Five more 700s bring Classic Lanes total to 101
Larry Mason

Feb. 8, 2005 - Mark Smith, Darreyl Dixon, Jeff Haley, Cliff Whitney and Mike Fletcher threw 700s this week, bringing the center's total to 101 since the season began in August. In addition, Classic's bowlers have added 1,009 series of 600 or better, and have accounted for 3, 506 games of 200 or higher.

Eight individuals have rolled honor scores. Mike Gilliland, Larry Siegert, Jason Keller and Bruce Michaelson have each rolled perfect games, while Eloy Chapa and Nathan Crist both tossed 299s. Wes Campbell has recorded two plaque winning honor scores, 297 and 290. Darreyl Dixon has the remaining honor score, another plaque-winning 290. It has been a good year.

Smith claimed the week's top series, rolling a 746 on Thursday night. Mark rolled games of 258, 231 and 257. The series pushed Smith's Thursday average by one pin, which enabled him to catch Wes Campbell atop the high average board. Both men are carrying 219s. Mark is one of our very consistent bowlers, averaging 218 in the Sunday night mixed league, to go with Thursday's 219. Smith has tossed nine 700s this season, leaving him one series behind leaders Kirkpatrick and Dixon. He now ranks ninth on the high series list by virtue of his 746. His highest game of the season is a 280, which is in a tie for seventh on the high game list.

Dixon didn't get a 700 on Sunday night, getting only a meager 689 instead. The stumble broke his consecutive string at two, but he did get a 700 on Thursday, giving him three in his last four attempts. His average for the past two weeks is a very healthy 238. On the season, he is averaging 217 in both the Sunday and Thursday leagues, and carries a 204 on Tuesdays. Dixon has tossed 10 series of 700 this season, tying him with Joe Kirkpatrick as the center's most prolific shooter of 700s. Dixon ranks third on the high series list with a 774 series, one pin behind Tarry Davison's 775, and five pins behind high series leader David Vansickle's 779.

Whitney tied Dixon for second place honors on this week's 700 list, shooting games of 279, 210 and 246 to get his 735. Whitney rolled his series during Tuesday's mixed league. Cliff is averaging 215 on Sundays, which places him in fifth position on the high average list, a placement he shares with Bruce Michaelson. Both men are retired veterans of the U.S. Air Force. Whitney has a high series of 735, placing him 11th on the high series list. He shares this position with Gilliland. Cliff has thrown three 700s this season, and his highest game is a 279, tying him with nine more of the center's bowlers.

Haley shot his first 700 series of the season Tuesday night, booking games of 257, 233 and 244, to finish with a 734. That puts him in 12th place on the high series list and gave him the week's third highest series. Jeff and wife Tammy win the award for traveling the farthest to bowl at Classic Lanes, coming all the way from Canton to compete in Tuesday's mixed league. Mr. Haley is averaging 203, placing him in 12th place on the high average list, where he joins Kelly Shields. Jeff is in eighth place on the high game list with a 279 shot earlier this season.

Fletcher fashioned his second 700 series of the season on Thursday night, shooting a 708 made up of games of 278, 236 and 194. Mike is now averaging 214, which is good enough to claim fifth place on the high average list. He shares this ranking with David Gholson. Mike, one of our Greenville bowlers, is one of a handful of men who have rolled an 800 series at Classic Lanes. In fact, Mike has shot two 800s here. He has been struggling just a bit this year, but appears to be coming around as the season continues. He has a 278 high game to date, which allows him to hold ninth place on the high game list. Here, he is tied with seven other individuals.

Vincent Smith came within one pin of shooting his fourth 700 on Thursday, but had to settle for a 699. Vince shot games of 236, 236 and 227. Vincent's highest series to date is a 714, placing him in 20th position on the high series list. He is averaging 213 and finds himself in sixth place on the high average list, tied with Gilliland and Neldon Smith. Vincent has a high game of 278, ninth best on the high game listing.

Justin Parmer missed having his first 700 of the season on Tuesday night, shooting games of 234, 236 and 224, to finish with a 694. Justin ranks 26th on the high series list by virtue of Tuesday's performance. He is currently averaging 198, which places him in 16th position on the high average list where he joins four other bowlers. Justin has a high game of 252, good enough to put in the 27th position on the high game list. For those of you that are just learning to bowl, Justin is an excellent example to emulate. This young man is one of a very few persons who exhibit perfect form when delivering his ball.

Kathy Vansickle shot the highest series by a woman this season, a 673, on Tuesday night. Kathy rolled games of 247, 227 and 199. The series moved her to the 44th position on the combined ladies and men's high series list. but, as stated earlier, it's No. 1 among the ladies. Kathy's highest game is a 247, fourth best among the women, and she is averaging 178, good enough to hold ninth place on the ladies high average list.

Amy Sharp doesn't grace our lanes very much any more, but she did bowl with us on Tuesday night, and did very well. Amy tossed games of 207, 203 and 222 to complete the night's play with a 632 series. The series moved Amy to fifth place on the ladies high series list. She is averaging 180, seventh best on the women's high average list. Her high game is a 245, fourth among the ladies.

Chuck Hill and Josh France bowled well enough on Thursday for each to win "150" patches from the ABC folks. Chuck shot an impressive 681 series, 159 pins over his series average, rolling games of 203, 244 and 234. He began the night averaging 174. Josh completed the night 153 pins over his series average, shooting a 613 series made up of games of 219, 180 and 214. It was France's first ABC-sanctioned 600 series. He began the night averaging 157.

Others who bowled well this week included: Billy Painter (685), Ace Wiginton (682 Tuesday/660 Thursday/640 Sunday), Michael Carter (679), Harold McClure (679 Sunday/635 Thursday), Paul Carter (677), Steve Edwards, Ray Howser and Turk Morgan (671), Tommy Fletcher (670), Jason Parmer (664), Koy Cline (660), Doug Brann (655), Dave Gholson (651 Thursday/647 Tuesday), Wes Campbell (649 Sunday/644 Thursday/630 Tuesday), Bruce Michaelson (648), James Allen (646), Nevil Solomon (644), and Smith (642).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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