Our top lady bowler of the week was Debbie Carter. She rolled games of 222, 184 and 220 on Tuesday night, to finish with a 626. Her game has been steadily improving of late. She is one of a handful of ladies to shoot a 700 series at Classic Lanes. In fact, hers was the very first, a 754, and it set the standard for a very long time before being broken by the then Becky Bowden. Laura Ballard and Marilyn Smith are two other ladies who have accomplished the feat. Debbie is currently averaging 189, tops among the center's active lady bowlers. Her high game is a 233, and her top series is a 636.

Mark Trejo shot his first ABC-sanctioned 600 series on Sunday, rolling games of 172, 252 and 193 to finish the night with a 617. He was averaging 153 when the night began. Joining Mark on our "first ever" list is Andrew Howser who also rolled his first sanctioned 600, a 608. Andrew shot games of 177, 241 and 190.

Mark Miller rolled what I believe is his highest sanctioned series on Sunday night, a 674. Miller was extremely consistent, shooting games of 227, 223 and 224. He was averaging 181 at the time. Casey Doherty, one of those "disgruntled" postal employees,shot his highest three-game series on Sunday, rolling games of 225, 216 and 204, to finish the night with a 645.

Donnie Wooten has physical problems that have forced him to resort to throwing a 10-pound ball. As a result, his scores aren't normally earth shaking. Still, he never complains, because he just likes to be around his friends and bowl. But on Thursday, he shot some pretty good games given he is only averaging 151 in men's league. Donnie rolled games of 190, 188 and 188 to capture a 566 series.

Others who bowled well this week included: Darreyl Dixon (689 Thursday/688 Sunday), Mike Fletcher (674), Tarry Davison (670), Ray Howser (665), Jerry C. Thompson (664), Jason Keller (663), Neldon Smith (657), Mark Smith, David Gholson and Duane Anspon (653), Harold McClure (659 Thursday/650 Sunday), Dickie Harrison (646 Thursday/632 Tuesday), Larry Siegert (642), Mike Gilliland (641 Thursday/631 Tuesday), Clinton Cline, Wes Campbell and Vincent Smith (639), and Richard Thompson (636).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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