Chapa rolls 299 honor score; Classic Lanes 700 total hits 81
Larry Mason

Jan. 11, 2005 -- Eloy Chapa shot the center's sixth honor score of the season, a 299, on Sunday evening. Ironically, he did not shoot a 700 series, but five other men did, raising the year's 700 total to 81 at the mid point of the fall/winter season. Two of this week's 700s were thrown by individuals who had never bowled a 700 series.

Chapa has rolled honor scores several times, but it has been quite a dry spell since his last one. Based on his first game Sunday night, it certainly did not appear that he would be shooting much of anything, especially an honor score. His first game was a 132, which is 73 pins below his Sunday's average of 205. While Eloy was struggling to find his mark, wife Tracie was sailing right along, shooting a 219 in her first game. Incidentally, both of the Chapas are left-handed bowlers, which can prove troublesome at times. Troublesome because the two bowlers tend to alter each others "line" to the 1-2 pocket by varying the oil pattern on the lanes' surface.

Sunday was not one of those occasions, however. Tracie's first game score may have provided all the incentive Eloy needed, because in game two, he certainly found his line to the pocket, shooting his 299. For good measure, Eloy shot a 237 in game three, finishing the night with a 668 series. Tracie fired a 234 in game two, and a 204 in game three. She completed the night with a 657, the highest series rolled by a woman this week, and the highest by a woman all season long. However, she did lose to her husband, a fact he wants everyone to know.

Mr. Chapa ranks 12th on the high average list with his 205, while Tracie ranks fifth among the ladies with a 182. Eloy's highest series is a 736, which claims ninth place on the high series list, and his highest game this season is his 299, which claims second place on the high game list. Tracie's highest series so far this season is her 657, which ranks first among the ladies, an honor she shares with Laura Ballard, and her highest game, her 237, which ranks fifth on the ladies high game list.

The highest man's series of the week was tossed by the guy with that 20 year old ball, Ray Howser. In Tuesday's mixed league competition, Ray rolled games of 236, 279 and 245, finishing the night's play with a 760 series. It is Ray's highest series of the season, and it moved him to fourth place on the high series list, where he joins Joe Kirkpatrick. At this time, the mid-point of the season, Ray has thrown six 700 series. Howser ranks third on the high average list, with a 218 from Tuesday's league. In addition, he is averaging 212 on Thursday, and 211 on Sunday. Not too bad a record considering the guy uses only one bowling ball, and that ball is older than some of our bowlers. Ray ranks seventh on the high game list at 279, a score he had duplicated on three different occasions, and, for good measure, he has thrown a 278 as well. On Thursday night, Ray shot a 660 series. His honor scores are just around the corner.

Michael Carter, the center's most eligible bachelor, rolled the week's second highest series, a 728, made up of games of 205, 245 and 278. He moved into 12th place on the high series list, with this, his fourth 700 of the year. He is averaging 211 on Tuesdays, which places him in 11th place on the high average list. His Thursday's average is a 210. Mike's highest game is a 278, which ranks eighth on the high game list.

Jerry A. Thompson has been bowling for a number of years, but until last Thursday, he had never broken through the 700 series barrier. When he finally did get his first career 700 this past Thursday, he did it in style, shooting the week's third highest 700, a 717, made up of games of 217, 256 and 244. The series moved him to 18th place on the high series list. Jerry is averaging 198 on Thursday, up two pins from a week ago, and boasts a 197 average on Tuesdays, as well. Jerry's highest game this year is a 257, which ranks 23rd on the high game list.

On Sunday, Darreyl Dixon rolled his seventh 700 of this season, this one a 716, made up of games of 205, 242 and 269. His highest series is a 746, which ranks sixth on the high series list. His was the fourth highest series of the week. Dixon ranks sixth on the high average list with his 214 from Sunday's league. He carries a 213 average on Thursday, and a 204 on Tuesday. He has thrown four 279s this season, placing him seventh on the high game list. He also has rolled a 270. Dixon missed shooting his eighth 700 Thursday night by a mere two pins.

Another individual who finally squeezed through the 700 barrier on Thursday was none other than Jesse Haggerty, a young man whose name has graced this column any number of times this season. He had been sitting on the high series list in the 26th position for quite some time until Thursday, then he put it all together and rolled a 704. Jesse tossed games of 246, 266 and 192. He only needed to shoot a 188 in game three to get a 700, and he did get there, but he didn't have to make it quite so nerve racking. Still, he got there, and he will get his 700 patch from the ABC folks. Jesse is averaging 199 on Thursday, which ranks him in 18th on the high average list. His 704 moved him to 25th place on the high series list. He ranks ninth on the high game list by virtue of a 277 game shot earlier in the season. Haggerty shot a 658 on Tuesday.

Debbie Carter shot two 600s this week, one in the Tuesday morning league, the second in the ladies Monday night league. Tuesday morning she rolled a 612; Monday night she rolled a 600, even. Carter's games were 184, 215 and 213 on Tuesday, and 218, 187 and 195 on Monday. Debbie holds a 189 average on Monday, a 179 on Tuesday morning and a 176 in Tuesday night's mixed league. Her highest series is a 636 and her highest game is a 233.

Archie Sutton averages 156 on Thursday evening. This past Thursday, he averaged 189. Archie shot a 568 series, exactly 100 pins over his normal series. He needed just eight more pins in game three to earn himself a "century" patch, a patch that indicates that a bowler has bowled 100 pins over his or her game average, and another 50 pins to receive a patch for being 150 pins over his series average. Still, it was a good night for Archie because his performance allowed his team to take three of four points from Scott Tubb's "Tubb Construction" team.

Others who bowled well this week included: Clinton Cline (684), Turk Morgan (680), Red Skelton (675), Richard Thompson (668), Mark Smith (662 Sunday/648 Thursday), Wes Campbell (658), Neldon Smith, Duane Anspon and Harold McClure (654), Joe Kirkpatrick (652), J.W. Skaggs (649), Nick Painter (646), Terry Kozeluh (643), Mike Gilliland (638), Bo Duncan (636), Matt Arnold (635), David Gholson (634), David Soeder (633), and Justin Parmer (631).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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