Dixon grabs two; seven others score one; 700 total at 96
Larry Mason

Feb. 1, 2005 - Darreyl Dixon led all Classic Lanes' bowlers this week, rolling not just one, but two, 700s; one on Sunday, the other on Thursday. Even better, his were the two highest 700s rolled during the week, the first a 774, the second a 767.

Dixon was joined by Eloy Chapa (749), Wes Campbell and Joe Kirkpatrick (715 each), Scott Tubb (705), Darrell Green (702), and Tarry Davison (700). In addition to the eight 700s thrown this week, three individuals tossed 690s. Keith Ethridge hit a 699, Roy Howser rolled a 698, and Matt Arnold shot his career high, a 694. It was the second most productive week in the history of the center.

Darreyl Dixon flirted with an 800 series two times this week. On Sunday, Darreyl's first game was a whopping honor score of 290. He followed this with a second game score of 259, meaning he needed to roll a 251 in game three to reach 800. He shot a 225, finishing with a 774 series, which is the third-best this season.

On Thursday, Dixon gave the 800 series yet another run, shooting a 767. His first game was a 255, his second a 265. He had a 520 series going into game three, which meant he needed to shoot a 280 to get to 800. He rolled a 245, leaving him 33 pins short of the mark. Still, it was a very good week for Darreyl, considering the fact that he averaged 256 over the past seven days, and has now logged nine 700s on the year.

Dixon is now averaging 216 on both Sunday and Thursday, which places him in fourth place on the high average list. His 290 honor score on Sunday night moved him to fourth place on the high game list. He has seven other games that were within striking distance of an honor score, four 279s, a 278, a 276, and a 270. This young man is a bowler.

Eloy Chapa has been crushing the pins of late, and he continued to do so this past Tuesday. Chapa rolled a 231 in game one, and 259s in game two and three, finishing the night's competition with a 749. The series moved him from 10th to seventh place on the high series list, where he has now accumulated three 700s this season. Chapa is averaging 210 on Tuesday, tying him with five other men for ninth place on the high average list. His highest game to date is a 299 honor score, shot just two weeks ago.

Wes Campbell and Joe Kirkpatrick shot identical 715s this week, Wes on Sunday, Joe on Thursday. Campbell had games of 263, 237 and 215, while Kirkpatrick shot games of 245, 267 and 203. For Campbell, it was his eighth 700 of the season, while Joe collected his 10th, to lead all bowlers in producing 700s. Campbell carries the center's top average, a 219, one pin better than second place holders, Mark Smith and Ray Howser. Kirkpatrick holds forth in 10th place, sporting a 210. Campbell ranks third on the high game list with a 297 honor score, while Joe ranks fifth with a 289. Campbell also has a second honor score, a 290. Kirkpatrick has three additional games that could have been honor scores but for a single pin. Campbell's highest series is a 754, which is good enough to lay claim to sixth place on the high series list, one position behind Kirkpatrick's fifth place series, a 760.

Scott Tubb is a construction engineer. A few months ago, while in the process of building one of his many constructs, he did battle with an electric power tool. He lost. The result was that he broke his bowling hand. He has been making a slow return to our sport for a few months now, and Thursday, he outdid himself, shooting a 705 series comprised of games of 224, 280 and 201. It is his first 700 series of the year. Scott's series moved him to place 25 on the high series list, and his 280 game nudged him into seventh place on the high game list, where he joins four other bowlers. Scott is currently averaging 195.

Darrell Green collected his first 700 series of the season on Thursday, shooting a 702 made up of games of 263, 225 and 214. Darrell is one of the center's bowlers who have shot multiple honor scores. Darrell has two, and both are perfect games. His Thursday series moved him to 27th place on the high series list. He and wife, Amanda, have both shot 279s this season, and are tied with six other bowlers for eighth place on the high game list. Darrell is averaging 194, while Amanda is carrying a 182.

Tarry Davison rolled the center's final 700 of the week, shooting a 700 on Sunday. He put together games of 249, 215 and 236 in collecting his fourth 700 series of the season. He ranks second on the high series list with a 775, four pins behind list leader, David Vansickle. Tarry is one of those individuals tied for eighth place on the high game list at 279. Davison is averaging 209 on Sundays and 206 on Thursdays. He ranks 10th on the high average list.

Keith Ethridge thought he had reached the 700 level on Sunday, but when the score was recomputed, he came up one pin short. Keith fired games of 199, 236 and 264 to complete the night's competition with a 699 series. Ethridge has compiled a list of three 700s, the highest being a 754, which ties him with Wes Campbell for sixth place on the high series list. Keith's highest game is a 277, good enough to lay claim to 10th place on the high game list. Ethridge is averaging 210, placing him in ninth place.

Ray Howser, that guy with the 20-year-old bowling ball, shot a 698 on Tuesday night, shooting games of 206, 277 and 215. Just two more pins and he would have had his seventh 700 series of the season. Ray's highest series is a 760, shot earlier in the year. It ties him with Joe Kirkpatrick for fifth place on the high series list. He has a 279 high game, eighth on the high game listing. He has five games in the high 270s, any of which could have been honor scores. He is averaging 218 on Tuesdays, one pin behind average leader Wes Campbell's 219, and carries a 211 average in both Sunday's and Thursday's leagues.

Matt Arnold must have been a pretty fair football player over in Commerce, if his bowling work ethic is any measure. Matt started league play some two months ago. Since that time, he has been steadily improving. His very first game in sanctioned competition was a 209. Since that time he has been practicing two or three times a week, and getting better every week. Thursday, he shot a 694 series made up of games of 232, 220 and 242. The series is his highest since picking up a bowling ball, and the 242 shot in game three is his career high, so far. He is averaging 194, but he won't be down there very long.

Debbie Carter claimed the top spot for the ladies this week, shooting two 600s, one a 637, the other a 607. Now, we expect 600s from Debbie, and it's a rare occasion when she doesn't deliver. On the other hand, Donna White, who has shown spurts of being a good bowler, always seemed to fall a little shy of the mark, that is, until this week. Donna joined Debbie in the 600 series search on Monday night, shooting her first ever 600 series, and it was a good one too, a 631. Donna shot games of 189, 215 and 227.

Others who shot well this week included: Nathan Crist (688), Mike Gilliland (686), Harold McClure (684 Thursday/654 Sunday), Michael Carter (684), Michael Fletcher (680), Neldon Smith (674 Sunday/638 Thursday), Cliff Whitney (673), Terry Kozeluh (668), Steve Edwards (665), Nick Painter (663), Jason Keller (654), Billy Painter (653), David Gholson (652), David Soeder (651), Dickie Harrison and Mark Smith (645), and David Strain and Doug Brann (640).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday.

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