Classic Lanes bowlers add four more 700s; Total to 85
Larry Mason

Jan. 11, 2005 - Keith Ethridge, and the Smith boys, Mark, Vincent and Neldon shot 700 series this past week, bringing Classic Lanes' total for the season to 85. In addition, Wes Campbell, Darreyl Dixon and David Gholson came very close to 700, shooting 695, 695 and 694, respectively.

Center bowlers have now accumulated 846 series ranging from 600 to 699. Not too bad a showing for a small center located in a sparsely populated area of East Texas.

We start this week's column with Keith Ethridge's performance from last Sunday's mixed league competition. Ethridge threw three consistent games, 241, 243 and 242, to complete the night's action with a 726 series, the highest rolled by any bowler in the past seven days. This is a young man who doesn't get to practice a great deal, if any, but still manages to average 209 on Sunday, ninth on the high average list, ranks fifth on the high series list with a 754, and has a high game of 277, good enough to claim ninth place on the high game list. This most recent 700 is Keith's third of the season.

The first of the Smiths who shot 700 this week was Mark, who put together games of 247, 188 and 280 on Sunday, to finish the night with a 715. One has to wonder what he would have done with a little more luck in game two. At any rate, this is Mark's eighth 700 of the season. He ranks seventh on the high series list with a 745. Mark carries a 219 average on Sunday and Thursday, and ranks second on the high average list, one pin behind average leader, Wes Campbell. Mark is tied for sixth on the high game list with a 280. It might be interesting to note that Ethridge and Mark are teammates on Sunday nights. With both men shooting 700s, it was inevitable that they would take four points from their opposition. Mark shot a 662 on Thursday.

Vincent Smith claimed the number three spot for high series this week, shooting a 711 series comprised of games of 232, 243 and 236. It was Vincent's third 700 of the year. He currently ranks 20th on the high series list with a 714 from earlier this season. Vincent averages 214 on Thursdays, placing him sixth on the high average list. Like Ethridge, Vince can only bowl once a week, and gets little or no practice. Vince's highest game of this season is a 278, which ties him with sixth other bowlers for eighth place on the high game list.

Neldon Smith claimed the week's fourth highest series, a 704 shot on Thursday, firing games of 213, 256 and 235. The makes four 700s for "Smitty" this season. His highest series to date is a 713, which lodges him in 21st place. He is averaging 213 in Tuesday's mixed league, which places him seventh on the high game list with Darreyl Dixon and Mike Fletcher, and is averaging 211 on Thursday, with a 208 showing on Sunday. Neldon's highest game of the fall/winter season is a 280, placing him in a tie for No. 6 on the high game list.

Wes Campbell injured one of the fingers on his bowling hand on Tuesday evening, just before league was scheduled to begin, and it didn't appear that he would be able to compete that night. But, being the trooper that he is, he went to the pro shop and drilled a new ball that allowed him to use the "pinky" and ring finger on his right hand, rather than the second and ring finger, as is the norm, and came to the lanes to bowl. And bowl he did. Wes shot a 225 first game, followed by a 290 honor score in game two. By the time game three rolled around, the hand was getting sore, and he could only muster a 180. Still, he finished with a whopping 695, which isn't too bad, given the circumstances.

His 290 game was the week's high game, and represented the third consecutive honor score at the center in as many weeks. Campbell is the center's No. 1 bowler in the average department, carrying a 220 in Sunday's mixed league, ranks fifth on the high series list with a 754, and claims third place on the high game list with a 297 honor score. Wes has shot seven 700 series this season, and is the only man to have two honor scores to his credit this year, a 297 and a 290.

Much like Wes, Darreyl Dixon ran out of steam in game three, but his first game made up for the shortfall. Dixon rolled a 278 in game one, a 236 in game two and a 183 in game three, enabling him to tie Wes for fifth highest series honors this week. For Dixon, this was his seventh time to roll a game between 270 and 279. Any of these could have been honor scores with just a bit of luck. Wes Campbell has five games in this range plus his two honor scores, and Mike Gilliland has five games in this range plus a perfect game. Actually, the center has 67 games on the books that fall into this range this season. Not too bad.

David Gholson has booked three 700s this season, his highest being a 734, which places him in 11th place on the high series list. This week, Gholson missed his fourth 700 by a mere six pins, shooting a 694 on Thursday night. David shot games of 225, 233 and 236 in the process. His was the sixth-highest series thrown during the past seven days. Dave is carrying a 214 average on Sunday, which captures sixth place on the high game list, a 208 on Thursday, and a 201 on Tuesday. His high game is a 269, which is 15th place on the high game list.

Darrin Hicks bowls on Tuesday. He averages 161. But this past Tuesday, rather than shooting a 483 series, which is his norm, he decided to shoot a 632 series with games of 258, 189 and 185. The bad news is he missed a "century" patch for bowling 100 pins over his single game average by three pins, and he missed bowling 150 pins over his series average by six pins. As it is, he gets nothing in the way of ABC recognition, but it was a stellar performance none-the-less, and we compliment Darrin for his accomplishment.

Larry White averages 162 on Tuesdays. To shoot his normal series average, Larry needs a 486. Last Tuesday, Larry shot a 586, one hundred pins over his series average. He gets nothing for that. But, one of his game in the series was a 269, which is 102 over his single game average. He will receive a "century" patch from the guys at the ABC.

Don Ensey has been bowling for sometime, but in all of those many years, he had never shot a 600 or higher series. On Sunday of last week, he finally got his first ever ABC-sanctioned 600, a 601, with games of 173, 213 and 215.

Others who bowled well this week include: Darrell Green (680), Mike Fletcher (671), Greg Pullen (666), Harold McClure (660), Ace Wiginton (654), Justin Haggerty (652), Joe Kirkpatrick (649 Sunday/635 Thursday), Eloy Chapa (648), Tarry Davison and Joe Freeman (640), Ray Howser (636), Cliff Whitney, Michael Carter and John Lambert (635), and Nevil Solomon (634).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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