Keller, Carter, Davison and Parmer register 700s
Larry Mason

Dec. 27, 2005 - In the week before Christmas, Jason Keller, Michael Carter and Tarry Davison each shot 700s. Keller captured the top position on the high series list by rolling a 791 series, while Davison produced two 700s, one on Sunday, a 728,  and the other on Thursday, a 760. Vincent Smith came within eight pins of logging his fourth 700 series of the season, while Dewayne Roach came within 11 pins of collecting his third. Meanwhile, on the ladies’ side of the ledger, Becky Spelman and Amanda Green both fired 600s. Becky rolled a 614, and Amanda booked a 609.

For several weeks, D.J. Kast held the highest series of the fall season, an impressive 789. But, on Thursday of this week, Jason Keller wasn’t to be denied. Jason shot games of 254, 279 and 258 to take over first place on the high series list with a 791 series. It is the highest series shot at Classic Lanes in about four years. Keller is averaging 218 on Tuesdays, and 214 on both Sundays and Thursdays. Tuesday’s 218 places him fourth on the high average list, where he trails average leader, Mike Fletcher, by five pins. Jason ranks second on the high game list with a 299, having lost first place to Larry Stovall by virtue of Larry’s perfect game of last week.

Tarry Davison really outdid himself this week, by shooting two 700 series. His first occurred on Sunday night where he shot games of 194, 267 and 267 to finish the night with a 728, his second 700 of the season, at the time. He was ranked 15th on the high series list.  On Thursday, Davison shot games of 237, 287 and 236, finishing the night with a 760 series, which moved him into seventh place on the high series list, and gave him his third 700 series of the season. Tarry is averaging 207 on Sundays and 205 on Thursdays. Brad Stone, Greg Pullen and Jerry A. Thompson are tied with Davison in the category. Tarry’s  best game of the season is his 267 from Sunday, which places him 16th on the high game list, where six other men join him.

Michael Carter found the lanes to his liking on Thursday night, shooting his second 700 series of the season , a 732, comprised of games of 289, 185 and 258. A single four pin kept Michael from shooting an honor game in Game 1 of this series. Carter ranks third on the  high series list, having opened the season with a 782 series back in August. Michael averages 207 on Tuesdays, and 202 on Thursdays, and ranks 13th on the high average chart. 

Normally, if we refer to one of the Parmers shooting a 700 series, one automatically assumes we are talking about Jason. That was not the case this week. Justin Parmer was called on to substitute for Randy McKnight on Thursday, and made the most of his opportunity, by shooting his first 700 series of the season, a 717. Justin rolled games of 236, 223 and 258.  He also rolled a 618 on Tuesday. Justin averages 194 on Thursday, which ranks 26th on the high average chart, one pin behind brother Jason. Justin’s series moved him into 19th place on the high series list, and his season’s highest game, a 268, ranks 15th on the high game list, where brother Jason just happens to be one of three men tied with Justin.

Vincent Smith shot games of 244, 214 and 234 on Thursday, to end the night with a 692 series. With another eight pins, Vincent would have logged his fourth 700 series of the season. Smith averages 209 on Thursdays, which lands him in the No. 11 position on the high average chart, where Harold McClure and Keith Ethridge join him. Vincent’s best game of the season is a 257. 

Becky Spelman fired yet another 600 series of the season, this one a 614 rolled on Sunday. Becky shot games of 185, 239 and 190. Ms. Spelman continues to lead all of our ladies in all three categories we monitor, average, series and game. Becky boasts a 204 average, a 688 series (done twice) and a 270 game. 

Amanda Green fired a 609 series on Tuesday night, with games of 213, 204 and 192. Amanda, who averages 165 on Tuesdays, ended the night 114 pins over her series average, and averaged 201 for the evening. Amanda ranks fourth on the ladies’ high series list with a 630, and is fifth on the ladies’ high game list with a 247. 

Others who bowled well this week include: Dewayne Roach (689), Chad Dailey (682), David Strain (679), David Gholson (677), Keith Ethridge (676 Thursday/659 Sunday), Koy Cline (666), Bruce Michaelson (665), Mike Fletcher (661),  Wes Campbell (659 Tuesday/622 Sunday), Cliff Whitney (655 Tuesday/641 Thursday/616 Sunday), Darreyl Dixon (650), Mike Gilliland and Buddy McClendon (641), Ace Wiginton (638), Richard McCarthy (635), Jeff Wright (632), Russ Nuss (628), and Darrell Green (625 Tuesday/622 Sunday).


Larry Mason writes a weekly column on the bowling leagues at Classic Lanes. His column appears on Tuesday. 

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